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Seven Deadly
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 8 March 2012
Oh dear. As a lifelong UFO fan who has everything they've ever recorded I've found my enthusiasm dwindling on an album by album basis. The first Vinnie Moore CD 'You Are Here' was indeed muscular and mighty throughout, helped in no small part I suspect by Jon Bonham's aggressive drumming and a reinvigorated Mogg after the dark direness that was 'Sharks', the final Schenker album. But since then we've had the disjointed 'Monkey Puzzle' and the downright disappointing 'The Visitor'. So when 'Seven Deadly' dropped through the letterbox I approached with caution. Things start well - 'Fight Night' is a strong melodic rocker with a tinge of AC/Dc about it, it's back to the 80's with 'Wonderland' reprising 'We Belong To The Night', and 'Mojo Town' has a good blues/funk riff as a backbone with a strong chorus. Then its the start a slow but steady deterioration;- 'Angel Station' has Moore ripping off 'Swallow' from 'You Are Here'. 'Year of the Gun' is throwaway, as is 'The Last Stone Rider', 'Steal Yourself', 'Burn Your House Down'. The list goes on. Regretably. Then we reach an appauling nadir with 'The Fear' a blues boogie that should have been drowned at birth. There is a partial recovery with 'Waving Goodbye' which is 'Son of Angel station' in its intensity and then off down the hill again with two more lamentable 'bonus' tracks 'Other Mens Wives' is yet another blues shuffle, reminiscent of 'Someone's Gonna Have To Pay' from 'Sharks' and the less said about the phoned in piano/vocal duet of 'Bag O'Blues' the better.

I get no pleasure from writing this review. There are strong points - Mogg's aging but soulful vocals, his evocative if sometimes opaque verse and the opening three tracks show vitality and passion even if they are retreads of a glorious past. Chief irritant in the whole proceedings is Vinnie Moore's guitar playing and sound. Most of his song-writing ideas sound like reheated ideas, or merely uninspired bits and pieces strung together leaving Mogg, as ever, as the quality ingredient. But, as Shaekspeare himself put it, 'You can't polish a turd. My leige' (Hamlet - Act 2, Scene 3). Possibly the fault lies with the guitars being recorded on a different continent to the rest of the tracks. His solo sound is horrible and whilst he holds his undoubted shredding abilities in abeyance for most of the time I still find myself wincing at the lack of a solo sound. It's too nice, compressed, clean. It doesn't have soul, fire or - God forbid - inspiration.

I thought I'd feel better having got this all off my chest but sadly not. If you are new to UFO or wondering which albums to buy try these for starters; 'Force It', Lights Out', 'Obsession'. 'The Wild The Willing & The Innocent' and, of course, the unimaginably magnificent 'Strangers In The Night'. Then listen to 'Seven Deadly'. You'll notice the difference.
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VINE VOICEon 2 March 2012
For me, UFO had been out in the wilderness for quite a number of years and it wasn't until The Visitor album that I really started listening to them once more - even though I wasn't over enamoured with Phil Mogg's voice being recorded in a rather small toilet - but what a nice surprise the whole venture was!
So, now we come to the the latest body of work and what do I think? This is classic UFO with their strutting, ballsy sound on display for all to witness - Yep, this is indeed grown up, full on, rock music played as only UFO know how with three straight rockers in Fight Night, Wonderland and Mojo Town before things slow down for the rather beautiful rendition of Angel Station. The rest of the album is a little less in your face, but notwithstanding, it still rocks and drills it's sound into your cortex so that after a couple of straight listenings, you keep catching yourself humming one number or the other!
The final track of Bag O' Blues with it's dust encrusted recording has Phil Mogg and a laid back piano closing the whole thing out in a smoky, bluesy feeling that finishes the whole thing off like a Yoghurt dip after a fiery curry....it's just the complete anti-dote for the preceeding aural assault.
Make no mistake, this is Mogg, Moore, Raymond and Parker at the top of their game with Mogg's vocals now well to the fore and as cutting as ever.
Nice one guys! Let's just hope that the rest of the buying public doesn't just ignore this classic offering!
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on 1 March 2012
Just received my copy of the latest UFO offering and I'm pleased to say after 2 plays I'm right impressed! Moog's vocals can only be described as mature and soulful and the band are clearly in fine form.
I would go so far to say that if this had been released in the late 70s or early 80s it would be regarded as a classic up there with 'Lights Out'. I accept there are no really hard keyboard driven tracks in the classic vain of say 'Lights Out' or 'Doctor Doctor'.In fact I can't really detect any keyboards in the mix at all; that does'nt detract from the whole feel that this is classic UFO stuff. The majority of the tracks remind me of that classic offering the mighty 'On with the Action'which one seldoms find reference to on any greatist or best of's UFO. I for one unlike other reviews like the recent 2/3 albums after all the guys are getting older and have already proved their pedigree and have all those classics in their locker.
I have the digi pak version which offers 2 bonus tracks which I feel are the only let down on the album and are just filler or rejects but are there anyway.
I will be looking forward to hearing most of these numbers live on the upcoming tour but I'm sure only 2 or 3 will be played to make room for all those classics from the past...bet they don't play 'On With the Action'?
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on 23 May 2012
Same old problem - Phil Mogg can't cut it and hasn't done for many years now. The music is trying to accomodate his limitations and suffers as a result. You'll need to go back to the Misdemeanour days to hear anything worthwhile. Very sad...
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on 11 March 2012
I'm a bit slow off the mark with this one but then I've played it to death on holiday to be sure. I guess it's easy to criticise with a huge back catalogue to assimilate with but I can make no apology for liking UFO and this album is no exception. To my ears star quality emanates from Phil Mogg who could probably re-record ABBA's Greatest Hits and I would like it.

