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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2012
I can only agree with the other reviews I've read. These are superb little speakers for the price.

The cabinets may not match those of my £2K Totem Acoustics speakers, but they are made of wood which helps to keep resonance and coloration down. That pays off especially in the bass driver, which is also tuned decently for a change. Most mid end 2.1 speakers try to impress you by producing lots of bass - but once you've taken them home you start to discover that it is really quite a flabby, boomy, ill-defined mush down there. These ain't bad at all, and I've been throwing everything from Johann Sebastian Bach through Scroobius Pip to Rammstein at them.

Some reviews say the FC360 is a tad brash compared to (much) more expensive systems. I find that toeing them in tames that quite nicely. Just turn them so that the speaker axes cross each other well in front of you: you're no longer straight in the firing line, so to speak. It improves the imaging a little to boot.

There's one 1 star review at the moment from someone whose unit (or some part of the setup) was clearly defective. They do NOT sound like that.

I haven't listened to every speaker out there, but my hunch is that this is simply as good as £50 will buy you.
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VINE VOICEon 19 January 2015
At last I've found a 2.1 PC speaker set that looks and sounds the part. Wonderfully detailed sound with excellent clarity and tone. The bass can be turned up, or down, to suit your setting or your neighbours - but when they are out, boy does this set go loud! I think the separate power brick/controller does an amazing job.

I wanted a speaker set mainly for listening to music - from Rock and Jazz to Classical, especially now so much high definition music is available for download. Even 'flat' these speakers sound good but tweaked with the equalizer software on a soundcard they sound amazing. Elite Dangerous (about the only game I ever play) also sounds fantastic with loud and immersive sound effects.

Construction and quality, a let down on so many PC speakers at this price, is fantastic. I could hardly believe that they are under £50 - they certainly ooze quality and feel robust. Nice quality, textured surface covering the wood of the speakers as well.

Just a few minor niggles:

I'd would have liked the leads to be plugged at both ends so that I could have gone for better quality leads and gold connectors. You can do this with the connector from your PC to the power brick, but not from the brick to the speakers as they are hard wired at the speaker end.

Also I would have liked a wired or remote desk controller. I guess some people will put the power brick on the desk and use it as the controller but I think it's a bit big for that and have left it on the floor next to the sub.

Perhaps, also, an optical input - but I can't imagine it would make much difference to a 2.1 set up.

Buy, and pair with a good sound card like the Creative Soundblaster Z:

You really won't regret it!
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on 5 May 2012
Initially I was going down the tried and tested route of the Logitech speaker solutions but the model I was after had a strange problem where it wasn't grounded and would pick up foreign radio while on standby. So I had a look about for other sets but none seemed true value for money. On the off chance I clicked on the Microlabs solely on how they looked but was expecting the usual cheapies in expensive looking casing, I couldn't have been more wrong!

I sourced reviews for them elsewhere and everyone seemed to be in agreement that they were terrific value so I went for them. Set them up today with the TV and they perform amazingly for the cost! the bass is unobtrusive buts adds needed oomph to football matches and live music, this in no way effects the crystal clear output of the two included satellites. Both sound crisp and clean with no hiss or distortion.

I recommend them wholeheartedly, I haven't came across anything I'd score them down for? maybe I'd have liked them in metallic silver or white but that's just nitpicking. BUY THEM!!!
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on 10 April 2014
OK, this thing has been in my house for one hour, but, of course, everything had to stop to set it up! So, from a hifi low life let me give you my impressions:
1. It's big! Especially the subwoofer, had to move my desk out from the wall to slot it in.
2. Beautiful piece of kit - black, shiny and substantial.
3. Fitting - easy peasy. Just slot all the wires into the back of the volume thingy. (I told you I was a low life) Switch on.
4. Crank up the bass and press go. (Oops forgot to tell the PC I'd switched sound outputs - Control Panel, right click Speakers and set to default)
5. Alex Clare, Too Close. Wow. The sound is so good; the bass is bassy, the treble is....cutting.
I don't know what you sound nuts think of this unit, but to me, it's awesome! Well done Microlabs.
(Writing this to Goody Two Shoes, two thumping drums, Adam has never sounded so good!)
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on 27 May 2013
I wanted a simple, high quality 2.1 speaker set up for my PC. Initially, I was going to go for the Corsair sp2500 system @ £180. Yes, the Corsairs are better ... but, not £130 better! (obviously 'sound quality' is purely subjective, and some people may disagree with me)

The build is excellent, as is the design (if aesthetics are important to you) and will make your ears & eyes smile. And all for only £50!

There is a 'pop' as it is turned on, but if you are like me, and once on, it stays on, then that small shortcoming is of no consequence.

