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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2013
So yes, a little miffed that the original cable did not last forever on expensive earphones. The daily grind to work on public transport and by foot is intolerable without them though. The decision to buy the 'phones in the first place was influenced by the option of a replaceable cable after two pairs of cheaper headphones died in the same way. At least there are replacement cables on offer.
This replacement cable is thicker than the original and lacks the reinforced bendable over the ear section. I actually prefer this though as the cable conforms over the ear better. I find I get less noise on walking with these than with the original, it's a bit shorter and doesn't get caught up so much.
One down side is that the jack plug is set straight at the cable end rather than set at 90 degrees. It's obtrusive and not a good fit for when the player is in a jeans pocket for example.
I could convince myself that the sound is better, but it's subjective and not as good as the Logitech UE 900 Noise Isolating Earphones which I borrowed in the interim. All in all, a good buy to get your Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10 - Metallic Blue back on the road. Should you have to ? That's a different story.
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on 16 October 2013
It seems to have a decent build quality but in some ways feels overkill for in-earphones that I use with an iPod or phone. For example, the size of the headphone jack and the thickness of the cable.

On the other hand, it doesn't tangle and I do enjoy the texture of the cable.

I had did have a couple of the cheaper Ultimate Ears replacement cables in the past and they only lasted a year or two before breaking at the point near the earphone connection, where you can reshape the wire to fit around your ear. This cable doesn't have that but it's not a problem for me.

I've only had this wire a couple of months so it remains to be seen how long it will last but so far so good.

*** I decided to edit my review. The cable has now developed the fault that I believe others experienced, that is, the wire seems to have become damaged near the jack connector and the cable is now unusable. Knowing this potential weakness I tried to be careful but in the end that wasn't enough. I put the review to two stars rather than one because the other good points to the cable still count. I suspect that anyone who doesn't use this with an mp3 player that sits in their pocket would get more use out of it, it's lasted only 6 months for me and really isn't up to the job. I would now say that the Ultimate Ears brand replacement cables are better purely because they last longer. ***
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on 20 June 2013
There are undoubtedly issues with this cable as other reviewers have pointed out. The cable is so heavy-gauge that, even though the 3.5mm plug is pretty substantial too, without taking great care in handling it is possible to inadvertently damage this junction.
I happen to be a big fan of the UE10 - I've had a few over the years (losing pairs to thieves & voracious puppies - not through any manufacturing fault). You will only be reading this if you've encountered the exasperating problems with the standard cable.
Do not be put off by the negative reviews.
I was going to buy a pair of UE900s (may still do so) and already have a pair of B&W P5s which are rather likeable and definitely more robust (really good soundstage but lacking the UE10s range & clarity) - but giving my UE10s another chance with this cable has been a revelation.
Wow! What an improvement. My UE10s (powered by a Cowon Z2) are now even approaching my full-blown home system's Grado SR325is. Yes they are that good. This level of audio performance for me outweighs the cable's shortcomings.
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on 14 March 2014
Had high hopes for this cable as this is now my 3rd cable (including original cable) for my ultimate ears triple fi's! Unfortunately, as with some other reviewers here the cable has failed, after only 5 months in my case.

The 3.5mm plug into my phone (note, getting same problem when plugging into PC so problem not with phone) appears to have a loose connection now such that the sound is not coming through the left headphone without jiggling the cable about to get it into a certain position. Ironically, the FiiO 3.5mm plug looked to be much more robust on this cable than previous replacements I've had in the past.

Having now spent over £50 on cables I'm wondering whether just to cut my losses and buy a different set of earphones. As much I love the sound from my triple fi's, I've come to the conclusion that there aren't any cables out their that are fit for purpose i.e. when I'm paying £25+ for a cable I expect it to last longer than 5 months!
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on 7 July 2013
As far as build quality of this cable goes, it is superior to the flimsy default Ultimate Ears cable so I *want* to give it a very high review. Listening to my iPod at my desk was great, and reminded me why I shelled out so much money on a pair of Ultimate Ears all those years ago.

