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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 13 March 2012
I am very happy with this product, which is much better than the types with a clip and flexible arm that needs to be positioned to best effect. The light spreads quite evenly over the screen and I may only need the brightest setting for reading some large physical books sometimes.

I have discovered, as a plus, that it is also very handy for clipping to the top of my laptop screen, to light up the keyboard, without affecting the screen. It does cover up the webcam lens and mic holes, but as I don't use the webcam that much, this is not a problem. Although, if I needed the webcam I could shift it over slightly, without too much difference to the lighting.

It would have been helpful if the size had been shown in the description, as it looks larger in the pictures and so I was a bit concerned about this, but I need not have worried as the Kandle II is very light and quite compact and small. The size btw, is 8 x 5 x 1 cm body only, and 2.5 cm thick, including the clip, when not in use. I use my Kindle in a Marware Eco-Flip for Kindle Cover, Black and unlike some other clip type lights, as mentioned above, it fits over the top of the case perfectly. I like the smooth rubberised surface as well.

Although the colour does not match my Kindle, it does match the grey inners of the cover very well.

The bag for the Kandle II has a velvetlike outside and a silklike inside, with pull strings to keep it closed and is very good, although it would be handy if there was some way that one could attach it to the case to keep them together when closed. I may try some stick-on velcro for this - perhaps one square from a Pack of 24 pairs of VELCRO Brand Black 25mm Stick On Squares (60236) would do the job.
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on 13 January 2012
After receiving the new kindle for xmas, I did what I usually do and researched for the best accessories. A reading light being a number one priority. I looked at a few and decided I didn't want one that had a flexible arm thingy (because of glare), but one that would sit across the top giving an even level of light and I wanted it to be lightweight as I mainly read on my back in bed. The Kandle by Ozeri II is everything that I wanted and slightly more. It sits securely on the top of my kindle with a bull clip clasp and a lift up rotating head with three led lights, which evenly light the whole of my kindle page. Its extremely lightweight, so I can still hold my kindle one handed too. I love it.

There are two brightness settings, but i haven't used the brightest as its super, super bright. It's small and tidy looking, and even comes with a little black velvet pouch to keep it in, which is handy for when I travel. The batteries are lasting quite well, which I wasn't expecting, so I had stocked up, although it does come with a spare set in the box. The on/off button is on the top, within easy reach too.

There is only one draw back and that is.... the price. It was definitely expensive, and even though it does do everything I could ask for from a reading light. If I hadn't been gifted with amazon gift cards over christmas, I probably wouldn't have splurged and bought it because £29.99 is way too much. I checked the website and it was approximately less than half the price. Sooooo not fair!

Although the reading light is of excellent quality and does a superb job at everything it does, the price does let it down a bit, which is a shame because everyone would benefit from using the Kandle by Ozeri II.

So if you can spare the cash definitely invest! You won't be disappointed. :)
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on 9 June 2015
I positively swear by all things Kindle; the Kandle II by Ozeri greatly extends that positivity. Not only is it compact and smart, just look at the sophistication it lends to my Kindle Voyager. Typical of a Turkish/German collaboration, this ebook reading lamp doesn't stop at looks and sophistication, it offers all but perfect ebook screen illumination. I more than highly recommend this product for readers who aren't getting any younger and who read 12 to 14 hours per day to earn a living as I do. What intrigues me about this product is my very own perception, meaning that before I purchased it, I obviously didn't know what I was missing. Now, if I don't use it, it's as if I've switched the light off in a room, or forgot to put on my reading glasses. I own three Kindles and would enjoy owning a Kandle II by Ozeri for all three, especially as I use it with hard back books as well. It's adorable and pragmatic. It's lovely!
review image
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on 25 October 2012
This lovely little light arrived promptly and with it's usual little bag to store the light in when not in use.
I already have the mark 1 of this light and a seriously good piece of kit it is but this one has ramped things up considerably.
The first thing I noticed was no little screwdriver in the package....(as there is in the other) and discovered that the reason for this was that the battery cover is now just a 'twist off' type....far easier to access and for anyone with clumsy fingers a real bonus.
I then looked for the on/ off switch on top (as in the other) and it's been moved and has been morphed into a much easier button push compared to the 'slide switch' that is on the first thus removing the fiddly bit of turning it on in the dark. (Plus it could not catch on anything as the other arrangement could)

The ability to change lighting levels by just pushing the 'on' button is a huge step forward in design and useful for varying conditions.

But my favourite bit is that if you close the lighted arm down it turns itself off. Brilliant!!!
I have the tendency to fall asleep while reading so the kindle turns itself off but I have to remember to switch the light off which sometimes wakes me up again as it requires a modicum of care when switching it off but now I can just put the lighted arm down and it's off.
I'm really pleased with the innovations and this new light is great.
The other light is really good and a good price and I shall continue to use it on my other kindle. However this one will be my main light,it's new design makes it so much more streamlined in use.
Great update to the light and if you are considering a buying a light don't hesitate, get this one.