Highly recommended :)
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on 6 June 2014
first up , delivery. like all things delivered within london the box arrives looking like its been kicked up a flight of stairs or two. but! as the system is very well packed within this box i wasn't worried after opening the damage absorbing outer box.

first impressions, it was all a little larger than i had pictured. that wasn't a problem because if i had really cared i would have looked more closely as the stated dimensions. plus bigger is all ways better, right? also it is very nicely finished and looks fantastic next to my all black desktop setup.

first use. ive had a few logitech 2.1 speaker systems before these within the same price range and never had a problem with them, but thought id step out of my comfort zone this time and see if the grass was greener. i was not disappointed. the Fc360 isnt a massive leap from logitech but id have to say the bass was much warmer and clearer. possibly to do to the slightly larger sub box and speaker or better all round speaker construction, so as im normally blasting out grindcore/death metal all day while i 'work' id like to think this will help me be more productive. over all the sound is better and for £50 i was more than happy.

the downer. the only thing i wasn't happy about the Fc360 was the really poor length of the sub cable to the amp unit. its 1.25m and ridiculously too short. i need all the leg room i can get underneath my desk but due to this short cable ive had to sit the sub box between my feet. even looking in the directions for set up it suggests you have the sub to the right of you. this would be only possible if you only have a desk with no drawers or obstructions. not really a real world reality. ( realize?) but still this wasn't enough to warrant a deduction of stars. an extension cable is easy to purchase.

so five stars and a thumbs up! now let me get back to enjoying the blasting beats of blood duster hammering out of my new sound system before the noise complaints begin to spew forth.

update: ive been meaning to do this for a while now. unfortunately the fc360 has turned out to be really annoying. after a couple of months it has developed some serious problems. one, when using the on off button there is a loud crack noise through the system. no matter what volume level or what is or is not plugged in to it. two, its very sensitive to mobile phone interference. i cant keep my phone on the table with the system because of it. and three, when seeking out assistance over these problem from the producer i was completely ignored. it wasnt bad customer service, it was non existent. so im taking off two stars because of this.
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on 27 February 2012
I purchased these speakers after reading a review in a popular computing magazine, which gave them a glowing reference.
The Sound quality is indeed very good. However, I have one minor niggle and something which is not made clear in the specifications.
The headphone socket DOES NOT respond to the speakers volume control! All other speaker systems I have had over the years do. This is not a one off fault, as I purchased 2 of these systems and it was the same on both sets.
To adjust the volume you have to do it via the speaker control icon on your computer, or using the volume control on which ever program you are using to play the sound I.e. Itunes/windows media player etc. This is OK unless you want to listen on headphones while gaming on a PS3, as this has no volume control, so the volume ends up fixed.
To over come this I purchased a small in line sound amplifier for headphones, the FiiO E6 from amazon priced at £20.94. This worked a treat and can be used with other MP3 players, Ipods, Iphones etc. Shame that this is the case, hence the 4 star rating.
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on 12 August 2015
Single line version:
Excellent sound, moderate convenience. As expected from Microlab.

Slightly longer version:
I have a set of Microlab Fc330 speakers, a cheaper 2.1 set - and was extremely pleased with them. When I came to buy more, I discovered they had apparently been discontinued. These, the "big brother", had not, and at this point my trust in Microlab was enough for me to try them. Not at all disappointed. The sub is larger than I expected and I don't think they look quite as nice as the Fc330. However, they've definitely sorted the issues of having the controls on the sub - as you can see in the picture, they and the amplifier are contained in a separate box. Much better.

The sound is slightly better than the Fc330 with clearer (though interestingly not deeper) bass and less flobbly midranges. Definitely, again, way underpriced from this point of view.

My only complaints are the length of the cables (they're quite short, but extensions can be obtained easily and cheaply), the lack of relay switches (these are often used to prevent the "pop" when the system is turned on, and this has one mighty pop) and the sheer amount of "piano black" plastic which I have a personal vendetta against for its dust-attracting capabilities.

Definitely a sound I'd expect to hear from something at least three times the price, and I'm not joking.

By the way, the description seems to say it has a 5.25" bass driver. But as the manual (correctly) states, it is in fact 6.5".
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on 18 February 2013
I spent a long time looking for a set of speakers to go with my new iMac. I read a lot of reviews of lacklustre speakers and heard some poor quality sounds in the display area of a large well known computer store. I came across these speakers in the 'customers also viewed' area on Amazon having not seen them during my other searches. Once I read a few of the reviews I knew these were the ones for me and I ordered them straight away.

Delivery was quick. I went on the Yodel website and arranged for the delivery to be delayed by one day. They ignored this and delivered them when we were out by dropping the box over our fence and leaving a completely blank calling card through the door. This resulted in a complaint to Amazon which they have dealt with.

The speakers are awesome. I listen to rock/metal and was looking for a powerful sound in the smallish room that contains our iMac. These speakers deliver exactly that. One of the first tracks I played through them was 'Comfortably Numb', and this was just a couple of hours before going to see the Aussie Floyd live. The sound from the Microlabs (and the Aussie Floyd) was quite remarkable. Turn them up and the sound almost has that 'live' quality.

At the current price, they are unbeatable. In fact I think you would have to spend a great deal of money to get anything that sounds better.
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on 11 April 2016
In a comparison between Microlab fc330 (red) vs fc360 (black). The fc360 is louder. Woofer stronger. Also there's the matter of the amplifier which in the fc330 is integrated into the subwoofer. In terms of audio quality it is towards the older version(fc330). The older version sounds better. I notice it after listetning for a while, but I prefer the sound coming from it. The newer version feels to me a bit more... steralized. like... There's something missing. Perhaps the "voice" frequency is a bit sharper than the older ver. The older version is "cleaner" sound as well. Which might sound contradictory to what I just said about the new fc360 sounding steralized. and yet, it doesn't. If I were to give them score on sound purely(excluding bass) - I'd give FC330 100/100(just to easier measure fc360) - while to FC360 I'd give 75 or 70 out of 100.

Amongst the reviews on this I have found a dude also comparign the two - saying the exact thing I am saying - only the opposite lol. So, up to you to decide. In my opinion the BASS is better on teh newer set up, but the sound overall sounds better to me through the older one.
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