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on 4 April 2013
awesome product.
pros: place anywhere, no need to update photos in memory card again n again, shared my digicam's folder in pc to home network and whoaa...it(photoframe) works n updated the latest pics itself.
cons: on restarting, tedious process of selecting folder on Home network every time has to be repeated. Should have remebered last location.
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on 16 April 2014
This frame was so easy to set up and program and if is a pleasure to see my vast collection easily.
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on 8 January 2013
Disappointed with this product. Went with Sony, because of their reputation and thought I would be buying a quality item. I bought it for a present so wanted to check it over and perhaps even upload a few photos on to it before giving. However on opening the packaging I inspected the touch screen which looked like it had a protective film that needed pulling off. But after searching for where the film peels back to reveal a nice touch screen pad, I soon realised that there wasnt a film protective cover and that the bubble in the screen was actually part of the touch screen. I thought perhaps I just received a faulty one? popped into a Currys branch to see if it was just me that couldn't find the peel back flap, but the technician said that the screen had not been put on tight enough, hence why it was 'bubbled'. So sending it back and not risking it again, going to purchase the Nix 12 inch instead as it is not touch screen but remote controlled, so expect a decent screen. Also the sony 7 inch frame is very small. Only draw back is that ideally I wanted wifi which isn't a feature of the Nix frame - but at least the reviews are good. When it arrives I will give feed back on the Nix one too.
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on 15 December 2012
I wanted a digital photo frame to give to soon-to-be grandparent-in-laws. Want to email pictures to them, and have it update with minimal fuss. They do have wifi, obviously.
My first choice product was Pix-Star PXT510WR02 10.4, but out of stock for the holidays.
Second choice was Ceiva, but required $100 annual fee and inability to even view saved pics without paying for service turned me off.
Other products from companies I do not trust, or Kodak which is out of business and can't support it.

This was third choice, but it does the job, with only three pushes of the button, and one particularly significant inconvenience which I will have to live with.

So for everyone in my situation, good news is the email function does work, as I mentioned with three button pushes to update pics from email. As mentioned in other reviews, you must update firmware immediately upon first power up. You must also set up a designated email account for images. I set up a gmail account. Then the third step is you have to connect to wifi. It took a couple of attempts to connect to the wifi, but a little bit of patience and it will connect. Same thing with the email account. Be Patient, give it a couple of attempts. After the first time it connects, it connects easier the next time.
Then you just set up the settings so it will run slideshows from email, and pic the slideshow option that takes off all the widgets like time, weather, etc. Also when you go to upload new images from email, you will want to uncheck the option to post photo info on screen (that way you only see the photo on the screen).

Now you have a digital photo frame, which displays your photos sent to email account (even photos sent from your phone)automatically once you have loaded them. To load in new images from the email account, you simply hit three buttons. When the frame turns off, or loses power, it comes back on playing the same slideshow of emailed pics.

Here is the one really bad thing. Every time the power goes off, you have to reconnect to wifi. To clarify, it will come back on showing the pics you have already loaded, but will not be able to retrieve new ones with the simple 3 button method.
I would have definitely given this thing 4 stars if not for this, and I almost gave it 2 stars.
My grandparent-in-laws live in India, and the power will go off. So having to reconnect to wifi every time really takes the "low maintenance" tag away from this. There are tablets that are cheaper and would probably work just as well. The reason I wanted this product was to have a frame which required MINIMAL interaction. Whatever, I'm keeping it, and hoping they will be able to reconnect the thing to their wifi when the power goes out.

The other quirk which will be noticed is that the frame will automatically try to fit images which it gets from email (note that it does not do this with images you load up from the hard drive). So if you send a portrait photo, it will automatically display it sideways. If you send a picture that doesn't quite fit, it may cut off the top and bottom of the photo, which may cut off peoples heads in a big group shot.

If you really want to get around this, you should pre-edit the photos you send, by getting them to be in a 3x5 or 4x6 view. So for a portrait, I literally have to use a program like GIMP to get the proper size and layout of the photo I wish to send. This is ok for me, since the idea is to make it simple for the grandparents, and most photos do fit quite nice without any extra work.

The facebook function does work, very similar to the email function, but its best to setup a unique facebook account. Also you will need to setup facebook account if you wish to get any images from facebook at all. What I mean by this is when I went on facebook with my phone, selected a picture and emailed it to the email account, the photo did not show up. So you can't really forward photos from facebook. You need to actually setup an account for it to recognize those photos.

The touchscreen is not extremely responsive like a smart phone's touchscreen, but for the Indian grandparents, I actually think this is a plus. It does respond, just not lightening fast.

Its also very nice that this thing accepts USB and memory cards to leave that option available for direct transfer.

