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on 26 May 2016
I previously purchased one of these (medium size) for my bedroom as it always was a little "smelly" and there seemed to be a lot of dust. It did not matter what we tried to get rid of it. Once I switched this unit on, I was very surprised as to how quiet this unit was. In fact it is so quiet that it is not noticeable at all. When the unit however detects smells and/or pollutants of any kind, it really goes into a higher air cleaning mode immediately, which does increase the noise level due to the higher fan speed. This usually does not last longer than 5 minutes or so. It even detects when I put deodorant on in my bathroom next door, if I have the doors open. I am so impressed that I have now invested in the large size model for my living room.

My carbon filter change light came on after 4 months, or so, but oh boy, was I shocked when I opened the unit to replace the filter!! All that fine dust and whatever else was in that filter. This was previously floating around in our bedroom and we were breathing it in! Although quite distressing :), I do feel obliged to include a picture of the carbon filter. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS UNIT... Especially because it is super quiet and really does an amazing job!
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on 12 May 2017
I got this at a very good price as it was a 'used' item. The seller was very good in communication and it came well packaged. All it needed was a new filter and it was good as new with 4 years guarantee still left on it. I've had a few air purifiers and all been good but find fellows the best because it works away quietly in the background and only kicks in when it detects an impurity i.e. when hubby's been out for a smoke then walks past it on his way in. I leave it on permanently because it uses less electricity than a light bulb. We all sleep better because of the dust reduction and pollen reduction.
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on 18 December 2013
My wife has suffered from allergies kicked off by things like dust and spores of different sorts. This stuff is disbursed by your movement and is propelled into the air all around you. I would often wake to find her sniffling and unable to rest and sleep. Often resorting to Anti-Histamines of varying sorts to elevate the symptoms. We could clean the bedroom all day and still, at random times, something would kick off her nose!

So, what should I do?

I spent a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time looking at ways to "Clean" the air and after a long time and enough information to make an informed decision I chose The Fellowes unit.
I can't begin to explain just how much it helps, we have had this unit a few months now and it goes on one-two hours before bed and thus far the wife has not had any of the symptoms she had before and that means no dosing up on AH's. Now I don't expect everyone will take my word for it, and it may not work for everyone but all I can say is it helps my wife sleep without disturbance of a night, well other than me snoring (allegedly!)

Update :10 03 2016

After owning one of these for a few years I decided to buy another one as they were on offer, I have now sent back 2 of these units as after a few hours of use they develop a fault!
They begin to emit a HI pitched noise like a cricket chirping which is enough to wake you up and drive you crazy. Also I imagine over time that would get much worse and would lead to a failiure.
As I mentioned I have sent 2 back as I thought we had just got unlucky with the first purchase of a seconf home unit but it turns out that the 2nd one went wrong in much the same way.
This is incredibly disappointing as the first unit we bought some years ago still runs great and operates like you would expect even after numerous filter changes and resets its spot on. Seeing the model on sale (like half price) I thought it would be a great buy but sadly I was wrong.......

All I can say is buy with caution and prepare to send it back, saying that Amazon have so far been great and have collected the units no problem. I opted for a refund second time round.

I may have to go for another model going forward.

I would whole heartedly recommend it!

** It also gets rid of food and other smells after 5 mins or so.........

Try it!
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on 4 August 2017
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on 2 September 2013
Great product. Very quiet and sensitive to dust. Would have given a 5 star rating but when it arrived it was a little scuffed as if it was not brand new. However the product itself is great. It is used in 2 year olds bedroom and does not disturb him.
would definitely recommend.
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on 8 July 2017
Bought this to clear e-sig smoke in living room. Was unbearable before and now not a problem.
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on 6 May 2015
My main reason for buying this was to filter dust from my office. The problem was so bad it was causing my computer equipment to fail because the fans were clogged with dust.

The unit was a log bigger than I was expecting, but as long as it does the job I don't mind, and boy does it do its job!. I left it running on high for a couple of days and then dusted the room and cleared the dust out of the equipment and I'm pleased to say the dust hasn't returned.

I tried the - ahem "wind" test and giggled when it immediately went to high. It also switches to high if I put aftershave on in the room, or put a glass of wine near it. Its very sensitive to smells.

It's made an incredible difference to the quality of the air which now smells a lot fresher.

I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 3 July 2013
After reading other reviews, even though it is neither the cheapest or most expensive on the market, I ordered one, so glad I did.
It is well made, pretty substantial, and easy to use straight from the box, just make sure you unwrap the filters inside first. It goes to auto mode as soon as you plug it in, you can overide this but that should not need to be done often. I checked the price of the filters, they are competitive with the likes of Bionaire who, really charge a fortune for a much smaller air purifier filter. It suggests the carbon filter be replaced every three months and the main hepa filter once a year, compared to the Bionaire one we have it does really put it to shame. The air quality, which I did not think would happen seems to be much better. I still think the filterless ionisers do a good job but the heavenfresh 210uv we had was, for the price, flimsy, the uv light packed in after 6 months(not included in warranty) and the rods became very fragile after 18 months. Until they make a good sized one that is as well built as this, this is the best we have tried and a 5 year limited warranty comes with it. A good buy. August 2014. Still going strong, unless we are away it is on all of the time and has not given a problem with reliability and the filters last a good amount of time.
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on 8 August 2014
Liked the medium one so much I bought a large for the lounge/diner. It does a good job of clearing the air of all sorts of stuff including most cigarette smoke when people have been smoking.
Quiet on low setting and handy having it on automatic so it increases its speed if necessary. Louder obviously on high speed so you would have to turn the TV up a little to hear over it.
No nasty plastic smells like there are in some other hepa air purifiers.
Only down side is it's a bit on the large size so make sure you check the measurements for where you are going to put it.
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on 13 May 2013
I tried the FAP03 Filtrate unit at about the same price. Although stylish looking it made much too much noise even at the lowest setting. The FAP02 is still too noisy to use in the bedroom. Bought the cheap Hepa Air Purifier at £56 which does work and is just quiet enough to use in the bedroom on the low setting but does not shift much air at this speed. Works fine if you leave on full during the day and on slow at night.
Bought this Fellows unit and it is great. Almost silent at the low setting (but still shifting a significant amount of air) and perfectly OK at the medium setting to have on with the TV or even in the bedroom as still really quiet. The Auto Sense feature works well. I took some covers off the settee 12 feet away and in about 3 seconds it went from good air quality (green) to bad air quality (Red) with the fan shifting from low to high. This lasted for about 20 seconds by which time the dust was removed from the air. I notice that when you spray a polish aerosol 15 feet away it picks that up very quickly and shifts from low speed to medium then to high to clear it.
I suffer from asthma and have a small dog and I have noticed a definite improvement in air quality since using this unit. As a bonus less dust is settling on glass shelves and around plasma TV.
The only very minor issue is that it does look like an office unit (which is the actual intended use so not surprising) but still does not too out of place in the home.
I highly recommend this unit and will be buying another one to put permanently in the bedroom.
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