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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2015
Simon Pegg plays Shaun, a salesman, who leads a dull and mundane life, and lives with two flatmates, Ed and Pete, played respectively by Nick Frost and Peter Serafinowicz. Ed, his best friend, believes a good night out is at 'The Winchester', their local pub. However Shaun's girlfriend, Liz, played by Kate Ashfield, has other ideas, and doesn't want to spend her nights in a pub. This in turn splits Shaun and Liz up, and when there's an outbreak of zombies, his only thoughts are to save his mom and Liz from their clutches.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are both brilliant in this spoof of the zombie genre. If you are into zombie films, or comedy, then you will enjoy this film. It is a well made film that dosen't fail to bring a smile to anybody who watches it. the print used for the transfer is clean and free of scratches.

Picture Quality is pin sharp with solid colours. This blu ray transfer is in the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The sound is in 5.1.

For all Simon Pegg and Nick Frost fans,

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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2004
I'm a big fan of the George A.Romero zombie trilogy, and also of the Spaced TV series, so a comedy parody of Romero by the creators of Spaced pretty much gets a couple of stars head start before I have even seen it.
I didn't see the film in the cinema, so it was all new to me. Given British TV's habit of spawning naff films I was a bit wary, but needn't have worried. The first part of the film is really just like a big screen version of Spaced with only a few little hints in the background of the trouble brewing and lots of big laughs. The film then moves into the slightly strange territory which Spaced sometimes inhabited when the main characters start to realise that there are really Zombies on the move. When the action really starts the overt comedy is reined in a bit to let the pace pick up, which is about right: by then you are more interested in what happens next than in where the next joke is coming from.
Simon Pegg makes the transition from small to large screen well, and more surprisingly Dylan Moran does too. Much as Black Books is brilliant, Moran is still basically acting out his stand-up persona. here he is much more rounded character.
Fans of recent British TV comedy will have fun spotting all the actors from The Office, League of Gentlemen and Black Books turning up in roles ranging from major to blink-and-you-miss-it.
I can't really comment on the picture quality as my TV is on the way out, but the use of surround sound is very effective on this disc. During the seige scenes there is a permanent presence of zombie moans and scratching coming from all around to add to the atmosphere.
So, the film is a hit, but what about the disc? Its as good as you would expect from writers and directors who are big fans of the DVD medium, and one of the most loaded single discs you are likely to come across. The extras include 4 full-length commentaries, video diaries from several actors, outtakes and extended scenes as well as the now traditional photo galleries, making-of, TV spots and trailers.
Some of the less conventional extras are a run through of the original story idea on a flip chart, plot holes explained in comic strips with actor voiceovers, and one scene acted in the styles of Sean Connery and Michael Caine in The Man Who Would Be King. The flip chart extra is especially interesting as it pre-dates the filming, and even the full script-writing. Some of the original plot ideas or back story details didn't make it to the film, but its impressive how many details from the original conceptual stage made it all the way through, which says something about the completeness of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's original vision.
The thoroughness of the extras is exemplified in what the menu calls the "TV Bits". At various points in the film the characters watch a bit of television, and even though only a few seconds might appear in the film they actually made TV segments of several minutes which are included in full on the disc. And there are some 2000AD comic strips, poster designs, and loads more. There are even some extra extras, not listed on the box, which are tucked away in the sub-title options - a storyboard comparison and the Zomb-o-meter. The zomb-o-meter is a trivia track which lists everything from what the music is on the soundtrack and where a scene was filmed, to what films are being referenced and what game is being played on the Playstation. (Just like the feature on the DVD of the 2nd series of Spaced but even more informative.)
I am already more than satisfied with this film and disc, and I haven't had time to listen to the commentaries yet. Pegg already proved on the Spaced DVDs that he can do an essential talk track - essential to point out all the film references if nothing else - and he features on two of the commentary tracks: one with co-writer and director Edgar Wright, and the other with the main actors. The third commentary is my Shaun's parents (Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton) and the last track is by actors who played Zombies.
In a recent interview Simon Pegg mentioned that George A. Romero himself liked the film, and if its good enough for him its certainly good enough for me. Roll on the sequel!
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on 5 October 2015
Their masterpiece along with Hot fuzz. A amused and irresistible parody of the genre, with such a rich variety of scenes, ideas and brilliant script and visual solution, that makes it something much better and more than just a parody.
Here cinema is not just a vehicle to tell a funny story, but its language, its references and its mechanism are so well exploited and manipulated to entertain you in a surprising, refreshing and innovative way.
Down to the genius ending, that reveals all the irreverent yet smart british spirit of this brilliant operation
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on 17 September 2004
I waited a long time to see this film. I missed it when it was in the cinemas, and have been eagerly awaiting its release on DVD. Thankfully I haven't been disappointed.
Those who remember 'Spaced' on channel 4 will have a good idea of what to expect in this film humourwise, but for the Zombie content, it's George A.Romero that's been the inspiration here. The funny bits are genuinely amusing, and the zombies are at times genuinely unsettling. The first half-hour sets the scene, the final hour really gets moving, and rarely slows until the end.
There are in-jokes for the Zombiephiles out there, including a dig at '28 days later' and a nod to 'Night of the living dead' amongst others, there's a host of famous faces in there (famous to us in the UK anyway...), absurdity, slapstick, pathos, full-on drama, in your face blood and goo, nob gags, fart gags, angst, and just about everything else you can think of at one point or another. Plus a shedload of interesting and amusing extras on the Disc!
In short:
If you like 'Spaced', you'll like this.
If you like George A. Romero's zombie films, you'll like this.
If you like both of the above, you'll love it.
In fact, if you enjoy comedy and/or horror in any way, you'll enjoy this.
Buy it, and enjoy it.
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on 30 October 2004
This film is pure genius! And I think the key to it's genius(ness) is exactly what it tells you on the DVD, it's NOT just a comedy, it's NOT just a horror and it's NOT just a romance, it's a ROM-ZOM-COM!
Any other comedy using a name very similar to a classic Romero film, would have been a spoof, it would have made fun of the zombies, the characters would all end up being fine and there would be lots of stupidity everywhere. This is absolutely NOT a spoof. It uses full on gore effects, to the full, and there are parts where you're on the edge of your seat! This is basically a film about normal people being stuck in a crazy situation, and about them being totally unprepared for it.
If you have seen Spaced, you will absolutely love this film! I've not met one person that doesn't really love this film so far, it's one film that absolutely must be in your DVD collection!
If you haven't seen Spaced and enjoy Shaun of the Dead, I recommend buying both series of Spaced on DVD!
The extra's on this film are ENDLESS (and good!)
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on 20 July 2004
I saw this at the cinema at the same time i saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead, and while this is a very different style of zombie movie, its equally as good.
This is through and through a classic British comedy. Anyone whos familiar with the work of Simon Pegg and the show Spaced will instantly recognise the style of humour, such as the straight male love between Shaun and Ed, the way Shaun fails to notice the blindingly obvious signs of zombie invasion, and the appearance of practically every major Spaced actor/actress in the movie.
The plot is fairly simple. Shaun breaks up with his girlfriend Liz and sulks back at his flat with his long-time roommate Ed. The following morning they awake to find the country, and possibly the world, has been overrun by undead zombies. What follows is a hillarious adventure as Shaun and Ed set out to rescue Liz, Shauns mum, and a few hangers on and hole up in their local pub until things blow over. Naturally, things dont go exactly to plan....
This is a much more lighthearted movie than most in the genre, although it does still contain several scenes of gore which are quite realistic. Anyone who enjoys a good comedy/horror movie should definetely buy this. As Shaun would say, its a slice of fried gold!
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on 9 May 2016
One of my all time favourite films and not only just British. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are absolute genius' and this movie is a masterpiece. Cunning British humour, culture and timing make this picture perfect. The foreshadowing is unreal. I would recommend to everyone. i've never met a person who has disliked this movie!
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on 19 April 2008
SHAUN OF THE DEAD is a revelation. It's funny and creepy and witty and innovative. It also proves it doesn't take a big budget to create a masterpiece. The jokes are never obvious, but always funny... laugh out loud funny... and the gore isn't intended as a replacement for plot (as it is in so many horror films).

