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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2012
There are lots of reviews on here detailing the full spectrum of opinions regarding this film. Personally, I was a teenager in the 80's and remember the era with great fondness (as do most teenagers from the 80s I think). A lot of the songs in Rock of Ages are were classics then and still are now.
But, that's not what's important here, is it? It's whether this film works as a musical, whether Tom Cruise can sing, whether the film is a parody or a homage to the time it's set in? Well, rest assured, there's nothing much here to worry about.

The story is as flimsy as a strippers knickers; and if you've seen Burlesque or Coyote Ugly then you've already seen this story too.
Diego Boneta (Drew) is a great singer but a poor actor. Whenever he has to speak it's obvious he's more comfortable singing.

Everyone can and is singing!!
Diego Boneta's singing is incredible.
Tom Cruise can really sing and sounds amazing; and his performance is spot-on.
The film is visually great and director Adam Shankman (formerly a choreographer) really knows how to get the most out of the flimsy story and his actors.
Both Pat Benatar songs have the best dance routines too.

I loved the film. There were moments when the music overpowered the voices; but I kind of expected that with a rock musical.
Would I put this on if I had a choice of other movie musicals (Dream Girls, Chicago, Phantom of the Opera)? No. But if I wanted to watch a fun movie with some very fun one-liners, great performances and pure escapism in spades, then this would be it!

Lastly, every few years Tom Cruise takes a risk in his career and does a part that most critics think is wrong - Interview with the Vampire, Magnolia, Born on the 4th of July and now Rock of Ages. He's a brave man to be playing a drunk, over-sexed, damaged, fading rock-god; but he does it so well I wonder if he went into acting as a backup! Well done, Mr. Cruise!

This is a review of the Blu-ray so I should end with something specific to that format: the picture and audio quality are superb (Eng DTS HD Master). In addition to the DVD special features there are exclusive featurettes on this disc.
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on 16 June 2012
Anyone who loves the 80s would definitely love Rock of Ages. It is an entertaining and feel good musical. I welcome the idea of bringing back the 80s to the big screen through a strong musical production. It has been well thought out and choreographed with a host of fine musical performances and appropriately used to match certain scenes. It is well written and researched. The atmosphere is nostalgic and electrifying, as we catch a vivid picture of what the 80's decade was like in terms of the music scene. I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It features a host of classic rock ballads from the decade, such as Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Journey, Posion, Reo Speed Wagon and a few more. These bands provide some memorable tracks of the decade to listen timelessly.

Rock of Ages unfolds a story, as most musicals seek to achieve.. It takes us on a journey to 1987 Los Angeles. The plot is about two young individuals who share similar ambitions of making it big. The characters are Sherrie and Drew. These actors are newcomers to the industry and show plenty of potential. The two characters have left their hometowns to embark on a new life in LA. Do they achieve their dreams or does it reach a disaster? The film explores other characters as well. It features a strong cast including Alec Bladwin, a club owner, Russell Brand, a crazy assistant, Mary Blige, another owner, Tom Cruise, an ageing rock star and Catherine Zeta Jones, a mayor's wife and a campaigner against rock music. We see plenty of character development. The characters are sketched well, as it highlights how fame and success affects certain characters in different ways.

Rock music was not viewed favourably by a certain minority due to image it projected as being strongly influenced by drugs and sex. There was a conflict of interest between club owners and music performers involving record producers. It provides an interesting and insightful journey showing how it all started, at Sunset Strip; a well known nightclub. The nightclub provided a platform for some of the most inspirational rock bands to emerge in the scene during the decade. These bands performed to a large crowd. The experience is relived through the key characters performing the music. We hear many well known tracks of the decade.

Rock of Ages promotes 80s rock music. I am massive fan of 80s music. The film provides a musical treat to enjoy and to relieve the good old days of the decade, as many of us share special memories.
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on 26 January 2014
Just a small town girl, making her way in a lonely world. If you love Rock you will love this film. It is done as Grease [DVD] [1978] with Rock anthems. I loved it!

Small town girl Julianne Hough moves to LA fulfill her dream of fame. Geting the full LA experience of being mugged and penny less moments after arriving, she is helped out by the bar hand at the local institution of Rock called the Burben. After convincing owners and "close" friends Baldwin and Brand to hire her as a waitress, their romance starts, but can it stand up to the demands of their dreams, and possible fame offered to Drew?

