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on 13 January 2014
This book was good it had a lot of things going on and it was not typical the hero didn't intended to or want rape the heroin . I enjoyed its book but the only thing I found bad was that it was short.
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on 28 December 2011
This isn't your normal, mainstream type of romance, erotic or otherwise, nor is it pretty and sensual erotica. This is erotic fiction for a very specific reader who likes a darker story that takes you to those disturbing places in your mind where emotional discomfort lingers. Told in first-person from Rachel's POV, this novella actually begins with Rachel being raped, but that scene is layered with more than only non-consent, as the reader soon realizes there is more to Rachel's captor and his motivations.

From this first scene on, the story hits the reader with gritty, rough images of rape, forced oral, pain and humiliation. Rachel is abused emotionally and physically by more than one man, and as she tries to hold it all together, all those dark and conflicting emotions, Rachel forms an unexpected bond with the man she begins to see as her savior. And this reader was anxious to see exactly where this journey into pain, guilt and regret would take these two characters.

Regardless of a few typos, the author's voice is clear and strong as she delivers a hard, emotionally disturbing and even brutal read. While most definitely not for everyone, I personally recognize and appreciate what the author did here: putting a rough, non-PC kink out there for me to enjoy. You either like to read kidnapping/capture theme/non-consent in your erotic fiction, or you don't. If you enjoy and search out those themes, as I do, I think you'll enjoy the story. Read this only if you like to be provoked or pushed around by a different type of story.
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on 9 March 2017
This book started off great, however it turned ridiculous very quickly. It went down hill from the moment she invited him into her apartment. The language she uses is crude and distasteful and the way the characters react to each other is completely unrealistic. I feel like a teenage girl wrote the book. It's such a shame because the storyline would have been fantastic.
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on 29 January 2012
Skye explores different forms of rape through her character Rachael, telling as in the first person of her events at the hands of a violent gang. There's nonconsensual non violent rape, in which the victim is angry with herself and her perpetrator for her arousa, that she tries to deny. An unwilling rapist, who has to stay in role as an FBI undercover man, Zachary and the emotional toil he goes through, having to rape in order to protect the girl from the violent alternatives. How Rachel takes control and regains her self worth through her domination and subjugation of the man who non violently raped her is good & Skye does this in a very erotic way. Rachael is then duped and back in the gangs hands. This time it shows extreme violent rape and that oral as well as vaginal (or anal but not this book) are all forms of rape. Oral rape accompanied by the gangs violence to the point of lost consciousness leaves the reader in no doubt how awful it is for victims and how oblivion and death can be wished for. In a novella Skye covers a lot of emotional and psychological issues, in my view well thought out. The plot background as a storyline is a little thin but it's the nonconsensual and the effects on mind and body that is the main point of this story. How it ends only the reader finds out? So I give 4 star for content and a warning to only read if you are prepared for horrors that sadly too many people experience in one form or another in life. I found it uncomfortable reading to say the least. However, the English standard it is not so good. Whoever, edited this is in the wrong job! An editor can make a story better but this weakness lowers the standard of the overall novella down to 3 stars, a shame.
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on 27 July 2012
Please note in order for me to review this book there are a few small spoilers.

I came to read this book because I saw one of my friends at Goodreads had read it and thought it might be a little bit like Captive in the Dark which I loved. This book is written in the first person POV by Rachel and the story starts with Rachel who has been kidnapped by a local gang. In a twisted way to protect her from more violence she is raped by Zachary who is one of the members.

Now this is a pretty grim book it has graphic violence and rape in it so I was concerned about how I would feel reading it but I didn't feel as bad as I thought I would. Even though the start seemed promising my problem with the book was because I found the plot to be ridiculous and I really disliked the characters. I had no feelings what so ever for Rachel. I don't know if this is because it is a short book so we don't get to know her or if it is because I just didn't like her. Rachel doesn't refer to Zachary as raping her, she instead refers to it as he f**ked her. After the rape happens she meets back up with Zachary and they have a night of consensual sex in which she immediately falls in love with him. I mean really come on. I found the rest of the story to be one big rape scene. Poor Rachel just seems to keep getting randomly raped and she refers to herself as a whore with a dirty c**t.

Please be warned that this book may not be for you. I cannot stress enough the graphic violence and rape in it and so if you think you will be offended and upset do not read this book. This book had potential to be a really great read if only the characters had been explored in some depth. I didn't like the book and not for the reasons that some people may and I am going to give Keep Me Safe 2 stars.
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on 26 November 2013
Eyed up the mixed reviews and decided to give it go.
Rachael a Miss nobody gets kidnapped by a gang who happen to be at war with another gang. Why they kidnapped her is a mystery considering they were more interested in blowing up schools and usually gangs tend to have their own whores who are willing to oblige anyway.
Plenty of violence with rape. I came to the conclusion this was wrote just to shock the average 50 shades of grey reader.
Rachel does get a hero in this. Zachary is working undercover with one of the gangs and to be honest the oath of to serve and protect was totally in the wind. He rapes her first then manages to let her get kidnapped and raped again. Well done officer.
No depth or build up the characters or story.
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on 1 June 2015
Great story, great characters, and great writing. Skye Warren is an excellent author, who really knows her craft, and delivers every time. I have now read several of her books, and will keep going back for more. I love the way she writes her erotic stories; they are lush, deliciously sexy, lyrical and profound. Her characters are always well defined and very real; she easily switches between writing male and female 'voices'; very believable, I think that Zachary is a guy without any reservations. Many other authors seem to struggle with this when writing for male characters, but not SW. The premise for this story is a really interesting one; wrong time, wrong place, wrong girl. Rachel gets caught up in an FBI sting, and Zachary is the hero that saves her; well 'saves her' is one way of putting it. LOL

The sex scenes are great: raw, gritty and sweaty, just like I like them. The author holds little back. They are never, the overriding part of this narrative; underpinning all the blood, guts and sex you will find here (you have been warned lol), is a great little plot.

The reasons for losing a * were because I would have like to see Zachery a little 'harder'; he did come across a little 'wet' at times but I understand what SW was trying to achieve. It did not spoil my enjoyment of the book, as overall I loved this character. Secondly, it needed more of an explanation re: how Rachel came to be in the position she found herself in at the beginning; it was barely mentioned. It sounded intriguing so as nothing was explained, it felt that it left the reader hanging somewhat, and a missed opportunity to add depth to the story.

Still, I love this author, and this book.
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on 21 September 2014
Page turner...

After reading "Keep Me Safe" I realized that K. A. Linde has a talent to
capture her reader in a dark romance. The story certainly shows the rough side of gangs, criminals, kidnapping and abuse. It is not for someone that is looking for hearts and flowers.
The way K. A. Linde twists, turns and tortures her characters reminds me of Pepper Winters.

4.5 stars
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on 28 December 2015
Wow, this is a really dark start to a series that looks like it gets even darker.

Whilst this is a prequel novella - it's a good if a little disturbing read. Through all the raw brutal violence is a love story albeit one a little twisted.
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on 7 November 2014
I wasn't quite sure at first about this book it is a very dark and disturbing read but I got to say I did think it was a good read looking forward to reading the next book!
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