So its pretty nice product. Gets the job done. Will live with the wifi disconnect everytime it loses power.
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on 25 November 2012
I could not get the advertised Facebook functionality to work at all despite numerous attempts. The touch screen matt finish is poor compared to two older Sony digital photo frames I own, which have glossy screens. As soon as I connected to my wireless netwoork, I received an automatic firmware update, and yet the software still ran incredibly slowly making setting up a chore. This is despite have a 5 bar strength and fast wireless connection. The touch screen is also fairly unresponsive. It also comes with a stupid designed wide plug for some unknown reason which may cause problem is plugging into a multi plug adapter. Have decided to return the unit to Amazon.co.uk and look elsewhere. Amazon service itself could not be faulted.
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on 30 June 2014
Bought this for my mother to replace a broken Kodak frame. It has been a real disappointment. The photos dont seem to upload vi the internet and it is not very easy to find a particular photo or display the latest. Much preferred the Kodak version, but they seem to have stopped making them now. The frame itself is quite small. I dont think I would buy another one. My mother loved her previous frame and used to enjoy seeing photos come up on the screen which friends had sent her. She gets no pleasure from this frame and it is basically now just gathering dust on the side. Such a shame.
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on 13 December 2012
we got this for £80 as a Black Friday deal, but it's been on since as a lightening deal. Yes, it has lot of tech. which is what attracted my husband to it, as I am a keen photographer and we don't own a digital photo frame as yet. Sadly we hadn't noticed about the band across the bottom of the screen which is way darker, it looks fine here on the photo they show, but i have thousands of good shots, and many would not look good in this frame. We found the dark band across the bottom distracting also, and do we really need to know the time and weather ??? NO. So sadly we sent it back. Whilst they have become more affordable, there seems to be less choice in the Digital Photo frame market now, which is a shame. This is a nice sturdy design, what s shame they don't do it without all the info. across the bottom, or at least give you the option to turn it off. The colour and clarity were brilliant.
But for £80 I wanted to be 100% happy and we weren't so sadly we returned it !!! Shame
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on 3 May 2013
Very surprisingly this expensive digital photo frame doesn't offer a random function! It also sometimes doesn't recognise the SD card and only shows the photos it has retrieved from Facebook. It would have also been nice if you could show photos from multiple sources at the same time e.g. Facebook and SD card but its one or the other!
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on 22 April 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been playing about with this and found it to be a decent little photo frame with some good features.

Pictures are good and clear and the contrast is pretty good. It has good internal storage (1GB) which you can expand with memory cards, etc.

It also, as it is WiFi enabled, will tell you the weather for your local area and functions as a clock.

The Wifi functions are good (although now I'm kinda wishing that it did one more thing). You can set up an email address for it that you email picture to, which the frame will download and display. It also connects to Facebook, so you can display pictures from there. I have to admit that I switched that off, after trying it out, as the first thing it started doing was displaying poorly composed, grainy pictures from my friend's works nights out. But, still, it's a nice idea. I'd like it if I could connect to my Flickr page, that would be a nice feature. Still, let's not get greedy.

There are a couple of niggles. The screen is touchscreen, but I think it is resistive rather than capacitive. For those of us who have become spoiled by every mobile computing device sporting a capacitive touchscreen, it can seem a little unresponsive, but that's fairly minor. I'm not so sure about the widescreen shape, either. As it happens, I have taken quite a few widescreen shots, so I can display them fairly well, but I suspect that is not the case for all.

All in all though, a good, fairly simple to use, device.
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VINE VOICEon 21 April 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a neat little frame. Setup is pretty easy, but it balked a few times on its WiFi connection before eventually connecting. There was then an immediate software update to v1.2.

There are several ways of viewing pictures, with or without the current date and time, or as a calendar. Internal storage is generous, but there are card slots and USB sockets for more storage.

Although DLNA enabled, I found navigation fiddly, since my photos are stored hierarchically. Just choosing "show them all" produced a broken icon onscreen. I did manage to display all 2012 photos eventually in a slide show. It would have been great if the internal storage had been visible over my LAN, so I could upload photos directly via WiFi, but sadly that is not an option. Also, if you want this frame to display your photos from a LAN drive AND do that using the On/Off timer, forget it! You just get a demo screen.

The screen is clear and wide. This presents problems, since cameras don't generally shoot widescreen shots, and, indeed, 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 seem to be a total muddle generally on cameras, frames and printers. I can switch mine to 16:9, but all that does is use less of the 4:3 sensor. However, depth of contrast is good.

So, a competent frame with a few niggles. If you are in the market for a 7" frame then this is probably for you. For something larger, try the Sony DPF-HD 1000 from Sony. I had a Kodak internet-enabled frame, but that broke down after only two years. My Motorola 10" frame is doing better service.
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