On another front the new Mayor is trying to shut down the Burbon as Rock is currupting the younger generation. His wife seems to have a personal vendetta against Stacy Jacks played by Tom Cruise (based on Axl Rose) who does a grest job playing a Megastar (must be hard getting life experience of that for him) Rock Icon. I respect Cruise as an actor, but a couple of time it sounded like his voice on the Rock song covers. Another impressive accolade he can add to his skill set.

I espically do like the fact that this is a love story. On more than one front, and the fact that it shows Rock anthems are not about violence, I find hip hop and R&B songs to have much more disrespectful lyrics and/or foul language then rock songs. However this is about the film which is great. The whole cast work great together, the acting is good, the music speaks for itself. ROCK ON!!
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2016
Okay, so the film is terrible, but I'm giving it five stars because I really enjoyed it. If you think hair metal was the pinnacle of human achievement, as do I, then you will love this film.

It has:
No plot
Poor acting
The best music ever produced.

I confess to half a bottle of whisky (12 YO Hibiki) before writing this review. I don't think it lost anything.
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on 11 June 2016
Fantastic film great music I loved it to death, Tom cruise is awesome . put it on turn it up to 11 ( or 12 My Onkyo surround sound goes to 12 LOL ) sit back and enjoy . the music is fantastic all the way through and no one gives a bad performance. I haven’t enjoyed a film so much for as long as I can remember. first time i watched it it was so good I put it on straight away and enjoyed it all over again.
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on 6 August 2015
Good be honest... I don't really like Tom Cruise...but couldn't take my eyes off him in this film...gorgeous body and loved his tattoos...very sexy! Music was great some old rock which brought back a lot of memories sad and good.
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on 27 April 2013
Just watched Rock Of Ages with Tom Cruise the film was amazing I loved it so much it was one of those shock surprise films I did not expect it to be so good its up there with other musical classics like Mam a Mia and Grease etc simply awesome film and loads of great 80's rock metal LOVE IT :)
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on 18 June 2012
It's not often I leave the cinema grinning from ear to ear, but Rock of Ages just had that effect on me! It's a film that doesn't take itself too seriously and is just incredible fun. Lots of really catchy songs from the 80's have you wanting to dance and sing along, and are used really well to help tell the story.
The plot of the film isn't exactly genius, but it's entertaining, light-hearted, and it's acted very well: particularly by Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin who make the perfect duo and have scenes that saw me creased with laughter! Tom Cruise seemed a very dodgy choice when I first saw the trailer, yet actually I now think he was perfect for the role of Stacee Jaxx. Fair enough, in many places the singing isn't great, but it's in tune and passable, and with this kind of music it doesn't really even matter. Where it matters, they have good singers, so in that respect it's all good!
I think Russell Brand summed it up really well in an interview - it won't cure your life problems, but it's an excellent distraction! I highly recommend it for people who want a really good two hour grinning session! :D
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A very silly and over the top film but a lot of fun to watch with a great and very game cast on top form and a lot of great 80's tunes. It admittedly has the very flimsiest of plots, very basic boy meets girl tale, boy wants to be a famous rock star like his hero Stacee Jax, an excellent Tom Cruise, girl wants to be a singer and both work at the Bourbon club run by a movie stealing Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand where Jax's band Arsenal made it big and are scheduled to play. The mayor of L.A. played by Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and his wife Catherine Zeta Jones want the club shut down and there's Jax and his manager, Paul Giammatti to deal with too. If not taken seriously there is plenty to enjoy here and it helps that the entire cast can carry a tune too. Catherine Zeta Jones we already know can carry a tune from the oscar winning Chicago but who would have thought that Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin could too??!! The 1987 setting is sheer nostalgia and you'll soon be toe tapping away to the 80's music. The plot is barely there but worth it just for the music and cast and great fun if not taken seriously.
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on 10 February 2015
Very pleasant surprise about this movie. Absolutely fantastic. Great movie.
If you know rock, if you like or used to like rock, you will love this movie. Full of known/famous rock songs, packed in a very nice choreography and overall a very nice mixture of songs.
Talking about the movie and the actors, is another big pleasant surprise, and who says this movie is not good, or makes critics to the actors, that person doesn't realize what a great actor and a great performance means: the performances of each one of them (Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and so on), they proved that are great actors, being out of the usual action or sexy image promoted by their careers, this role of acting+singing+dancing, shows them in a light that is out of the box, and that there are still great ideas and they still can do great performance.
Great job, good enjoyable movie. Don't look only at the story, look at the overall package, which in my opinion, made my day.
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