And it does fit on a kindle in a case provided you have an open top arrangement on the case.
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on 2 September 2014
Best light for the Kindle I have tried. It has three led lights so there is no problem with a bright spot in the middle and the rest of the screen under lit. It clips on the thick pseudo-leather case in which my Kindle resides, but will also clip directly to the naked Kindle. It turns off automatically when you close it, and has a solid feel when adjusting the angle of the light bar or the neck that holds the light bar.

You do need to keep a thumb on the clip base when adjusting the light, but that is because the neck is quite robust.

There are two light settings, I have found the lowest one to be perfect, but do use the higher setting on occasion as it helps to assist planes in landing or as a torch for finding lost treasure. It also illuminates the tent nicely. Yes, it is that bright, which is no bad thing.

I read for at least an hour a night, minimum, or in places where lighting is not great, and have yet to use up the first battery after a minimum estimate of 80 hours of reading. I have recharged the Kindle three times but not yet replaced the battery. As it comes with two more spare batteries, I look forward to a lot of reading before buying replacement batteries. An extra bonus is the battery cover, a handy one with a fingertip handle, no screwdriver required!

I would buy these lights as gifts for anyone with a Kindle.
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on 4 January 2013
What is it with all book lights?! They're all bright enough to be seen from space. Yeah at least this has two options. You can choose between REALLY BRIGHT! and BRIGHT! I've had to cover it with blue tac to soften the light, which sort of works. But Jesus, stop making them so bright!
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on 25 February 2015
I am glad with the product. Very practical, and compact enough to be put in any place. In its propaganda it is suggested to put Kandle clipped on the top of the device, but I felt more comfortable clipped it on the protective cover. The light was evenly distributed over the screen. Additionally, once the cover is thin the clip stays stable (unlike when you put Kandle clipped in Kindle's structure).
review image
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on 2 November 2015
Arrived today, works great as two brightness options which suits me so no migraines!! Arm flexible so can alter how it shines on kindle. I have basic kindle and this is perfect! Comes with replacement batteries and pouch to carry it in. Recommend this as cheaper than buying paper white kindle and will be useful for doing my nails too!!! Will keep me reading into the night without disturbing my other half!
review image
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on 30 October 2014
I have the original kindle and find it difficult to read at night. i did purchase another clip on light but found it only illuminated a spot on the page which was no good.

I saw this advertised and liked the fact that it had 3 lights so decided to order it. It is quite small, with its own pouch, which is very handy. It clips onto the kindle and the button is on top, if you push it one it gives a nice light and if you push it again the light becomes brighter. I find it provides light over the whole page of my kindle, and I am very pleased with this.

It seems easy to use, does the job and I am extremely happy with it. It also comes with a spare set of batteries, which is handy.
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on 14 October 2014
Kandle for Kindle - gettit?! Anyway, this is version 2 of the device designed to throw light on those unlit Kindle readers. I had a cheaper Mighty Bright for a birthday, but this is better. Version 2 includes 3 white leds rather than the 2 used in the first version of Kandle. It is a carefully designed and a well-presented, well-built device which runs on 2 CR2032 flat cells available very cheaply from Amazon third party sellers when the original included cells and the 2 spares run out. According to the clearly written instructions, that should be in around 50 hours. As you can adjust the brightness between off - on1 and on2 levels, its unclear which setting this battery life corresponds to.

The Kandle clips to the rim of the Kindle reader using a spring clip abut the size of a medium bulldog stationery clip, but with discrete pads to provide adhesion. On my generation 1 (?) Kindle, the one with the physical keyboard at the bottom, the Kandle clings pretty well to the top, or one side of the reader over the forward and back buttons, but its not overly secure, although much better than the Mighty Bright which has a narrower clip.

The light bar adjusts in two places which ensures the light hits the page as you prefer. Inevitably, the closer a section of the page is to the Kandle, the brighter the illumination, but even the bottom of the Kindle page is adequately illuminated using the lower of the 2 brightness settings. Unlike the Mighty Bright which runs on a single, lensed led, I had no issue with glare spots using the Kandle.

If you depress the light bar down to a semi-closed position the light is automatically extinguished. This is useful, but it does mean you'll need to re-position the light bar next time you use it. Alternatively, use the switch to turn off. The unit comes in black, grey or cream with a faux black velvet pouch. If you don't want it to stand out, then the grey is a fair match for the grey plastic surround of the Kindle. As an add-on source of illumination, the Kandle is pretty close to perfect and, the Amazon price was the best I could find: pity free postage was not an option.
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