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on 29 April 2017
Great condition and didn't take too long to ship. Happy with my purchase
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on 8 June 2014
If you are looking for some helpful material on applying a Get Things Done model in the Christian context then this book is absolutely for you. It is packed full of useful material on how to streamline your life. Perman passes the secular GTD wisdom through a biblical lens and largely ends up with some helpful conclusions. However - and this is my major concern with the book - my own experience is that there is a danger for Christians of idolising efficiency and excellence in a world which already does that. I would have liked to see more emphasis on the place of day-by-day dependence on God rather than on the dogged commitment to 'working the plan'. I say this as an ex-City lawyer in one of the Magic Circle firms in London. GTD methods are hugely useful and also hugely addictive. So definitely read this book - especially if you are not familiar with the variety of GTD practices which can streamline your life - but as you read it do so wisely and critically too.
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on 19 December 2014
I expected a lot from this book, having read a lot of very positive reviews; I was disappointed, but I'm unusual, so feel free to read this with a pinch of salt.
Basically, there's some great material here on being organised and planning life well. None of it is new: read David Allen (Getting things Done) and Stephen Covey (Seven Habits) and you'll discover essentially the same stuff, but much, much more readable.
I personally (and this is personal) found this book dull and repetitive. It's designed to summarize everything regularly, like a textbook, and that gets wearing fast when actually the explanation was simple enough in the first place. And then some chapters don't actually explain what they are talking about, so you have to read a chapter or two of explanation of how to do something, without any idea of what it actually is. More concrete examples would have helped.
The great unique contribution of this book is the Christian understanding of productivity. It's certainly not bad stuff, and there are soe good insights, but it felt like a little good stuff laboured and repeated endlessly.
Most of all, though, I found the book ultimately impractical. There are lots of practical things in it. But it's designed for creative types in jobs they love with either no kids or, frankly, a wife who deals with everything at home. He suggests that if you don't really enjoy your job you should get another, because that's key to productivity, among other things.
That just doesn't seem like the real world for most people. The author, who by all accounts is a great guy, just doesn't seem to give enough help to those of us with lives that aren't picture-perfect and are demanding outside work.
That said, there's plenty of good practical stuff in it. It does condense a lot of insights from other productivity books. It's a great idea. And as I said, I realise this is a pretty personal reaction - lots of people like the book.
But the execution seems lacking, both in writing style, depth of thought, and engagement with real life.
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on 11 April 2014
Perman deals with the higher level of sorting your life and work out - personal strategy - by introducing Biblical concepts like living for God's glory and relying on him, alongside concepts like serving others and the importance of character. At the lower level of personal management, he stresses the place of time and of daily plans more than the amazing but lopsided David Allen (of Getting things done fame). It's helped me to relaunch an ordered life.
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on 3 April 2014
Haven't finished yet, but the book has been a big help so far.
It has introduced me to a theology of good works that is liberating and very practical.
I'm just on the part where it helps you nail down your life's goal and how that will work itself out in the actual next steps you take.
Didn't think this kind of help was available, but it's just what I needed. Thanks God! - and Matt Perman!
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on 29 October 2014
Perman has read all the books on productivity and effectiveness for the workplace, which means this book pulls together a vast range of helpful material. But what makes this book stand out and really useful is that he sets it all in the context of honouring the God who made us and acted in Christ to save us. He presents a whole approach to life and work which integrates our great purpose of life, bringing honour to God, with the nitty gritty detail of tasks and daily work.

Having used Dave Allen's 'Getting things Done' in the past, Perman is very helpful in helping us prioritise the important tasks rather than getting caught up in many small tasks. This is particularly helpful for those in Christian ministry where Allen is weak.

If I had one small thing I wasn't entirely in agreement with it would be the final chapter where he puts a far greater emphasis on social action than I would have liked. He sees it as part of the great mission of God in the world, alongside the Great Commission. His position is nuanced but ends up taking evangelism and missions off the top spot. I would have preferred our great aim is to evangelise the world, and the way we do it is in love and through mercy and justice, and through our daily work (which Perman argues for).

But this book is massively helpful and well worth not only reading but also spending time integrating into life.

I've used the Kindle version and when read on an iPad it's great to be able to follow the numerous blog and web references easily.
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on 2 April 2014
This book is a total answer to prayer for me because I have always wanted a book that took into account that I want to put GOD first in everything including my day to day work. For some reason I didn't see that my level of productivity and excellence were a part of my workplace ministry. I would recommend this book, in fact I already have.
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on 4 November 2014
Im a christian and professional sportsman who at times struggles to manage my time and often bites off a bit more than what is manageable. Im only 1/3 of the way through this book but its been a huge encouragement already and has made me realise that no matter how much I bite off I can take confidence that in all efforts, "his will be done" for his glory. All I need to be is the best I can be in the strength of the spirit of Jesus.

I didnt grow up a Christian and let me tell you, wether your a person of faith or not this book could be of real benifit to you, because in my humble opinion it is based on absalute truths.
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on 22 June 2015
I bought this book expecting some great 'life hacks'. I got those, but also a renewed desire to be excellent, and productive, in doing good works for God's glory.
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