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on 9 February 2015
Really nervous when I purchased this item. It was to be couriered from Berlin. Bought on Wednesday, arrived two on the Friday. Well wrapped and protected. Took care to open it and read the literature supplied. One of the first things I saw and read were the words, we warranty this product for 7 days for any hardware failure for repair and replacement. That was reassuring, of course that was on top of the usual 1 year warranty. Provided with all drivers discs and the Windows 8.1 disk. (I haven't had a windows disc since Windows 98!) Plugged it in, switched it on, purred like a kitten. There was a minor problem with Windows updates. For some reason the updates caused the PC to crash. I checked Sedatech web site and saw they weren't open until Monday, This was Saturday. So I decided to remain calm and call them on Monday. I did decide to send an e mail to forewarn them that I would be calling. As it was I had an e mail back from them within a couple of hours, Fantastic, with some advice and link to a You tube video relating to my product and formatting the SSD and reinstalling Windows. As it was I had managed to get into Safe Mode so did a reinstall of Windows and reinstalled all the other drivers from the supplied discs. Perfect, all working again. Have now been using it all weekend and I love it. I am not a gamer, I am a wedding photographer and need a unit that can handle heavy image processing. Typically I can be working on galleries of thousands of images and other PC's have really struggled. This works perfectly and is providing the performance I was seeking. Everything is instant and loading huge galleries is a breeze. So only a few days in with a small glitch, which was software related, with good support when the supplier was actually listed as closed and I am extremely happy. The unit is beautiful and is eating up everything I am asking it to do. Only a few days in but so far I would certainly recommend the product and support.
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on 22 May 2015
Excellent product! I’ve had it for 10 days and it’s exactly as described. Every component is very high quality. The specifications are exactly what I need from a computer that can easily handle movies and games on “ultra-high” settings for years to come.

I previously knew little about processors, RAM, graphics cards, SSD v HDD, Full HD etc. But research on each item clearly highlighted this product is very, very high quality. Certainly way better than what companies on the high street tried to sell me as “top of the line”.

All the software came pre-installed and ready to use when you first switch it on. With the Windows and system software installed on the SSD the start-up time is very fast. I can press the power button and have Windows loaded, then power down again twice in 1 minute.

The larger HDD drive then provides huge storage for games, movies or other chunky items.

Sedatech allowed me to customise the product with an internal wireless internet card and a combined DVD/Blu-Ray player (in place of the regular DVD player) for an additional £60.

They provided very quick and helpful service when I had a few questions before and after delivery. The item was delivered from Germany by UPS 6 working days after my order. If only everyone was so reliable!

All in all this product is a significant step up from my previous machine. And worth every penny.

I'd not previously bought from Sedatech but they were selling pretty much exactly what I wanted and let me customize the rest. I looked around and this was easily the best for my budget. And I’ve ended up more satisfied than I’d even optimistically hoped for.
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on 10 June 2015
Amazing fast delivery - I ordered on a Saturday lunchtime and it was with me less than 24 hours later (Prime).
I've had the PC a couple of weeks now, and I'm very pleased with it.
It starts up very fast, it's silent and the graphics are great, I added a wireless internet card and had no problems with the installation.
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on 31 August 2012
This machine does all i ask of it,with different applications running & not a sign of being under strain due to loading.With ATHLON at the heart you can`t go wrong.Another great product from Amazon.
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on 13 April 2015
good but not ultra-quiet, you have to tweek the fan speeds in bios to help a bit ....
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on 7 January 2015
Be very careful if you order a machine from this company. Firstly, they are located in Berlin, Germany, which isn't apparent on first glance, but became important in my dealings with them.
I ordered and received my machine as scheduled. It was the first time I had had a machine with windows 8 on it and I was expecting to have a bit of a learning curve with it. I got more than I bargained for having set the machine up and fired it up to discover they had installed a French version of windows 8 on it, a language I do not speak.

I contacted them, and to be fair they replied in perfect English that it was an error, although on our first exchange I don't think they believed me. My choice was to return the machine (I had ordered this because my previous one had died) and be without a machine for a further extended period over Christmas and the New Year, or change the language. I decided to try to change the language, bearing in mind that on a French keyboard the letters are in different places and I had never done this before in English, never mind a language I don't understand.

To cut a very long story short, it was a nightmare, and ended up with me twice re-installing the whole operating system taking with it all the motherboard chipset software and presets that are factory installed. The first re-install gave nothing but errors because I installed all of the software on the disc for fitted components some of which was shareware and beta!
The second although better was not right but usable. Further communication gave me my option.....send it back for a 'proper' re-install ( no offence intended I'm sure) and be without a machine which I need, for however long it took, or lump it. I ended up paying someone local to me to sort it out which they did.

This was an avoidable pain for me, and an ideal solution would have been for the company to send me what I ordered and then I could have sent them back their mistake, but no such offer was made. I had neither the time nor the inclination to spend more hours exchanging emails trying things trying to sort out their/my mess.

The machine itself? Does what it says on the tin, but would I buy from here again? No.
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on 27 March 2016
Amazing specs for the price. Runs very smoothly and quickly. Photoshop, Minecraft, videos and general work all run alongside each other with no lag. Boots up extremely quickly.

I actually got 2 of these since they were so good!

Only drawback is:

- if you purchase the non-OS version, make sure you install Windows on the SSD along with the recovery partition (disconnect the main HDD first)

- I store all my work on the main hard drive. And initially when loading a file (after the HDD hasn't been used for a while), it takes a few seconds to load.

Other than that, works amazingly!

I run 2 x 1080p displays with MANY things running in the background, and it's awesome. Highly recommended.
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on 8 February 2015
Plays all the games I play very well on high specs.

Popular Games:
CSGO Ultra 130FPS
Minecraft Ultra 130-400FPS
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on 16 January 2016
Had to return it, But purchased a similar model.
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on 31 January 2013
I have been looking online for a while for a pc that would play all modern games with high resolution, graphics, AA with a great performance. For under a grand pre-built pc it is excellent. I had a choice between Sedatech's AMD FX-8120 8x3.1Ghz with a Geforce GTX670 2048Mb or Intel i7-3770 4x3.4Ghzm with Geforce GTX660 2048Mb. The only difference otherwise between the two is that the AMD core pc is twenty pounds more (presuming it was the price between graphics cards).
I brought the Intel in the end knowing the performance of the four core majorly outclass AMD's eight core. Also knowing too any time I can upgrade my graphics card without too many problems.
If you are looking to put Crossfire or SLI in the future this may be not the computer for you because the motherboard only has one PCI Express slot.
I have had no problems running DirectX9 & 10 games with very high textures and AA and all Benchmarks coming back +++.
My only downfall for this product is the HDD being a 7500rpm Hitachi which I would have been happier if they would have put in a SSD as standard but they charged extra for that option. I give this product a five star :D

Note: Be careful when installing the motherboard drivers and check what you are installing there are some freeware on the cd that is a *** to uninstall once put on there.
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