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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2016
I loved this movie. The party is well filmed and the performances of all the cast are excellent. The story depicts the birthday party that Thomas (Thomas Mann) arranges while his parents are away. Thomas is the regular unnoticed child at school so you can imagine, what kind of party he has in mind with his friend Costa (Oliver Cooper) at the helm of arranging things. He wants to be cool and be popular with girls. (Spoiler) This is your classic party that blows up into something amazing then the horror of a party gone wrong and how society reacts, we're talking SWAT teams with riot gear, burning neighbourhoods and crazy midgets (end of spoiler) PROJECT X is an excellent movie and well worth watching, its a perfect Friday night popcorn treat.
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Project X is the story of high-school wannabes Thomas (Thomas Mann - It's Kind of a Funny Story) & Costa (Oliver Cooper). Thomas' parents are going away for the weekend and Costa has decided that Thomas' house is now party-central, so much so he has hired AV-club-geek Dax (the point-of-view cameraman) to document the entire evenings proceedings. Thomas, initially sceptical; bows to Costa incessant pressure and agrees to keep the party in the backyard with no-one allowed in the house. But as word gets around school, the community and the entire town, people keep showing up at the house and the party grows exponentially, one thing is for sure; it's a sure-fire hit of a party. But will there be anything left of the house, let alone the neighbourhood after this party is done?

Project X; a cover name for the shooting of the film, stuck and here we are, with a classic "parents go away leaving teen unsupervised" but this is not your usual party; there are multiple references to drugs, evidently under-age drinking and pool diving off the house, so it's a little less wholesome than the film where the kids clean up really quick before the parents get back. Thomas Mann performance is genuinely likeable, if a little anaemic and Cooper is basically a Jonah-Hill clone, wearing the same style of sweater vest and with the same obnoxious manner, but minus the comedic timing. Resultantly he can grate a little, with his perennial "Dude, it's a party" attitude. As the evening continues and the situation gets worse and worse for Thomas, we see him realise that there is no coming back from this and learn to just enjoy the ride. Hardly a moral, but it makes for one fantastically well-shot cinematic experience.

Extra Content: The Blu Ray has the extended cut and comes with a digital copy of the film.

Whilst critics might argue it promotes under-age drinking and the like, glamorising destruction of property etc. I thought this was an excellent film with a great soundtrack and great performances from a lot of the first-timers (mostly) cast. Not the smartest movie out there by a long shot, but by the end, I genuinely wanted to have attended Project X, recommended!!
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on 6 July 2012
OMG! Can you imagine?! Just a couple of phrases I found myself saying to my partner through out - VERY entertaining, just don't get any ideas! I didn't expect much from this, not sure why but I was more than surprised - just one of those films that you can't bare to watch but totally have too - a complete car crash - and its brilliant! Made me reminise of times my parents went away and the having to clear up before they got home and act like nothing happens - ok, so my teenage partys wasn't anywhere near this - thank god, because I'd have been beaten to the end of the earth! Some truly hilarious moments! Takes a while to get going but once the party starts there's no turning away, or stopping it! Give it a chance :)
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on 29 August 2015
Ok so we all heard about the party advertised on facebook that got out of control when parents were away - right? Even before the www there were such stories of first teenage parties going that way. Well this is the ultimate documentary shot style film of THAT party. Not laugh out loud but fairly entertaining. The main cast are typical dorks that you grow to love, and even understand why they did it, and EVEN forgive them. Sme nice shooting. Some entertaining side stories and worth watching on a Saturday afternoon.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 March 2013
Project X, though loosely based on a true story is more a fictional work.
As such it is brilliant. It exaggerates a lot but if you cut it down to the corse represents the classic teen parties perfectly. Watching it reminded me of many fond memories from a few years ago where things probably could have got very out of hand but for one reason or another didn't.

The acting is good and I loved the home video style recording at times. Brilliantly fun and enjoyable.
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on 1 December 2014
I have a weak spot for this film, it's one of those that tends to be in the player on a lads night in with a few beers. Actually very made film, and I always wonder how 'real' some of the drunk people actually were!
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on 7 August 2014
After watching the trailer i was very skeptical of how good this film was going be, especially having unknown to me actors. After the first 10 - 15 mins, this film quickly became one of the best, if not thee best films i have ever seen, the build up and pace is set perfectly. With the party getting more and more crazy as the film goes on, to the point where there is a full on riot. All the characters are well played for me, and i especially like Costa, although i have read many reviews where people find him annoying. This film is a must see for any would be party goers that want to see possibly the most crazy party that can be imagined. I also recommend getting the Blu Ray version if you can, as the extra scenes you get are hilarious. Especially the birthday rap addition, overall i cannot recommend this more. I fully understand this film will not be to everyone's taste but for me, you can't get much better than a crazy party. BOOM
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on 19 June 2013
It's a hilarious film, and you have to thank god even if your children have had parties, it's nothing like this! It's crazy to think this is based on a true story. Although 18, it's nothing too dramatic and would recommend it for 15 year olds.
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on 20 September 2013
Over the top, funny, with a little bit of a dark side in the mix. If I had to choose Project X or Spring Breakers, it would have to be this. Spring Breakers tried to be something it wasn't and the film itself felt incomplete and repetitive. Project X is a lot more spontaneous especially with all the shenanigans and debauchery going on.

Great to watch with a group of friends.
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on 11 March 2013
amazing film, amazing dvd. wouldn't recommend to any teenagers who you know will have a free house, watching this with my brother was like making an internal plan, we play "when would you stop the party?" everytime we watch this.
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