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on 21 December 2015
Not as powerful as I had hoped. I get just as much steam from a vax upright for less than half the price. The accessories are good though and it looks well made. I doubt the product ever retailed for the £200 price tag which was muted. Knowing what I know now I would say getting it for sub £100 would be good value. Anything more you really should be getting more power.
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on 10 June 2017
For general grease and grime on splash backs it is fine, but it would not remove baked on marks inside an oven and it would not remove marks from bathroom sealant and tile grout.
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on 13 March 2017
I'm devasted. It's only a month old and it's not working. I can't get hold of people who sold it to me. Please help !!!! I can't believe it's broken already
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on 6 October 2017
Good one
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Before I go on to review this steamer lets make sure people understand a couple of things.

Wet - It leaves things wet, I does not suck up access water and as steam is water things naturally will be wet. This means cleaning mirrors or glass will require you to dry them afterwards.

Smears - Read the manual, it clearly states if you have used detergents on the floor previously there will be a residue which in turn makes smears and this cleaner will start to remove it. It may take two or three cleans before the smears go but they will go eventually. Whatever you do don't give up and go back to a mob and detergent because you will have to start all over again with the steamer, just stick with it.

Now that's out of the way I bought mine from Germany as others have suggested, cheaper than the UK by a lot and a little cheaper than France. The delivery was very quick. I really wish somebody would officially tell us why the prices are so different?

Reading reviews both on the UK, French and German Amazon sites the two things that came over the most as not being so good are the cloths for the floor cleaner and the length of cable. The length of cable is easy to sort out in the UK. If you buy it from Germany it will have a European plug and rather than change it take the machine to a dealer who also fixes them and ask him to change the lead with a longer one and with one that has a UK plug on the end. Shouldn't cost you much and certainly won't eat much in to the savings you made buying from Germany.

The second thing is these cloths, people have said to get Terry Towels and attach them but I have found that the best thing is "Sports Towels" of the micro fibre type. Have a look on Amazon for these, they are not expensive. You need to be able to cut them in to 35cm wide strips to fit the floor cleaning head. They work really well and you can just throw them in with the normal laundry. Having said that about the towels the one that came with the steamer easily does 130m2 without needing to be replaced during cleaning and I have two dogs with big, often muddy, feet.

Using the Steamer - Most people will use this for cleaning floors and it is important to remember that this is not a vacuum cleaner therefore you need to properly vacuum the floors before you use it. This is where you find out what a pain the short cable is. The first thing to decide is which power setting to use and I recommend for normal use the middle of the three unless you hit upon a stubborn stain. This will also decrease the drying time. Unlike using a vacuum cleaner you actually work backwards because to work the same way as a vacuum cleaner will mean you step on the wet floor. Personally I find it easier to hold the cleaner and kick the cable back as I go. Move the cleaner over the floor just like when you vacuum normally but slower but not the speed of a snail. Trial and error is the key and after a short period you will have mastered it.

One comment on the German Amazon site and I am surprised nobody else has mentioned it is the angle of the floor attachment to the body. To keep the attachment level on the floor does require an average sized person to hold the handle right down so it is level with your hip. If your six Foot or more tall you may have a problem and you do really have to keep it level to the floor to get it to clean properly.

Would I recommend this steamer to a friend, absolutely. If you follow my and others advice here you will be very pleased like me.

