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Brainwavz made really good headphones that deliver really good sound.
Their range is extensive and come in all price ranges and styles.
The hardest part is matching your needs to the headphones.
Over the past year I have been fortunate to receive various headphones from Brainwavz to test and review.
These the Brainwavz M3 Hi-fi In-ear Earphones are the latest.

I have looked at and review the M1s and the M5s and, as you may guess from the numbers these are midway between those two in price and performance.
Brainwavz M1 In-Ear Headphones
Brainwavz M5 In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones - Black

All Brainwavz products are very good and very competitively priced out performing many head sets at double the price.

These M3s are a great addition to the range.

Now as I have said I was provided with mine to test from the company.
My review won't be as polished as others but more tailored towards what I would want to know if I were buying these earpieces.
Here goes.

The Sound.
The first thing to go for is the sound.
These are wonderful.
I put mine through the usual paces.

I have a set list of music that I like to use to compare and contrast.
Firstly music.
Dweezil Zappa. This is an excellent test because the music is big band, brass and guitar and bass.
Brilliant. The sound was delivered perfectly.
next Talking Books. (Audio Books)

Again I tried Big Finish's Doctor Who - Voyage to the New World.
This is one of my favourite in the series and provides a good test.
Talking books are much quieter than music and I wanted to test how the earphones cut out outside sound.
Again they passed with flying colours. I shouldn't admit this but they seemed as good as the more expensive M5s.
Again the dialogue was crisp and precise with the background noises and effects sublime.
Just like with other headsets I was in Roanoke with Jago and Litefoot!

Lighter 'rock in the form of Jethro Tull 'Heavy Horses' , of John Mellencamp's Mr Happy Go Lucky' and
Steve Miller's 'Journey recall the beginning' and finally the B52s 'Bouncing off the Satellites' really put the earpieces through their paces.

Again all were really good.

As to the actual 'specs' of the earpieces I don't need to include this here as you can read them for yourself in the intro on Amazon

As I've said before now all you need to know is that they sound superb.
and they really do.

Next up is comfort.
I always focus on this because it is so important.
If you use these for any length of time they need to fit and be comfortable.
This is where the Brainwavz team always really score because they include 6 sets of silicone ear tips in Small, Medium and Large and a pair of
Comply (tm) foam tips S series.

The silicone are easy to explain you select the size that matches your ears.
BUT the set I always use are the Comply ones for the simple reason they are always the most comfortable- indeed they really spoil you for other headsets..
They are brilliant.
'Super soft foam body heat activated superior attenuation and an ergonomic design.'
What this means is that they fit really well, exclude background and outside noise and feel marvellous.

You can have the option of wearing the earpieces either below or over your ears (-over the ear gliders ) just take a look at the photos on Amazon to see what I mean.

The cable is a Y cable. Some do not like this arrangement- my 17 yo son is not a fan. I find them great.
In use the black doesn't advertise to the world you have got them.

(If you wear them in the tube do it FAR away from the doors to avoid any 'toe rags' snatching your kit.)

I make no apology in repeating this information if it saves one person from having their persons damaged by robbery then it is worth it.
The old saying 'Don;t become a Victim' applies.

As with all Brainwavz the box looks really good.
It's in great mix of Red and Black- Dennis the Menace from the Beano type colouring. with white and silver in a good font.
Why do I always mention this?
Simply because if this is a gift for someone you want the box to look really good.

This box does just that. It creates a really good first impression with the window showing the earpieces in all their silver and matt black glory.

Brainwavz really do go the extra mile in including useful and quality editions.
The Brainwavz M3 will come with a 1 year swap for new warranty, should anything go wrong with the unit, you only need to send the earphones and they will send back a brand new unit sealed retail unit straight to you.
Package contents:
- 1 Pair of Brainwavz M3
- 3 Pairs of silicone tips (S/M/L)
- 1 Pair of COMPLY foam ear tips
- 1 Pair of over the ear gliders
- 1 Shirt clip
- 1 Hard carrying case.
Together with and not listed on Amazon btw
a 3.5 silver gold plated plug (the M5's have gold plated ones btw)
and A 1.3m Y cord.
The copper wire used in the cord is Oxygen free.
This means that the sound is conveyed so much better with out interference.
I have a professional set on my HiFi from Richer Sounds.
So I know that the oxygen free delivers a far better sound.
the fact that Brainwavz haven't scrimped on the details testifies that these guys are really do care about their design.

(Now contrast with some of the HiFi sets you used to get with cheap bell wire to connect the speakers)
The case is smart and so dam useful to protect your kit.
The shirt clip is something I don't use. But a useful addition if you do.

The earpieces are constructed from strong metal housing .
The cable is strong c and well built. The case protects and serves.
These should last you much longer than the 12 month guarantee.



All in All.

I can really recommend this brilliant set of earpieces to you they cover all the bases or should that be Bass es???,
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on 15 January 2012
As soon as the M4 had been on preorder...I had set my eyes on it...Got it from MP4Nation.com on the Christmas sale for a cool $54.5!
For that much amount,according to me,its bang for the buck!

The package was customary Brainwavz,with lush red colour,with a cut out to see the beauties(and revel). Needless to say,the package came unmolested.
Rating: 5/5

Came as mentioned...The IEMs,artistically put up on a foam holdout,a nice hard carry pack...along with 3 pairs of ear tips,S/M/L...I put the Medium tips for myself..And theres the shirt clip to take care of microphonics...Also there is a pair of the famed Comply S series foam tips...a nice value add...and extends comfort during those long train trips...:)
All these came neatly packed in zip plastic case.
Rating: 4.5/5

Build quality:
The IEMs are built well,those who shun "Made in China" pieces,should rest assured,that its built to last.
The wires look classy,and for a change,are actually averse to messying up...Phew.
The IEM casing is metallic...with a bass port...and the joints look well machined and durable...
The jack is an L type...angled at 90 degrees...some may love it...some might not...I love it...pairs great with my Fiio E6 amp :)
Only gripe is the Y junction...doesnt come up to par with the rest of the build.
Ohh...there is the 1year warranty...so guess we are covered!
Rating: 4.5/5

Sound quality:
Disclaimer: Perception of sound is a personal opinion,please keep it in mind before going up in arms against my observations.

