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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2012 French version?
It's a shame and this is essentially a French film and the songs are beautiful in French. Shame the DVD distributors didn't judge it useful to include the French soundtrack in it.

The film itself is fabulous!!!
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on 2 July 2012
This is a gorgeous little animation which will transport you to the streets of Paris. There are some definite visual references throughout the film to The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera.

Although it is very much a light-hearted film, there are some important themes for young children about loyalty and not judging by appearances. Little ones will love the sweet characters, simple plot and kids humour, and parents will enjoy the beautiful soundtrack, sung by Vanessa Paradis and Sean Lennon.

We particularly liked the way the animators captured the atmoshere of Paris - not easy to do. We also liked the unlikely heroes - it makes a nice change to see the nerdy guys win the day and get the girls!
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on 31 October 2015
This is a great family film with a stylish French slant. Lovely animation and with a real sense of charm. The music score is really good and it is fully as imaginative (and classier) than many of the more recent offerings from many of the American studios. Definitely one to buy and let the kids watch time and time again.
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on 8 May 2012
This is a movie that seemed to be missed by the media but was an absolute gem to watch. I took my 12 year twins to watch this several times and every time time there was more to enjoy. The pace was exciting enough to keep both my children glued to the screen and the musical numbers were toe tappingly good.

Altogether, a great movie that we will watch again and again when it comes out to rent. Shame the media didn't pick up on it!!
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on 1 June 2013
this films seems to lack an identity. it maybe a cultural thing that i am not getting. it is a sort of film noir, phantom of the opera cartoon. it doesn't seem a childrens film at all. maybe i am just missing a point somewhere but it didn't do anything for me and my daughter was confused by it.
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on 16 May 2013
Having struggled through twenty minutes of Despicable Me on LF, I decided not for me and picked this independent animated film at random. It started off well, in the vain of older animated films, some punchy dialogue and cutesy comedy while setting up the characters and a storyline that is so well woven into the film, you could miss it, but its there. (A second viewing helps fill the gaps!). It trundles along pleasantly with intelligent, amusing script, tossing in a little classic slapstick, reminiscent of Disney circa the Aristocats era.

THEN SUDDENLY, Francouer begins to sing, the angelic voice of Sean Lennon piercing the air and I literally sat upright [in a Simon Cowell sort of fashion]. Ever want to score a flea a sympathy vote? Give it Lennon's voice, wow! From that moment I was hooked and hung on every scene, as the film gained momentum, to a finish where I was hopeful for a happy ending for all the heroic characters but especially Francouer (he's a flea for heavens sake, why should I be rooting for him? But I was!). Surely one misunderstood, society branded "monster" deserves a good turn?

There were a few twists along the way along with many flashes of inspiration from classic "society monster" moral tales such as Phantom, King Kong, Hunchback, Beauty & the Beast and Frankenstein - even Edward Scissorhands as we watch Francouer's initial, clumsy interactions with a new world. Combined with good quality animation, an amazing, toe-tapping, well choreographed soundtrack (which is worth getting in English and French editions), a lovely period, Parisian setting, great costumes (especially Francouer) and heaps of feel good factor, this film oozes charm, elegance and likeable characters that satisfies both adults and children alike, especially if you are a fan of the above stories. There is an effortless, quirky charm to French films (think Amelie) and this film does not disappoint.

I liked it so much I watched it a second time straight away and it was just as good again. It still is and I am after the French version as I am longing to see it in its native language. Although I prefer Lennon's voice for Francouer, having seen the Monster in Paris sequence sung by the original French actor (and composer), Matthieu Chedid (-M-), in French its impact is somehow greater for the unwanted fate brought upon this confused and humble flea. I am glad they kept Vanessa Paradis for both versions, she does a beautiful job as Lucille and if I had one criticism, it was choosing to voice the English version with American actors instead of English speaking French actors - or to not attempt a French accent, because the rest of the cast did stand out a bit next to native speaker, Paradis.

Yes there are plot holes if you were to consider this story seriously (and I did find myself wondering at one point what this giant flea might be eating...) but realism is not what the film is about, if the 7 foot, guitar-playing, latin jazz dancing flea hasn't given that away by now and lets just gloss over them so I can carry on enjoying the film's beauty. Like any film , I'm sure some will not enjoy it, (there are probably people questioning how I cannot like Despicable Me) but I hope you get as much pleasure from this film as I have. My 3yo daughter currently refuses to watch anything but Peppa Pig but I can't wait to convince her to watch this, in the meantime I'll just keep watching it without her!
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on 20 February 2014
Bought this for the 3D because I thought it was a bargain.We all found it very slow and the kids got bored very quickly none of us could sit and watch to the end. The 3D was a waste of time I didn't even think it was the right dvd at first because there was practically no difference. I must have been watching a different film to some of the others who have reviewed it.
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on 10 November 2013
As my headline says.

This has a lovely old fasioned feel to it, something Disney has lost a long time ago and something those at Disney need to watch, understand and learn from.

The animation is beautifuly done, with flair, amusement and with such detail, you'll not notice it all ont the first viewing.

This is a good feelgood movie that adults will enjoy as much as the children.

One thing goes to show though. When a film is released in the cinema, the more advertising shown, the worse the movie; I didn't see this advertised!
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on 16 February 2014
Got this for my nine year old daughter as a birthday pressie, she went to see it a the cinema and said she would like to own it . It was quite cheap when I bought it which was good because although its a good fllm its not worth spending loads of money on.
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on 23 January 2013
This is a first class film. It is superb to watch. The voice over is excellent, and the music is wonderful.
It takes poetic license from King Kong and the Phantom of the Opera (a bit).
Would have loved to have seen it at the cinema on the big screen.
Not going to give you any film jargon or plot. It is great. Kids will love it.
I certainly did and I am a bit older than a kid.
For the price you cannot go wrong. RJC.
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