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on 11 July 2012
I was going to leave this review until I had played with this phone for a month or so. I decided to report initial reactions and thoughts after just 4 days of use.

I have to say I like it. The first plus points I have noticed are in no real order.

1, Super easy to use key pad. Sensitive touch large enough for big clumsy fingers.
2, Clear and big enough screen.
3, Easy to find your way around the icons. You really do not need an instruction manual as some have asked for.
4, Not to many fussy gadgets.Personally I do not need them. Old fashioned as it may seem but I need a phone for phone calls !
5, Very clear and good quality speaker.

Downside ? Nothing much really. Yes it is a bit chunky and big, a huge brick for those younger phone owners I would imagine. I however started off in 1985 with a Motorola brick phone, so my muscles are well developed now.

I wanted a good solid phone that does the job. I am a outdoors type, key words being, smallholding,fishing, walking,DIY. This is probably going to be the phone for the job. If Samsung continue making tough phones like this they may well end up being the Hilux of the phone world.

I decided not to go the smart phone route. The thought of standing around with hundreds of others in the street, stooped over , whilst tweeting or face aching , worried me. So I drew a line in the sand and am hoping that this phone will indeed work in the sand.

I will update in a month after it has had some outdoor use.

UPDATE October 28th 2012
This phone continues to impress me. Hard wearing and can take the knocks.I have used it on site, out camping and it has generally been thrown here and there. At £75 it turned out to be a bargain.The only slight moan is that it tends to chip a little easier than the older B2710, but it is a observation more than a moan. Well done Samsung.

UPDATE Feb 17th 2013
Still in my opinion a very good tough phone. I spent 1 month in the Cambodian jungle , high humidity , no problems with the phone. My only niggle with it is the poor design of the screw that holds the back on. That comes loose.Apart from that its a great phone.
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on 26 January 2012
I got this phone because I have a habit of killing my other phones, mainly by drowning. Ok, what I mean to say is that because I do a lot of outdoor activities (walking, cycling, camping) I tend to get my phones a bit damp from time to time.
I used to have a Nokia N95 and although a great phone, it died on me inside my coat pocket without actually being directly in the rain
I used to have a Samsung GT5800 but that got wet in a trouser pocket and died a quick death
Then I went all cheap and got a candy bar Samsung E1120 - but this soaked up some condensation in a room and stopped working!

I then did a search for robust waterproof phones on the internet and the same two models kept coming up time and again: the Samsung B2100 and the Samsung C3350.

The B2100 was brought out a few years ago for cack-handed people like me but only had a simple camera and a small screen but otherwise looked ok

The C3350 is an update to the successful B2100 and featured a better camera and a bigger screen. Added on to that was the fact it was waterproof (IP57) shockproof and dustproof. It also came in a reasonable silver colour.

The C3350 was only marginally more expensive than the B2100 and initial thoughts on the internet werent too scathing.

I have had the phone a few weeks now and can say the following:

it isnt going to win awards for style - it is chunky
it is waterproof - tested by myself after dropping into the bath accidentally (told you I was cack handed) and no issues at all
it has very fast internet connection (its quicker than my blackberry)
the 2mp camera is surprisingly good
the music player and speakers are very good indeed
It has a torch!
the keys are responsive and robust (rubberised)
the headphones are pants (they hurt my ears - have good new ear bud ones to replace the hard plastic ones they supply)
there is no pc cable supplied (but bought one for £2 and works fine)

Overall, it is a bit retro but then I wasnt buying this phone for for looks but actually for use in the outdoors. I have got it wet with no issues and dropped it no issues. It does everything a phone should do but is just rock solid and well built. Purely for the reasons I bought it (a phone for the outdoors with some internet and multimedia capability) its a 5+ rating. If you buy it thinking it is comparable to a smart tablet type phone then you will be disappointed. For £60 I think its worth it, especially since I have destroyed £500 worth of phone due to water in the past 3 years

