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on 12 July 2012
As a QA Inspector i deal with power supplies and currents everyday so am very pleased to say this power supply is of very high quality for such a cheap price,i would gladly play £50 for this and still consider it a bargain,has a lovely big fan and is nearly silent so gives extra cooling to other components in your case so has an added benefit. This power supply has 4 connectors for sata which is really good as most at this price range usually only has one or two and also has the 6 pin power for a graphics card which many don't include,most graphics card suppliers usually give this as an adaptor but having it on the rail here is the better option,the build quality is top draw and especially on the cable side,no loose crimping on the individual wires and the connectors are extremely solid.

Now for the performance,everything on your computer takes power such as graphics card,memory,cpu,monitor and hard drives etc,so you will always need a power supply that exceeds the demand as power supplies do not produce 100% power so if your system requires 500 watts then buy at least a 600 watts supply,as for this power supply when using your computer at idle speed produced 520 watts minimum and at maximum produced 720 watts which i find absolutely amazing really as only a gold or platinum edition will produce this and cost you around a £100 or more,i gladly recommend this power supply as an electronics professional so give it 5 out of 5. Tested over a 12 hour period in warm condidtions and remained relatively cool,with no power drops so for the average person who loves browsing and everyday use and gamers with a medium to good graphics set up this works very well.
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on 5 June 2017
I must have a long lived one. Fan bearing died in 6 months, replaced fan. Dusted the internals 2 weeks ago luckly otherwise the main side switching mosfet blowing up would have set the dust the house on fire. Forever browning out the machine, and suspect it killed a 200 quid processor 2 years ago.
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on 15 March 2018
It will always randomly shut down during any game play or after a few hours of watching a video online. This is not an isolated case as this is the second PSU which has had this problem. The first PSU I believed was due to age, so I replaced it with a second one temporarily until I was able to buy a Corsair. As soon as I put it into my computer and checked the BIOs I noticed that the 12V rail was at 11.6V. This was immediately concerning, and so I booted up the system and launched a game whilst monitoring the 12V rail, it dropped to 11.1V during some intensive game play. I am extremely disappointed and I shall not be buying from this brand again.
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on 23 November 2016
It's strange ... people normally recommend that you don't use lower priced PSU's and i would have said the same before ... however a friend wanted his computer repaired after is PSU went which was a Crosair when i told him as he was out of warrenty how much a new CPU cost he wanted something a bit more affordable and picked out a few cheaper PSUs than this, combining all his components together he could have gotten away with 500W however to be on safe side we got this.

2 Years later and the PSU is going without a hitch, the main issue i see when people are writing bad reviews on this product is they don't allow room for anything else, for example they require a 800Watt psu but buy a 750Watt or they need a 700Watt and this is fine however when the purchase it they buy other upgrades for their computer and blow the PSU, alot seems to be user error and power overclocking, somethings they got away with their previous PSU they can't get away with it on their new PSU however the cost can be a factor in that, but then you have to question what happened their OLD PSU? because if they have had several PSU's then they are clearly doing something wrong.

This is a 100% unbiased review sellers never provide me with free items to review or try!
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on 14 June 2017
Much to my chagrin, 1 star is the lowest I could possibly rate this piece of metal garbage. Despite the countless warnings of not buying a cheap PSU, and in particular an ACE PSU, I decided to take a chance. Boy do I regret it. After directly installing it in my Athlon X4 860K system with an R9 280 I managed twenty seven minutes of gaming before it blew. System shut down, PSU burning hot and smoking and motherboard ruined.

Please, I implore you to think twice about buying this PSU - it's really not worth the hassle. You will definitely blow it and it'll likely mess up your system too. Really disgusting piece of equipment - it's actually an incredibly dangerous item. I'm lucky I pulled the PSU out before it set my system on fire!
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on 18 October 2017
Nice Item at a Great Price. All the required cables including the additional graphics card power cables and a quiet fan. Plenty of capacity for my PC, AMD965 (3.4Ghz), 8GB DDR3, Nvidia 770GTX, Liteon Blueray. From what I've read it's best not to try running these at 100% so if you have a serious Gaming PC...over clocking etc you should probably choose a higher spec power supply with a bit more capacity but for general all round stuff this unit is a good choice for the price.
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on 4 January 2016
I purchased this power supply for my son to use in his gaming PC, things worked fine until he upgraded his graphics card, when running the 12v line comes way down to 11v on load and then switches off, The 12v rail is rated at 35A, I seriously doubt whether this PSU can deliver that or 750W in total. We thought we may have a faulty unit so we returned under warranty, but the new one is exactly the same.

My conclusion is that this is fine for a desktop PC, but if your a gamer look for something else. Quite disappointed with this product.
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on 23 April 2017
When it come to cheap power supply I have come to an adaption on how to get a good cheap power supply.
1: If your PC is needing 500 watts then get a 750 watts it will last longer.
2: Always make sure the cheap Power Supply is 250 watts more then what you need. Like Your PC needs 300 watts you get 550 watts.
3: Never buy a cheap power supply if you PC is worth Thousand's
4: I Recommend this Power Supply if your PC need 500 Watt or under
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on 4 July 2017
Bought this as a second psu in my gaming rig to power the graphics card was gobsmacked to find the pci express cable was only 6 pin not the modern 8pin that both! my graphics card needed so had to then wait for adapters to arrive actually wish I just bought a second one of the one that I already had in the rig as the price wasn't much difference after buying good quality adapters. Very disappointed
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on 30 December 2017
its a fine secondary PSU, just didnt like the cables...bit short and mesclated with 2 connection kinds on same cable, Molex in middle and SATA on end, not very good for my setup...working fine so far.
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