Unfortunately, as soon as I began walking down the street the audio started cutting out and the volume became intermittent. After examining the cable more closely I realised this was because the top-heavy headphone jack - coupled with the fact this was a vertical connection (as opposed to the right-angled connection of the default cable) - meant the jack was constantly 'wobbling'. I did a quick check with all my other headphones and confirmed that headphone jacks should never wobble (even if you attempt to move them while they're connected; much less if it does so of its own accord).

I can't speak for all connections, but for my 160GB iPod Classic this cable does not do the job unless I am stationary. Even having it in my pocket while I'm on the bus is somewhat temperamental.

Verdict: Don't buy if you intend to do anything more than sitting motionless in a chair when listening to music.
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on 15 November 2012
Without a doubt, I prefer this cable to the stock one. I currently own triple-fi 10s, and previously owned pro 5s. Some reviewers claim these are stiff, but that simply isn't true. They are much thicker and heavier than the stock cable, but they are much softer, and more flexible. If you own the original one, you'll know that you can have it for years, and the original packing kinks never fully come out of the cable.These drape nicely over the ear, and the weight of the cable eliminates the need for the stiff wire around the ear. It feels solid and well made. My original cable was on the fritz a little, so I was most likely experiencing some signal degradation, but with the replacement cable they definitely sound as good as new. Well recommended. If you are buying ultimate ears for the first time, and have a bit more spare cash, then you wouldn't go amiss buying this cable along with them, as it really is more comfortable imo. The only reason I give a four star rating, instead of five, is because I haven't had them long enough to fully test the durability, though I expect they will be worthy of a five.
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on 7 January 2013
I bought this cable because I found that the stock cable became tangled too easily. This cable seems less prone to tangling.

However that is about the only good thing that can be said for it. The sound quality is terrible - and I say that as a normal person (not "audiophile") who appreciates the sound quality of the Triple Fi headphones and was shocked by how badly this cable made them sound. I'm not even sure I believed that the cable could influence sound quality, but based on this it can.

Secondly, the connector sticks out a long way and makes disturbing crackling sounds with even the slightest touch.

I would recommend people avoid this product and stick with the stock cable, despite the tangling.
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on 14 July 2013
I bought this as it was the only one available in a hurry when my stock cable ( a replacement for the original) died after a years use...

Fist of all, it does sound different to the original - transients are shaper and imaging is better so original impressions were positive. They do need burning in BTW

Sitting in a chair, using them to listen to music from a good source is fine - and if that is what you want then by all means buy these as an upgrade to the original

BUT - the cable is thicker, weighs more and the jack, instead of being L shaped is a standard straight one can be an issue with some mobile players.

The big issue IMHO though is that the `phone connectors, when walking about, have to support the full weight of the cable and they are simply not up to the job.

One of mine failed after around six weeks and I have returned them.

Maybe if you added extra strengthening to them then they would last - but this is a design fault - they are simply not able to be used in a mobile situation.

If they fix the design, then I would consider trying them again - but until then its back to a stock cable.
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on 17 October 2015
Not happy with this cable.. Lost connection in left module due to damaged wire...resoldered and used some shrink tubing for repair... Now issues with 3.5 mm plug...it's better than the original which easily failed at earpiece ... But would expect better assembly or quality cable strain protection
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on 31 October 2012
I bought these when my second replacement cable from Ultimate Ears went. Only an additional £5 for an 'upgrade' compared to getting them from Logitech now.

* These are much thicker, and a little longer.
* The connectors into the phones feel a lot less flimsy.
* The cable has a nice soft rubberised texture.
* The other cables look like a kids toy next to these, they look really well made.
* These things are near tangle-proof.

* I miss the mold-able ear loops. Maybe this didn't help the short life of the original cables though?
* They're heavier. There's a little bit of pressure on the top of the ear. This means they aren't going to be all that suitable for running, for example. For walking around or sitting on a train they're absolutely fine.

They're already worth the extra fiver over the stock replacements (presuming they last somewhere near as long). Maybe £25 is too much for you to upgrade a set of headphones that are working perfectly well?
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