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on 27 September 2012
First off, we don't live in a massive house. But it annoyed me that I couldn't get the same strength wireless signal upstairs as I could downstairs. I considered various solutions and plumped for this one - the cheapest! I'd read through most of the reviews here - mainly good, but some not so good. For £30 it was worth a punt - especially as our ADSL modem is also a TP Link (the TD-W8960N - very good too), which I guessed would increase our chances of compatibility between the two units.

Set-up was as simple as it could possibly be - put the range extender next to the modem - press the QSS button on the modem and the range extender button on the other and within seconds they were friends! Joy!

I then took the range extender up to the landing (where the signal is still good) and looked around for a suitable place to put it, also within reach of an electrical plug socket. Hmm - I hadn't really thought this one through - we have a smallish landing and there was nowhere appropriate. My other half suggested fixing it to the wall - a suggestion which I'm ashamed to admit I initially dismissed as ludicrous. Until, that is, I turned the range extender over and found two moulded screw inserts on the underside of the plastic case - obviously intended exactly for that purpose! Doh! So I fixed it flat to the wall just above the only plug socket on the landing - and in case you're wondering, the antennae rotate appropriately so that they are also flat to the wall and don't protrude.

I plugged it in and within seconds its lights were indicating that it was receiving the wifi signal from downstairs - I was a happy boy! Until, that is, I took my mobile into the bedroom and looked at the signal strength - still only one bar! Disappointing! I then remembered reading in one of the other reviews of a free Android app called Wifi Analyzer, which I downloaded and fired up. As expected it showed 2 identically named signals, but one was much stronger than the other. I concluded that one was coming from the modem downstairs and the other from the range extender upstairs. My phone was apparently using the weaker signal from downstairs. So I turned the wifi connection on my phone off and then reconnected. Voila - full signal strength! It was obviously now using the range extender's wifi signal.

So, to sum up, if it works with your existing modem and you position it to receive a reasonably strong signal, it should do a very good job. But be aware that where the signals overlap you may need to disconnect and reconnect your mobile/PC/tablet to grab the stronger signal.

I'm a very happy boy!
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on 22 March 2013
My house is a three storey detached.The broadband router is on the bottom floor so you don't need to guess the signal drops out frequently so I needed something to boost this.Well I found it in this little box of tricks.
It was easy enough to set up(Providing you have WPA facility on your router)if not then you need to use the cd provided to set up the extender.To be honest I didn't have to use the cd so I can't say how easy or difficult the setup would be in that instance I'm no computer geek but I would have the confidence to use the cd if it was required.
The strength of my broadband now is great and I connect easily with all the devices that are internet capable in any room in my house,so the computer on the lower floor, the television on the 2nd floor and I've even taken my tablet into the loft to test the strength of the broadband and yep to my delight connected no problem.
All in all I am very happy with this range extender and would recommend to anyone having weak broadband coverage
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on 17 January 2013
Had problems with wireless connections for my boys XBOX's after we had an extension built. Our router was in one corner, and they now lived in the opposite corner of the house. Very poor wireless, but this little beauty worked a treat.
I was undecided whether to connect by hardwire by using it as a 2nd booster for the current route, but instead I decided to simply pair them up and use it as a booster.
Took 2mins to pair up with my router, and then I placed it high on a cupboard in the room under the bedroom, and bam, wireless signal is now 100%. It's also helped the wireless connectivity in the lower part of the extension and into the garden, although it's a bit chilly out there at the moment!
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on 15 February 2012
As I have a BT Homehub I quickly found out that you need to set this up using the network cable - that way you can select your home network and not BTFon! Used the reset button, connected the cable and ran the CD - took a couple of minutes. Moved the extender to it's new position and it was working as promised. Very happy.
Update: I'm now using a wired connection from my desktop computer to the extender - more reliable and does away with the wireless receiver on the desktop.
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on 20 November 2013
I have to admit that as a booster used in conjunction with most main stream routers it is faultless, but with my Sky fibre optic router it can randomly disconnect and drop signal however I believe this is to do with Sky deliberately creating incompatibility problems with other peoples products. But I can live with this.
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on 6 March 2012
My brother was having problems with his internet access upstairs; due to the location of the phone socket it was difficult to find a good location for the ADSL Modem. The ariel could not be removed, therefore I had a choice, purchase a new Modem with detachable ariel) and a new Ariel, or try a Range Extender. In the end I went for the latter.

The product arrived when expected so I arranged to install one evening.

The Easy Setup Installation was simple and within minutes I had connected the Range Extender to the Modem.

I then moved the extender to what was the best location, switched it back on and checked the signal strength on a laptop. The result was excellant, full strength signal, now able to watch You Tube Videos without constant pausing to reaload.

Really pleased with my purchase, his kids are happy now
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on 12 February 2012
I bought this wireless extender because our iphones could not get signal even though the laptops are saying excellent signal.
Tried connecting by step 1 pressing the buttons no joy, tried using the cd but still could not connect, my laptop operating system is windows 7 and so are all the others then I remembered my netbook is XP problem no cd rom, so I copied the cd to memory stick loaded it on the net book and tried again this time set up no problem.

Now anywhere in the house we get full or 2 bar signal on the iphone and ipads excellant product would recomend it just remember you cannot set it up using windows 7
TP Link TL-WA830RE 300Mbps Wireless N Range Extender
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on 16 May 2017
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on 2 March 2015
did not work for me. walls too thick ?
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on 3 August 2013
Used this to extend the network of my VM Superhub. Works great and the signal goes a lot further than the Superhub too. Setup was painless as well.
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