First impressions were nice artwork and what an absolutely stonkin' opener with "Fight Night" heard on some early sampled releases. The first three tunes "Fight Night", "Wonderland" and "Mojo Town" are all great fiery guitar rockers that will go down very nicely live with some sizzling lead guitar work. "Angel Station" is the first ballad and despite the idiosyncratic title has that classic UFO structure with a lovely gentle rhythm and Mogg lyric. This also provides evidence that Mr Raymond's keyboard does still apparently exist. Criminally retired to the background he must have forgotten what his keys look like there is so little of it featured on the album. "Year of the Gun" is a catchy little thing of a pop-rock number, more lightweight and candidate for a single if ever there was one. Nice little hook and leads from Moore. The next two songs "The Last Stone Rider" and "Steal Away" are more forgettable album tracks, chug along guitar rockers although Moore plays some nice stuff on "Steal Away". "Burn Your House Down" is the second ballad..."second verse, same as the first" but not quite as good.
"The Fear" is a return to a bluesy feel with upfront harmonica, first impression reminiscent of a Dr. Feelgood type thing. "Waving Good Bye" is a nice ballad with a keyboard/acoustic verse that builds to a rocking chorus, the sort of tune they do so well (and have done better many times before). The so-called bonus tracks I like very much as they add variety and interest. "Other Men's Wives" is possibly one of my favourite tunes, more rock and roll based with Mogg on top form. Then there is the atmospheric bar-room blues number "Bag of Blues" which is a welcome change of pulse.

As ever Phil Mogg continues to impress throughout. A better soulful rock voice you will be hard pressed to find anywhere. Parker and Raymond are as ever the solid foundation of the genre, Raymond's writing credits noticeably adding the variety that exists amongst what is essentially a guitar album. Vinnie Moore is an incredible virtuoso talent and plays some tasty riffs but I agree with some of the negatives in the other reviews. Too much irritably squawking high-note vibrato is my little niggling complaint. I stick with what I said about The Visitor review and I'm still waiting. My favourite top-notch players have that killer solo they are famed for but with Moore I don't always find the work memorable.

In summary I think it's pretty well stripped back to basics guitar rock nearly at it's very best. Lost is most of the bluesy feel of the last two offerings replaced with a sometimes heavier but narrow guitar formula. Old fashioned and tediously repetitive? I don't really care. Worthy of five stars.
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on 14 March 2012
i agree with every word of Richard D James review. Dull, dreary and merely a continuation of the last disappointing cd The Visitor. Fortunatley I listened to this on Nabster and did not shellout 10 notes, and wont be doing so!

It is with heavy heart that i write this. Strangers in the Night is my all time #1 live album and Obsession my =1st studio album of all time.

the 2 stars are for: moggs vocals, as superb as ever, and the fact that this is UFO. The guitar style is perhaps the largest disappointment. a poor cd.

I am simply staggered by other reviewers who gave them 5* ratings. it is nothing like the mid to late 70's albums and far from "the classic UFO" sound.