Sorry this is so long, I hope it helps others who were rather sceptical about buying a floor cleaner.
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on 9 May 2017
I have never owned one of these steamers before and after researching And asking around karcher seamed to be the best and most robust and after reading some of the other reviews I was a bit unsure. But brought this Karcher and have only had it for week and i have used it to clean the windows clean the curtains and the blinds also used for the kitchen floor too.what I found was first you have to Vacum the kitchen Floor first then use this to steamer it gives better results also it does leave the floor a bit wet but that is to be expected also I RECOMMEND YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THEY DO HELP. I don't know why it gets some bad reviews because for even sombody like myself it is brilliant and has done a excellent job so I would definitely RECOMMEND👍
review image
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on 5 October 2015
I am new to using steam cleaners. Had a go at cleaning all the stuff you see on adverts and heres what I say. Best for floors, good results and dried quickly. Nozzle blasted a few stuck on bits also. Did naff all for my carpet basically, you DO need a carpet cleaner. Great for kitchen grease, with a bit of elbow work using hand tool with mini terry cloth I wiped away thick grease on top of extractor fan. Haven't tried on burnt on stains cos don't have any. Used in bathroom, did nothing to limescale or mould but did help clean up tiles. Used hand tool with cloth to scrub round bath and it took ages. I had the scrubber cloth. I was better of with my usual spray and quick scrub. But it did blast yellow wee wee from under toilet lid joins. Also it made light work of cleaning all round door frames from black marks. Tooks a few minutes. Cleaned up mirrors good also. Haven't tried the grout cleaning wire brush yet. Glad I got it as it is for me a grease buster, super floor cleaner and a whizz for some jobs that otherwise would take ages.
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on 1 April 2013
Bought this Product on Amazon DE (germany) and payed only £145 including shipping to the UK (my husband changed the 2 pin to UK plague but you could also use an adapter - voltage is the same as UK!!). This Product is very easy to use and built really well. I have looked at a lot of other steam cleaners most look cheap but were pricey, a lot had bad reviews or didn't last too long, a couple of my friends had complained that theirs had to be returned for repair and they wished they searched longer - me, I am very happy with mine and it has been working great from the day I got it (ca 6 month now) and I have just an hour ago ordered another one from germany for my mother in law (very hard to please sometimes) as she tried mine and loved how easy it was to use. By the way delivery from germany only took 4 days - so that was great too, took no longer that any uk shipped orders.

Look no further - Buy one for yourself, it's well worth it (especially if you can also save £60 for a great machine!!!)
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on 10 September 2013
Bought this for my wife and she loves it.
As previous reviews have said it is steam cleaning which is wet, so dont expect everything to be dry, it does a great job of lifting the dirt which can then be wiped away. We have used it on all sorts including the mat of a treadmill (which was very well used) and it came up like new.
The main reason we wanted a steam clearner though is not for its great cleaning and chemical free, but to clean out our chicken coop. If you know anything about chooks you'll know they'll suffer from Red Mite which are a real pain in the 'you know where' almost impossible to get rid of, and after trying everything over the years we decided steam would be the only thing that could get into every knook and cranny and kill them off (the red mite not the hens)
One good steaming once a week job done

Cleaning everything else is a bonus, one thing to mention is we bought ours from the Karcher Outlet, refurbished by Karcher, comes with all the accessories, 6 months warrenty (you can pay for 12 if you wish), nexr day delivery, total cost £134 incl delvery and the 12 months.
Only thing is you have to be quick when they have them in as they are limited and sell out very quickly
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on 27 March 2013
This steamer is really great and I will use it regularly. It is light enough to use in the same way you would use a cylinder vacuum cleaner. It has a short lead so if you have large rooms an extension lead would be advised.

It cleans hard floors swiftly and easily with no mess, quick dry time and no getting rid of dirty water so can be done after every hoover in only a few minutes.
I loved the results in my hallway, my tiles are now sparkling as is my white upvc in the porch and conservatory. It removes lighter black scrape marks immediately but time will tell with deeper more stubborn marks. I have cleaned all my work surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom. All gloss doors have come up great, it gets into small crevices using the brush attachment though I think more will need to be ordered as I will use it a lot. it brings up my fridgefreezer, washing machine and dishwasher to a smear free shine. It cleans windows but you need to squeedgee or microcloth dry. I now want the Karcher window cleaner for this job as it dries glass too. I have used extra towels cut up and elastic bands as other reviewers have already mentioned. Easy to do but think a bit mean only supplying one lot considering how much they cost.
It won't initially bring off ingrained baked on grease but I noticed that after using more than a couple of times it does gradually disappear. I think it is a case of keeping on top of everything and it certainly does a fantastic job of cleaning fresher grease so any new pots and pans, grills etc will remain sparkling and fresh if the Karcher is used regularly.
Do be careful near paint and sealant as it will come away as I found out around my bath ans some skirting boards.
I love the fact that I can continually feed cold water into this cleaner and it produces hot water immediately. Having two tanks enables this and it also makes a warning sound when the caddy is empty, it gets rather impatient in fact so you can't fail to miss it ha ha! Oh and be careful doing your stairs as water can drip our of the top if on an angle. I now go half way up the stairs then take to the landing and go half way down like the grand old Duke to avoid this from occurring.
Anyway all in all I would say go buy but be aware that you may need patience for some of your more stubborn stains. I love it and it will now be a part of my cleaning routine. We've just purchased the outdoor wet and dry DIY vac as we have been impressed with firstly the power washer and now the steamer.Cuts overall cleaning down by half, something you have just got to love.
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