Not for everyone, but so far I really like mine

below is a link to a review i did on my blog

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on 2 August 2012
So I had killed another Samsung Monte by dropping it or getting it wet again or whatever. I also have a Galaxy 2 which is great but I am sick of plugging it in so I decided to go back and get something that doesn't need screen protector or a damn charger within 20 feet of it. Had this for a week now and it's like my old nokia...single button launch of calendar camera etc. marvellous. Battery life is unbelievable...days and days compared to a smartphone's hours and it goes in my pocket with keys and coins now instead of me wandering round with a delicate little flower that has to be mollycoddled and kept fed with power. Very liberating. It does all the things I need bluetooths, phone and txt, clock and calendar, radio all to great Samsung standards. It's an excellent size and the handle thing at the top can be hooked onto things...very clever. Came from a good supplier too...I had it in two days. And I am so glad to get buttons back instead of messing about with screens. Superb.
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on 19 March 2012
after buying both the predecessors to this phone and having to return them both due to constantly slow and forever crashing software, samsung finally got it right..easy to work. enough power to run what it has and no annoying faults... quite frankly i thought after samsungs lack of interest in sorting out the txtin bugs on the b2100 and b2710 i wouldn,t bother with them anymore. but after spending three hundred quid on a sonim, only to find out it weren't that good. i started looking for a durable simple phone again. so glad this one came out when it did. great phone. buy one...
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on 2 June 2012
Brilliant phone. Mind you, I'm not into iphones or android phones, I just want a phone to make calls on and send and receive text messages. I did go all out and get a HTC Wildfire S, as everyone told me to move with the times. What a mistake. Good phone to text on, but the battery life on these androids and iphones is a joke. I didn't use it that much but still had to charge every other day. Well, I've had the C3550 for 4 full days now and haven't had to charge it yet - it still appears to have full battery life. The keypad is excellent and is very easy to text on. The handset itself is large, but very easy to handle - extremely ergonomic.

Basically, it does everything I want a phone to do. Oh, it does have those Facebook and Twitter applications (and yes, I refuse point blank to call them 'apps'), so if you're into that 'oh, just arrived in town', or 'on the train now' - you know, telling everyone exactly what you're doing every minute of every day, then you can still do that. However, for a cracking phone that is robust, easy to use and simple enough, this has it nailed.
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on 23 June 2012
I had been looking for a mobile phone for my husband for ages as he is not good at all with computers or mobiles. I found this on amazon, sim free, The Samsung C3350 Solid X-Cover Sim Free Mobile Phone - Steel Grey so i could just slip in his existing sim card. This phone is really easy to use, water and dust proof, and is a good size for him to use the key pad, as he does have big fingers.
Really pleased with it, and if your in the same situation and want a good easy to use phone i would highly recommend this phone.
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on 24 June 2012
A realy good rugged mobile phone suitable for clumsy fingers. very clear speakers.
Pity about the software, I have had two and both have been faulty in that the MMS connection keeps dropping and is not programmed to connect on request, it is meant to be a constant connection. When it drops no MMS picture messaging can be sent or received. To reconnect one must reboot the phone. Samsung say this could be a software fault. When working correctly the phone is very good and I would highly recommend it. I may have been just unlucky with the two I have had. I may try a third.
March 2013. Got a third one from Asda Mobile, had it now for over 8 months and it is brilliant, not a single problem.
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on 28 February 2012
Got fed up with slide and flip type phones failing and having to charge them up so frequently.
I am out in all weathers with my sport. It get stuck in a pocket or an equipment box in the damp and cold. I needed something a bit rugged, easy to use and keeps a charge.
This phone is not Gucci. It is big, easy to use takes the knocks and does all I need it to do, in all conditions. I don't have to worry about it getting wet (keypad and back cover is sealed) or being dropped (within reason)and the charge seems to last forever. For me personally, it is perfect.
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on 15 February 2012
I have used products from Sonim and they are very over priced. This C3350 is the replacement for there B2710. Its has a large well lit screen with very easy to use menus, very quick and responsive, waterproof rustproof. I normally have a BB Torch, but got this sim free for work and when i am out running, its light weight and the battery life is excellent. Sure its not a smartphone but it doesn't try to be one, you do have Facebook and twitter but the functionality is limited. Over all very pleased and would recommend it to anyone needing a robust phone.
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on 10 February 2012
For what it is this phone is great.

It won't match a smart phone for toys and gizmos but in the time it takes for the average smart phone to go flat you may just about have lost 1 bar on the battery.

The camera is a bit rubbish to be honest. I can kind of accept the bad quality but the lack of a flash is a disappointment.

The UI is well laid out and easier to use than the old B2710 by quite a way.

Call quality is good, and though it lacks 3G the signal is decent out in the country, though the internet is pitifully slow and the browser is horrible to use. Emails, thankfully, are easy to set up (though only tried with gmail so far). Texting is the same as with any other bar phone, though the "conversation" view is a nice touch.

The build quality is good, both looks and feels rugged. Only complaint is that the battery cover screw can feel a bit loose.

All in all if your looking a phone that can provide basic "phone" things plus emails with a long battery life and a "not gonna break anytime soon" quality then this is the one to go for.
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