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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 October 2012
But the movie is great. The effects - both visual and special - were amazing. Plain and simple. The scenery is fantastic and very well incorporated into the movie. Theron makes a convincing Queen, worthy of our fear. Hemsworth makes a believable drunken huntsman, lost in his own grief and Stewart delivers one of the best portrayals of one of the most recognisable fairytale characters. I was - along with a lot of other people, I'm sure - surprised and almost "shocked" at the uncharacteristic casting choices but after viewing the finished product I understood and agreed.
Some people write these reviews based solely on trying to tarnish the acting of an actor or actress. It's both rude and tacky.
The truth is, the movie is good. It's not Oscar worthy but I don't think I've ever read anything about it being in the running for a statuette. It's not as ground breaking as some apparently thought it would be, but it is fun and entertaining and I will gladly place it into my collection.
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on 20 July 2012
Snow White and The Huntsman had the potential to be a fantasy masterpiece; there was a star-studded cast, the action scenes were gripping and the visual effects were simply fantastic. While many of the vital ingredients were there it felt like something was missing. We see the beautiful but twisted Queen (Theron) obsessed with vanity and power as she seeks to destroy the innocent Snow White (Stewart) with the help of the Huntsman (Hemsworth) and rule her kingdom. However the storyline felt disjointed and slightly comedic (albeit unintentionally at times) when the dwarves and magical creatures arrived. Scenes such as the Dark Forest were atmospheric but consequently ruined by awkward acting when the tension should be palpable. Perhaps my expectations were too high from the action-packed trailer but Snow White didn't hit the mark for me. Many of the shots were aesthetically beautiful, such as the Queen rising naked dripping in liquid, but these images rarely added substance to the plot despite being memorable. Unfortunately I felt that the lead roles fell a little flat and lacked the necessary chemistry for this wonderful story. Yes, this film injects some new ideas and good effects into this classic fairytale but it definitely had the potential to be something more.
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on 5 November 2012
Throw out your ideas of disney. Come to this with a blank mind.
Brilliant special effects. Kirsten is excellent in the part. This was a role not
Intended for someone who pouts beautifully on camera. It's dirty and gritty
As the character was intended to be someone who had spent about 8 years
In solitary confinement - you would no expect the character to be bubbly and
Gushing. I would say throw away the story book, and see this with fresh eyes.
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This 2012 fantasy has been given a new spin on the traditional fairy tale "Snow White" compiled by the Brothers Grimm. In this version the evil witch Ravenna [Charlize Theron] tricks the King into marriage and immediately murders him imprisoning Snow White in a tower. Years later, Snow White [Kristen Stewart] escapes into the `Dark Forest, pursued by Eric, the Huntsman [Chris Hemsworth] as she sets about to regain her fathers kingdom.
All the usual suspects are included in the mix, the mirror, the dwarves, poisoned apple, fairies, love, unrequited love, friendship and betrayal but not how you'd expect it. The special effects are phenomenal, especially the `Forest' which is really intimidating and Ravenna is sinisterly played to perfection.
Traditionalists may frown but youngsters and adults alike will soon be sucked in by the eerie atmosphere and desperate plight of Snow White. There are some humorous lines, impressive battles, monsters and cute bunny rabbits, but will the Evil Queen be stopped? The 12 rating is appropriate [so take care with younger viewers] for whilst it's a `family' movie, the atmosphere is dark -very dark, and so well done it could upset the more sensitive viewer. A definite ***** despite a few easily overlooked shoddy lines and some script errors.
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on 14 January 2013
This is a very well acted movie which keeps you gripped all the way through,I do not usually believe critics as I find their comments don't always live upto their expectations but this film is well worth a watch.
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on 26 April 2016
Great movie very dark in places just how I like it a modern take on a classic tale, Ray Winstone as one of the dwarfs priceless, certainly worth a watch though maybe not for the younger ones so pack them off to bed get comfy and enjoy this story.
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on 14 October 2012
A lot of hate for this film in the lower end of the stars spectrum seems to be based entirely on the fact Kristen Stewart is in the film. And as it is super important that nobody is seen to like anything even closely linked to twilight.

