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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 May 2014
'Celine Dion' Canadian Born - Super-Star.
'Celine' has been peppering world-wide Charts for over 30 years, funnily enough
the song she never at first wanted to record 'My Heart Will Go On' shot her from
a great artist gracing the Charts to 'World-Wide-Super-Star.
I was fortunate enough and indeed privileged to attend a live concert at the world
famous 'Colosseum' at Caesars Palace 'Las Vegas' on the opening night of her
new-season at the venue last August 2013.
The Theatre at the Colosseum was closed in 2000 and re-designed built essentially
for 'Celine' ....I can't think of another example to compare with the importance that
was afforded to 'Celine' ......To the owner's of 'Caesars Palace' the 'lady's' continued
performances year after year at the Theatre obviously essential to them.
This 2-CD set houses many of her many world-wide hits along with many simply well
-performed favourites.
On CD one we have numbers such as --'My Heart Will Go On' (Love song from 'Titanic')
'Think Twice' her 1994 smash-hit that remains a favourite with many of her fans, including
myself .....'Taking Chances' -- 'The Power of Love' (A Jennifer Rush hit that 'Celine' made
her own with a powerful performance to be admired) -- 'Because You Loved Me' (Theme
from 'Up Close and Personal') -- 'Tell him' (Beautifully performed with 'Barbara Streisand')
'I Drove All Night' (Also a hit for 'Roy Orbison' and 'Cyndi Lauper' ) -- 'Immortality' (Performed
with 'The Bee Gee's') and 'Beauty and the Beast' (sung with 'Peabo Bryson') ...just some
of the truly beautiful numbers to be found on disc one.......on disc two......'River Deep Mountain
High' (A rousing version of a great song) -- 'I'm Your Angel' (performed with 'R.Kelly') --
'Only One Road' -- 'Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore' (a beautifully performed French number)
'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' (a truly brilliant version of this classic song) -- 'Misled'
and 'The Prayer' (a beautiful number performed with the 'Great' 'Andrea Bocelli') ...on disc two
beautifully outstanding tracks just kept coming.
'Celine' is one of the 'World's' finest voices and great performers.....although this is a 2008 double
CD which I purchased when released, it remains one of my most treasured collectables, if you
love 'Celine's' music, this 36 -track double CD represents much of the lady's best remembered
songs down the years.
that I purchased
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 8 May 2017
If you're nothing more than a casual fan of Celine Dion, and are looking for an album containing all, or at least most of the songs that you know from her, then this first-class compilation from 2008 will fit that criteria.

The standard single disc edition of 'My Love: The Essential Collection' contains 18 tracks, which serve as an anthology of one of the finest, classiest female vocalists of the past few decades, and some of the most exquisite love songs ever written and performed. There are no shortage of tracks of this album which are very special to me.

Without question, 'Because You Loved Me' is one of the most touching pop-ballads I have ever heard, and my personal favourite after a very good friend who means the world to me told me that all of it's lyrics could have been attributed to myself after I set out to help her when she was going through a very difficult period in her life. I confess, it always brings a tear to my eye, but makes me feel proud to think of how far she's come. Of the other ballads, the inspiring 'A New Day Has Come', and her collaboration with The Bee Gees on 'Immortality', a tear-jerking track all about giving up your loved one for your dream, are also firm personal favourites. 'That's the Way It Is' is a great uptempo song, which makes me feel comforted whenever I play it, and her cover versions of 'The Power of Love', and 'I Drove All Night' are right on par with the originals.

As well as the crystal clear quality of Celine's voice, the masterful, larger-than-life production makes 'My Love: The Essential Collection' not only a wonderful retrospective of the lady's best-known work, but an essential easy-listening album in general, which more than merits a five star rating.

Celine Dion was, in many ways, a guilty pleasure of mine, because she has been rather schmaltzy on some of the ballads over the years, and some of best-known hits are as cheesy as they come, but when she's at her very best, she's amazing. Now I freely admit to being a fan, because there is none of you're trashy, flavour-of-the-month pop rubbish here, Celine is a real artiste, and the hits that she has had over the years are evergreen, and have the power to stir such deep emotion, like all good music should.
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on 30 April 2009
junk! like 99.9% of this awful music the last 20 years:) go listen to king crimson and do yourself a cultural fav:))
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on 27 December 2012
Usually greatest hits albums have lots of omitted songs and unnecessarily included songs, and this collection has its share, too. Still, however, it is nothing compared to Madonna's Celebration (2 CD) , Mariah's Greatest Hits or Michael's The Essential . I'll cut it short:

Where are 'Where Does My Heart Beat Now?', 'If You Asked Me to', 'When I Fall in Love', '(If There Was) Any Other Way', and 'I Want You to Need Me', all of which had good chart numbers? Yeah, I know this is a European edition and American editions include the first two songs I mentioned above, but considering the unnecessarily included songs that I'll enumerate now, this selection seems dissatisfying. I'd also love the inclusion of 'Miracle' from the album of the same name, so that we'd have at least one song from every release.

This being said, why are seven singles included from "Falling into You", as if there is a huge space on two discs? 'River Deep, Mountain High' and 'Seduces Me' were not even released as singles! How about 'Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore'? Yes, it's her biggest French hit, but this collection is ENGLISH!! 'My Heart Will Go On' was a much bigger hit, but still it was not included on the French collection On Ne Change Pas , right? While I appreciate the inclusion of 'Dance with My Father' and the live version of 'My Love' (whose studio version is way much better), considering the lost singles, I see these as a waste of time. And 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' is boring as hell, and it has no chart success. What does it have to do here?

I'd also love the video remix version of 'I'm Alive'.

While I like such compilations in random order, I don't like the order of the songs, either. 'Because You Loved Me' and 'The Power of Love' coming after 'Taking Chances' and 'My Love'? Come on!!

Apart from these, I LOVE the inclusion of 'You & I', 'Misled', 'Only One Road', 'Alone', 'The Reason', 'Falling into You', 'Goodbye's (the Saddest Word)', 'Have You Ever Been in Love?', 'One Heart' etc. The included songs apparently satisfy me more than the unincluded ones make me pout.

And I wonder why a DVD of all the videos is still nowhere in sight.
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on 8 February 2015
Hmm tough this one. I thought I would like it much more. The theme from Titanic is about the only tune I like at the moment. The rest are OK in their own way but I realised I am not a fan of Celine as a vocalist.

My Heart Will go On is sung Gently. Basically the rest of the album has many songs that are sung with hard vocals. Right from Think Twice it all starts getting gets forced 'rrrr' sounding. The second verse of Think Twice is painful. (Strange because I used to love it.)

I can cope with the CD as background music, on low volume, say while browsing. However then it is really only a musical tune bouncing along. Often the vocals way overpower the music so I have to reduce volume. I can't really hear the instruments but I can hear her belting in my headphones.

A New Day has Come, and Taking Chances are fairly tempered too, so good tunes.

At Amazon price though, it's hard to say that I don't like it. I just hadn't noticed her as a little more than occasionally unpleasantly belting before.

3.5/5 stars really, but not rounded up to four stars as that would make it look too hot.
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on 5 October 2017
Rubbish don't like it.
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on 28 September 2016
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on 20 May 2016
It doesn't work in my cd play
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on 30 April 2016
cd jumps
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on 18 January 2014
This came to me open and I'm so not happy about that as I wanted it for a gift. if it's new the person I gave it too should be the first to open it!!!! Hope this don't happen again if it does I have to rethink where I buy my CD's in future!!!!
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