Bass: As is the case with dynamic iems,the M4 excels at low frequencies...I've compared both the M2 n M4,and there seems to be a touch less bass in the M4,but its more punchy,and less aggressive than the M2...Suits me fine though. I especially like the low freq rumble...
Rating: 4.5/5

Midrange: The mids are musical,not too laid back,not too in your face either. The vocals come nice and smooth...with detailing and texturing....it might not be as fast as the Armature driven iems though..but it only costs $50!! Its pleasant to listen to.
Rating: 4/5

Highs: It does quite well for a dynamic iem...at least,imo better than the M2. The details are there...I did not find any sibilance...The highs are not too bright...but presented in a nice laid back fashion...its not dark either...You can hear the high notes,but yes,its not as fast as an armature.Overall,it shares ranks with the better dynamic iems.
Rating: 4/5

Microphonics: Microphonics are always the bane of IEMs in particular...the M4 is,however remarkable in that aspect...If worn over the ear(looks kinda odd though),microphonics are really brought down.Also,using the supplied shirt clip,eases things up.
Rating: 4.5/5

Overall acoustic rating: 4.5/5!

For $54.5...this is excellent value...considering the features and acoustic performance.
Rating: 5/5

Overall,a nice addition to any collection. Another Brainwavz masterpiece.
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on 17 August 2012
Having researched `in ear' headphones for a good while I decided to give this brand a try after reading many good reviews. I got them for less than half price (£18) on Amazon, which was a good bargain. I have owned several different pricier brands before including Sony, Phillips and Senneheiser and so how do these compare having used them for six months?
I would best describe the sound quality as "warm" if a tiny bit on the muffled side for my liking. Certainly not as clear as my pricier Sony but don't get me wrong the sound is still punchy and tight enough across the board. Overall this is quite a capable product. Build quality seems solid with longevity in mind, the cord is proper tangle resistant, and there are lots of very nice accessories including several silicone and one set of Comply foam tips (alone costing £15!) to ensure the right fit for everyone, which is important as this makes a real difference to the listening experience. Therefore experiment till you get it to your liking. A smart carrying case, which will nicely accommodate your iPod nano, is also included. At full £45 price tag I would probably be hesitant to recommend these but you can still do a lot worse than these even at £45. If you can stretch to around £60/65 and you are not bothered about bundled accessories then there are better options out there.

PS-- Still going strong after nearly 12 months of everyday use. i occasionally fall sleep with them on and have even dropped them in water accidentally for a few seconds while washing my face but re markably they soldier on. These headphones are built to last though perhaps not the best choice to wear while jogging as they tend not to stay in the ear too well regardless which size tip is used!!

Update: Finally gave up the ghost after 13 months or so of regular use, the right ear piece has developed a fault (sigh!), but given the abuse they took i still rate this particular model a decent enough purchase but only if reduced to around the £27 mark, certainly not £45. Overall 3.5 stars.
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on 16 July 2012
Well I've had a fair few earphones now, ranging from cheap JVC to some more expensive Sony and Skullcandy.
I have to say that these are a breath of fresh air, I fitted the foam ear pieces to it straight away and
have never gone back. I absolutely love the sound they produce, they seem to get a great range from the
majority of songs that I listen to (i.e. Bullet for my Valentine, Enter Shikari, Elliot Minor and then some
classic 90s house). Use them to listen to music almost every day, spending several hours at a time in a
tough working environment and they are still going strong. Very very pleased with the product overall and
would gladly buy another pair when these do give in.
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on 10 April 2013
Bought these directly from mp4nation,first pair was much louder on one side than the other.Replacement pair lasted 2 months before giving up with the same issue.

Build Quality is good and bad.Housings were stellar,made of Aluminium,looks and feels premium,cabling though was terrible,too stiff and felt too brittle.

Sound Quality on these were v shaped with recessed mids,very deep bass, overpowering the mids at times and decent treble,not excelling but just enough sparkle to add a little extra detail.Soundstage was the standout for me excellent,width and height were great,depth was good as well.I enjoyed the sound signature minus the strange mid bass hump but for the price,can't be beaten in my books,unfortunately the reliability of these outshine the really fantastic sonic qualities.
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on 22 December 2013
After a lot of research for a set of sub £40 in ears and recommendations from Head-Fi, I chose the M4's.

From the very start I struggled to get a good fit with the ear buds supplied, trying all the different sizes. This meant that they would fall out when I moved. I also found the treble to be extremely strong, which would give me a sore head after a short period...

The right ear bud then packed it in after 5 months of light use so I have returned them and Amazon are currently processing my refund. I have now purchased - MEElectronics M9 and am very impressed with the sound quality so far and they are half the price
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on 29 December 2012
They are quite robust, the sound quality is good and with this price tag you can't go wrong. As an extra, the included case is really helpful. Overall I would buy it again.
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on 1 August 2013
Didn't know what to expect, but these are brilliant... well worth the money and glad I bought them.

One thing to note is that they don't block out noise completely so still not great on the noisy tube
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on 6 December 2012
Good in-ear headphones for the money with reasonably robust cable (non-remote type). Sound quality is pretty good and they come with a selection of ear pieces to get the right fit.
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