I dislike twilight as much as the next adult who doesn't really get the appeal of a hundred+ year old vampire seducing a teenage school girl! But I think it is important to realise that this is not Kristen Stewarts fault and shouldn't be the sole point on which all her future work is judged.
(note, this is not to dismiss every review down in the 1 and 2 stars, some have some really valid points- just the ones that clearly went into the film decided that she is Bella and thus must be slammed)

So the film, I really enjoyed it. The acting is solid for the most, although not sure why Chris Hemworth went with the Scottish accent? He does a fairly good job with it, but it does slip every now and then.
Kristen Stewart is a good snow white, she has a great look for that pure and innocent feel the film needed. She also did a pretty good job with her accent and saved what could have been a fairly forgettable part with a great delivery of a rousing speech towards the back end of the movie.
The stand out performances for me were Charlize Theron and Sam Spruell, who put in excellent turns as the Wicked Queen and her brother.

I do think it was a little long and drawn out in places, with appearances by characters from the tale that felt shoehorned in. But A very enjoyable film, and one that maybe is taking a little more flack than it deserves in my opinion.
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on 20 August 2012
This is a stuning new version of the old "Snow White" tale. The new story has far greater dramatical impacted, no longer being a children's tale. The visual effects and overall setting is stunning and the action is well written. Charlize Theron, as the queen, is at the same time scary and an object of pity: she is seen to have become what she is because of what was done to her. She is paranoid and manipulative. And the dwarfs are amazing: a bunch of drunkards on the run, bent on nothing but revenge.

The big nono of the movie is Kristen Stewart. Snow White is supposed to be more beautifull (or at least as beautifull as) the queen; whoever thought of Kristen Stewart for this role, face-to-face with Charlize Theron, must have been smoking some really funky stuff. But we could live with that, no worries. The problem is that, imho, Kristen Stewart has NO acting talent. None. Everywhere in the movie, she comes out as wodden. She's supposed to have "inner beauty" to counter the Queen's evil, but displaying such beauty requires proper acting, and she simply doesn't pull it off. The worst moment, for me, was her speech to her troops, before the final battle. What I saw was a whiny brat, screaming "gimme my kingdom back!!!"

Compare her acting with Jennifer Lawrence, in "Hunger games" (to compare young actresses): no chance.
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on 8 October 2012
Firstly, this movie aims to sweep away the Disney tinsel and tell the grittier, harder story that the tale of Snow White once was. It does this with style, action and the injection of subtle romance and occasional well timed humor.

As a rough guide, if you liked the Princess Bride, the Narnia or LOTR films you will enjoy this one.

Charlize Theron makes a 'good' baddie and in fact Sam Spruel does a fine job of playing her equally troubled and wicked sibling. The dwarves are all well played, by a first rate collection of reliable English character actors and Sam Clafin makes a charming and daring prince, who happens to be very handy with a bow and arrow.

In other reviews some criticism has been laid at the feet of the performances by Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart, with references to 'stoical' as if this term denotes a weakness in their characters. In truth both characters are in many ways as touched by darkness as the characters of the wicked Ravenna and her devious brother Finn. That they have come through their brush with darkness with their integrity either still in tact, as in the case of Snow White, or renewed, as in the case of the Huntsman are elements of their characters which both actors put across well.

In their portrayals of the Huntsman and the Princess there is no downward spiral into the screaming, rages of Ravenna or the smirking, cruelty of her brother. Instead Hemsworth and Stewart portray their characters in a way that does justice to their basic heroism, yet they are not shiny 'perfect creatures' but real people with real feelings who just happen to live in a world of sorcery, fairies and trolls.

They portray the suffering souls of the Huntsman and Princess in such a way that one sees the affinity they share under the surface. Snow White senses that a deep sorrow drives the Huntsman's need to drink and he begins to appreciate that a young girl can have similar feelings of sorrow, loss and disappointment.

Basically, its an excellent movie within its own niche area, with outstanding special effects and good acting all round.
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The film exceeded expectations when released in the U.S. becoming a huge
box-office success.
Have to say, no surprise to me.
It is a visually stunning production.
'Same Story'.....yet, with a different spin for the 'Grimm's' fairy-tale.
Other than the 'Snow White' story starring 'Sigourney Weaver' this is perhaps
the darkest version yet.
Of course with 'Twilight' star 'Kirsten Stewart' in the lead role the film was
always going to attract a large audience.
Quite simply and enjoyable watch......awesome entertainment.
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