There is simply nothing bad about SOTD... it can't be improved upon. I've seen it dozens of times now and find something new to appreciate each time. Definitely in my top-ten favorite films of all time.

It is, hands down, the best film ever made of its genre.
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on 23 February 2016
This film really is very clever. The concept of it all, with a comedy/drama on the bottom line, and a tongue-in-cheek zombie apocalypse punctuating the rest, some proper, laugh-out loud, very engrossing entertainment is exhibited. Simon Pegg's endearing, unique comic acting style is also something to be marveled at, and it suits this film's tone to a tee. The violence of this film is the main reason why it's received a top-end 15 rating from the BBFC, (and there is also a single use of very strong language). However, it's all in a comic setting, and actually I'd say that the most violent scene is actually among the funniest - in it's own dark-humored way - (you'll be laughing your head off when that most obnoxious guy in the Universe gets disembowelled and decapitated by the zombies!) The not-so violent humor is great as well. Shaun and his flat mate both pretty much spin a comedic moment at every turn, ensuring that you'll be laughing so continuously that your diaphram may well be hurting before this film even reaches its half-way point! The ending is really very good as well. Because this is such a short film, you're terrified that after all of the splendid humor shown during the main stages, the ending may be a tacky letdown. But don't worry. Every loose end is tied up, and the film ends with a bang.
This is an epic comic masterwork which has surely set the standards for its genre.
Reviewed by Arron S. Munro.
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on 24 August 2016
I love Simon Pegg. I love Nick Frost. Having both together along with the rest of the amazing cast is brilliant. Such a good film, along with the two others Hot Fuzz and At Worlds End.

I can't imagine how someone could not have seen this film, but if that's the case - please get this and watch it asap. It'll be your new favourite film.
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