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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2012
So I have finished watching the film and all of its special features and I am very impressed. The film looks great and they have done a great job making the film look as crisp as possible BUT I enjoyed the new special features more than the film, The Final word from James Cameron documentary on disc 2 is easily one of the best special features I've ever seen on a film, It explains everything that happened to Titanic in glorious detail from Cameron himself and some of the worlds most dedicated Titanic know it all's.

Most people reading this have most likely seen the film already and if you are wanting to see it again even though you have seen it a million times, it is worth upgrading to see it in all its glory and the special features are simply fantastic, the alternative ending is also very very good but I can understand why they didn't use it.

Film in bluray quality = 9/10
Special features = 10/10 easily

Buy it !!!
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on 28 February 2006
Titanic is without a doubt the most successful film of all time, in terms of box office receipts and Oscar success. Hard to believe that before it was released it was being billed as a failure on the scale of 'Waterworld'. James Cameron's creative vision and obsession with detail may have caused his cast and crew some ire - but the end result is truly astounding. It has flaws: for me these mainly rest with the overdone Cal-with-a-gun plotline which did not need to go so far (wasn't what was going on around them dramatic enough??!) and some of the dialogue is cheesy to say the least. BUT, the strength of the film is undoubtedly in the very human heart of its story, not just as represented by the relationship between Rose & Jack, but in the painstakingly accurate (as far as possible) insertions of real-life characters and events. Some of the effects are not perfect either (I think particularly of the super-imposed faces as 'Jack' and 'Rose' run from the wall of water) but none of these things detract from what is undeniably one of the great spectacles ever seen in cinema. The sinking of the great ship itself is gobsmacking. As you see her rise into the air, the people screaming and falling, the single flare lost in the dark Atlantic - it sends shivers down your spine as you know this is not fiction - this actually happened to real people. Jack and Rose, played by Leo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett seemed an odd choice - but there is real chemistry between them. Leo is great as the free-spirited 'poor guy' who sees the same kind of spark in Rose that is being repressed by the society she lives in (Rose could be said to be a true proto-feminist as 1912 was a time when emancipation was a hot political issue) and Winslett truly shines in her breakout role.
As with Cameron's other works, the ground-breaking SFX are the things that usually get the attention - but something that is not often applauded enough is that all of his films (think Terminator, The Abyss) have involving storylines and well-drawn characters. He obviously has a passion for what he does and thinks about the story he is trying to get over, and makes the elements work together. And this is why Titanic really hit home, why the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
I have Titanic on a single DVD so for me this Collectors Edition was bought in order to see all the extras. And I was not disappointed. There are so many and they give some great insights into the research done and the creative process. The deleted scenes contain some genuinely interesting omissions. I think particularly of the cut of a segment that explains more fully Rose's attempt to jump off the back of the ship - I think this should have been kept in and Cal cut out a bit more. Saying that the Cal/bodyguard sequence was actually cut considerably so we were let off lightly. The film is played over 2 discs to accommodate the commentaries so if you simply want to watch the film, get the single disc edition - but if like me you like to get some background, this is not a problem, you have to make a sacrifice in order to pack this much quality on to a DVD. I can honestly say this is one of the best DVD packages I have seen and when you have seen all the extras the poignancy of the story can be felt all the more. I'm very glad I have this in my collection
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on 14 August 2014
If you happened to see Titanic in it's theatrical re-release, and still cling to the DVD-format, this is the DVD for you. It contains the newly remastered transfer also used for the film's 2D Blu-Ray release, thus making this the best-looking DVD of Titanic you are likely to ever find. It therefore also contains the fixed night-sky scene from the theatrical release, though this will not be important to the casual viewer, as it doesn't have any impact on the narrative AT ALL.

The movie is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.39:1 and with a good new 5.1 Dolby Digital surround soundtrack (thought the Deluxe Edition's DTS-offering is sorely missed).

Likewise, the only extras offered on this DVD are the previously released deleted or extended scenes and the alternate ending - although they too have received a new transfer. None of the other great extras have been ported over from the 4-disc Deluxe Edition, so don't let the 2-disc tag fool you - it's merely to split the movie in two, to uptimise picture and sound on the DVD format - similar to how the Avatar Collector's Edition DVD also had three discs like the Blu-Ray, but only featured a fraction of the extras.
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on 4 October 2006
As a long time fan of the ship Titanic, i have seen many versions of the disaster that happened on April 14th 1912. When i saw this one i thought it was just a love story very well told, but when it came to the sinking i was amazed of the detail that the crew used in showing the sinking of the ship. The actors all played their parts perfectly and it is an absoulute amazing fim to watch.

The extras are also fantasic. There are trailers, featurettes, deleted scenes, 30 seconds with Bunnies and much much more.

If your a fan of James Cameron or the Titanic or any disaster film in general then buy this dvd, its worth the money.
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on 12 November 2005
Not long after Titanic came out there was a DVD released which was sadly a huge disappointment. Since that time I have patiently waited, no doubt with many other fans of the film, for the release of a DVD which does this great film justice. Now at long last that time has come and this DVD set really does not disappoint. For a start this DVD film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and the print quality is first class. When shown on a large wide screen it is stunning. The extra features are a must for any fan of this film and others interested in the Titanic. I consider this film to be worth every penny and it has been worth the wait.
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on 8 August 2016
Okay, I admit I am a fan of Titanic. Why? Well let me explain while trying to be fair. The story is set around the voyage of the real ship RMS Titanic in 1912. We all know how that ends.