Regrettably this cd is as poor as the recent Van Halen one, in its own way.
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on 17 March 2013
The UFO/Michael Schenker split happened just as I was really getting into metal and I have to confess I was more of an MSG fan and much to my regret the whole UFO thing almost passed me by. It is only in the last 3 or 4 years that I have started listening to them properly, probably prompted by their repeated airplay on Planet Rock, which we have going all day at work. So when UFO came touring in my hometown, I decided to buy a ticket and also a copy of their new album so I have some sense of what I may be treated to. This is a really good album although I have to confess it isn't graced with those stand out signature songs that UFO became famous for. However, whilst none of these are instantly catchy in the vein of stuff like Lights Out, Doctor Doctor, Only You Can Rock me or Rock Bottom .... it is a collection of well crafted and especially well produced tracks. The complete stand out track on here is Burn Your House Down ... an absolute treat played live and a song I think is as strong as some of their early stuff and in a more laid back style similar to Love To Love. Year of The Gun, Other Mens Wives, Steal Yourself and Fight Night are the other stand out tracks for me.

If you get the chance to catch UFO live I would heartily recommend you do so ... Phil Mogg still has a pitch perfect voice, facially he has hardly aged and he puts on a great show, Vinnie Moore also gives a fantastic lead guitar performance for the crowd, Andy Parker is still relentlessly pounding the skins and Paul Raymond (also ex-MSG) is out there playing up to the crowd on guitars and keyboards. They are a superb live act, and my enjoyment was probably helped by the fact that Norwich Waterfront is a venue where you are literally 3-4 ft from the band, they are virtually in the crowd.

But back to the album ..... is this a UFO classic? No! Is it a good album? Hell Yes!! In short - I have no regrets about buying it.
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on 4 March 2012
UFO...What can i say...Ignored,but not by those who know superb rock music.I have seen UFO live every time they have been in Scotland,14 times and counting..They are always brilliant live. Now on to the new long player.Seven Deadly is an excellent album.I have loved most of the recent releases over the last number of years.The Monkey Puzzle in my opinion was just ok but You Are Here and The Visitor both had quality songs with some inspired moments,Mr Freeze,Baby Blue,The Spark That Is Us,Stop Breaking Down,Cant Buy A Thrill..
Seven Deadly is right up there with UFO`s best releases and as another reviewer pointed out if this album was released 30 years ago it would have been received as well as Lights out. Sounds and Kerrang would have been promoting Seven Deadly non stop. Angel station,Mojo Town will become classics...Listen to Year Of The Gun...The riff just rattles around your skull until you give up and reach for your battered cardboard guitar. Many more great moments i am still discovering as i spin the album over and over.Moggs voice has never been better and his ability to write thoughtful sing alongs has not left him.Raymond and Parker are great players and UFO as a band seem to love what they are doing.
Some reviewers will no doubt keep bringing up Schenker`s name.I loved it when he was involved but UFO have always had gifted guitar players and Vinnie Moore is a perfect fit. His playing on the last few albums,and this one,has been out of this world.I hope he knows,i am sure he does, he is part of a legendary band who have brought joy to a lot of people over the years. UFO should be recognised as one of the best..They have consistantly made great music...Just a pity Pete Way is no longer involved..I would love for some Mogg/Way inspired songs on the next album..Keep on Rocking..
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on 24 October 2013
I delayed buying 7-deadly, due to some indifferent reviews and also being a UFO fan for some years, I find it disappointing if not a little expected when their new material fails to live up to the high standards set in the seventies and eighties.
How wrong I was! Seven Deadly is a very good collection of songs indeed which pays homage to their rock classics of yesteryear, Phil Mogg's blues roots and also his sometime penchant for Springsteen-like lyrics. There is also a darker and melancholic, but no less classy side revealed on tracks such as Burn Your House Down and Waving Goodbye.
Vinnie Moore is no Michael Schenker but he is still a fine guitar player. Like Schenker, he has the ability to lift a track from good to great and his authority is stamped all over this album. Highlights are Wonderland - the riff reminds me of the classic We Belong To The Night- and Angel Station, a powerful bluesy ballad. In truth though, there are no fillers on Seven Deadly. As I found albeit belatedly, its well worth adding to your collection.
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on 2 April 2013
Ufo's last one was a solid slower blues rocker. This one has great riffs and is solid hard rock mostly. It's not the same as 'the monkey puzzle' it's got pounding tracks that are very good melodic metal. This is more a return to the older style. Although the songs are not as great as 'you are here' this would be imo the best release from them since that one. As the two others in between were more blues rocking. So I don't understand what the hell those one star reviews are about. This is hard rock all the way. I have the bonus track version with two extra songs on it. which is no longer on sale in the U.S. so I had to grab it on amazon.comuk. I have all their studio recordings on cd , and many different versions of them! and lots of live recordings and such. Some boots even so you could say I am a huge fan. but I would agree that this bands last two were average and bluesy. this one is much closer to what you want from ufo.
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