I will begin by saying that I am a fan of James Camerons work. He has a good idea of big budget blockbuster movies that appeal to me in many ways.

Titanic is the only one that until 2016 (Yeah, I know a little late, nearly 20 years right?) that I had been putting off. Why? The negative feedback has a lot to do with it. Eventually I figured why not try to watch it as some of the themes appealed to me.

Am I happy to have finally bit the bullet? Yeah I am in most ways. The period costumes and set designs are cool and hold up well even today, the CGI still looks fine for a late 90s movie as well.

The casting of the movie sparked mixed feelings from viewers but I don't really mind most of the actors here as they are considerably talented in the chosen roles and play the parts well.

Another positive is the soundtrack by James Horner. I love this score. It blends the themes of the movie together well while keeping the pace steady. From Character development and back story scenes to the tension of the disaster in full swing it's a stellar performance from a fine composer. Add Celine Dionn to the mix and you are on to a winner.

There is of course a problem here though. It's the Romance between the two lead stars. I have nothing against a young couple falling in love while being totally different, that's natural. Inserting something like that into a movie based on a true disaster on a huge scale however?

That literally makes a warning bell go off in my head. Titanic is not a romantic story. It's a tale of class difference and how bad decisions lead to a tragic loss of life in one of histories worst maritime episodes.

This aspect of the story is handled well, but the biggest let-down here actually isn't the romantic elements or the cast. It's the writing and Dialogue. Oh My God it's corny. Some of the lines make me grin in embarrassment for the actors and I feel sorry for them on several occasions due to this.

I will say it. If the writing had been better even the love story could have been saved. It's a shame as everything else about the movie even after such a long time still holds up to a decent standard.

Cheesy lines and cliches set in the background of a real life event as bad as Titanic hitting the Iceberg is something in my opinion you just should not do and that's the reason for the four stars in this review.

I do like most aspects of the movie including the history behind the actual event but yeah... I can't get away from the fact that I cringe at the writing of some of the major scenes.

Titanic then is a fun movie, if a little long, three hours is pushing the boat out (pun not intended at all)

Personally I give it 7/10 because of the soundtrack, historical accuracy that holds up to a decent standard and the effects. The things letting the score down are as I mentioned above.

Fictional Romance during a true disaster story, silly lines and predictable outcomes keep the movie from being a masterpiece for me.

Try it out on a Rainy day and see how you feel afterwards. I am in the middle, keeping the positive ideas afloat while trying not to let it go down like a sinking ship. Literally walking between the decks to try and keep it equally stable.

Puns aside I say don't let negative feedback put you off. Just take the plunge and try the movie. I for one felt like I missed a decent flick that could have been brilliant.
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on 29 December 2015
Lovely film. Blu-ray definitely is quality.
We have watched many times - although we know the ending is always the same - it makes you think about the poor folk who died as well as admire the way this film is made.
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on 15 July 2014
Titanic in HD is still watchable, however the CGI and Green Screen (of which there is a lot!) is so obvious and at times can take you out of the film. The retrospective 3D is passable, but isn't perfect.

If you liked the original Theatrical Edition, you'll like this HD/3D version. Is it worth upgrading from the SD version? Not really.

4 star review because the 3D isn't required and doesn't always look natural.
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VINE VOICEon 18 September 2012
I already had a 4 disc box set which I purchased about seven years ago, so I was not quite sure whether purchasing this Blu-Ray edition was financially worth while. Nevertheless, being a fan of this great film, I took a chance and spent my hard earned dosh on this two disc edition.

First things first, the picture quality is absolutely stunning. The opening scenes showing the wreckage which apparently lies two miles down, was so clear, with brilliant images. As the film progressed I became more and more impressed by the image quality which is way, way above the image quality of the original DVD release.

To make it even better, the soundtrack has been remastered as DTS Sound for a 5:1 sound system which I am sure will delight many home cinema enthusiasts. The surround sound has a spatial dimension enhancing the sound of the final destruction of the great liner as it slowly sinks into the ocean. The dialogue, however, is centralised, very clear and precise and is never swamped by the surround soundtrack.

The film is shown in its entirety on the first disc, with six hours of extras on disc two.

A great achievement for the digital age in which we live. For those viewers who may have some doubt about whether the extra purchase, (assuming that you already have a copy that is;) is worthwhile need have no fear. It is being sold at a good price for what it offers, and should not be missed.
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on 19 February 2007
I think Titanic is the best film ever made, the only film to ever make me cry even when I've seen it several times already. If you dont really enjoy the film I dont need to say that you dont need this edition, but if you love it like me, I think you have to own it.

There are plenty of extras, perhaps some new documentaries would have been good, but of what there is; the deleted scenes add some new dimension to parts of the film. A few I understand were a bit dull and uneccesary, but there are a handful I felt deserved the final cut. The alternate ending is also interesting, and comes with a commentary by James Cameron, the commentaries provide a great insight to the making of the film - and nobody could deny that this must have been one hell of a film to make.

The one thing that annoyed me was the disc change half way through the film. Why?? is it really necessary, I mean its not as if no more would fit on the dvd, as they spread the extras through the discs.

Definately one for your collection if you're a big fan. It is beautifully packaged and miles better than the single disc version out there
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