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on 23 March 2012
I have owned my Samsung Tab 7.7 for about a month now so thought I'd share my opinion with others who might be looking at purchasing one. Firstly I should explain that mine is the 3G model and was bought in the Middle East for around £400. Something that I found unclear when looking at reviews back in February was the TV Universal Remote function. Just to clarify, an email to Samsung UK revealed that it is only available for the American market, which is a great shame. Therefore mine doesn't have the IR transmitter built in on one side. I was aware of this before I purchased it, but decided to get one anyway. I can imagine anyone being disappointed had they expected it because of reviews they had read beforehand. Perhaps Samsung could make that a little clearer in the description on their UK site. The only indication I saw was the omission of the function in the tech specs.
Anyway, that aside, full marks to Samsung for producing a superb piece of kit. Screen is as good as you have probably read already. I did a direct comparison with the 7.0 plus model in store, and the screen just pops! Build quality, with the metal back, makes the 7.7 stand out from the crowd. Mind you, as has been written about elsewhere, it does make it feel like it's going to slip from your grasp quite easily. So a gel or leather case is vital. Shame to hide it away, but that's possibly the case with most tablets, apart from possibly the Sony. I have a leather book type case on order. Hope I don't drop it before it arrives!
Now I like both Samsung and Apple products. But I travel a lot so chose the 7.7 over a Samsung 8.9 and Ipad due size and weight mainly. My other concerns with the Ipad was a lack of a micro sd card slot and having to convert all my video files to play on it. And I wasn't prepared to jailbreak it. The 7.7 just plays anything!
So a month on and I can honestly say I am happy with the tablet. Its fast, screen size and clarity for surfing the "interweb" is great, even with my old eyes. Battery life is good, seems to hang in there forever. I particularly like the screen capture function, very quick and easy, ideal when you just want to record some information on the fly for later. And I have found myself using the tablet at home, instead of my laptop, more often than I originally thought I would.
Now the Ipad 3 has been released, I'm sure all media attention will be diverted towards it, and quite rightly too. But anyone in the market for a smaller size tablet could do a lot worse than take a look at this offering from Samsung, Good luck with whatever you choose.
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on 22 March 2012
************** Updated July 2012 ***********************
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has had rave reviews in the technical press. I have to agree with them. Its very well made with a beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen, its light in the hand, and unlike an Ipad you can expand its memory with a Micro SD card (up to 32gb).

The main fault, is its a little pricey especially now that the IPad2 has had its its price reduced. Originally it was around £500 its now down to around £423,(March 2012). After dabbling with clunky Itunes. The flexibility of Android even in the slightly older 3.2 version has won me over. (and as of 23 July 2012 a now very reasonable £379).

If you want a light fast well made tablet this is the one for you. There is an alternative to Itunes and the Ipad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, I would recommend it.

If Samsung pull their finger out and up date the Android operating system promptly to Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) I'd give it 5 stars.

-Updated to ICS Android 4 today (23 July 2012). The update corrects the slight faults the Gingerbread software had and changes a good tablet into a brilliant device. Hence the update from 4 Stars to 5.

4 months to update from Android 3.2 to 4. Samsung is still a little tardy in getting those updates out to users. But hey they got there in the end!
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on 17 February 2012
I have the old tab p1000 and a transformer tf101 but felt the 10.1 was too big so decided to get this new 7.7 and I am sure as hell glad I did, its truely superb. The size is perfect and the huge resolution makes normal size websites a pleasure to use. Its so light its hard to believe they could make it so light yet look stunning and feel strong.

As for performance its the best i'be experienced, very fast yet the battery lasts ages. The display is stunning and is another reason I went for this model, I have a galaxy s2 so am used to this display and won't settle for anything less from now on.

#### 5 Month Update ####

Still 5 stars and wouldn't part with this tab for the world, cannot fault it. Have the genuine samsung flip front case for it, match made in heaven
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on 13 March 2012
First I must apologise for my bad english, but I ordered this tab from Germany, because it is not available here.
Before I had an ipad2 and a transformer prime, so I can show some comparisons:

fantastic or as we say in Germany: affengeil! Defenetly the best I habe ever seen! The colours are brighter and the resulution is more than impressive! you can read a newspaper, different pdfs oder calculations without any problems. The only thing is - of course once again: the reflective screen. I Think one buys brillianz with reflexions...but thats the way. If anyone gets a screenprotction, that reduces reflections without cilling contrast and brilliance, let me know...you get a large german beer! ;-)

For me the best size. A little bit bigger the 7, but you can take it with you in a pocket or so...

A see diff. vids 720 and 1040p without any trubble. runs fluedly on the tab, now I am looking for an easy way the get it on my HD-TV without the cable-mess docking from samsung. Anyone an Idea? (gets another beer too of course!)

I can use it heave for two days with 3G without any trubble. The Akku gets down to round about 10%
Looking video with brightness max, WLAN on, 3G of ran 11 Hours...very nice!

It also has a nice Navigation, Calender, all the standard Android stuff which runs without any trubble.

Nevertheless...I am curious for ICS, hope it OTA soon!

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, do not hasite!

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After a brief absence using a 7" tab (previously had the original galaxy Tab 7.0 and HTC Fyler), got tempted back to this by the impressive specification and screen resolution.

Getting straight to the point, the 7.7 is the best 7-inch tablet money can buy in my opinion. it performs well, offers a stunning screen (Super Amoled +) and delivers superb battery life. I am easily getting 2 full days use before recharge.

The build quality is both impressive and surprising. In a change of tact, Samsung has gone for high quality premium feel with brushed metal finish on the back instead of the usual plastic. This really make the Tab feel great in the hand and also improves the looks considerably.

Samsung have promised update to latest Android version (ICS 4.0) by March 2012 and this will improve this even further. In the meantime you will have to make do with 3.2, which is fine.

My only real complaint about the Tab is the relatively low resolution camera rated at 3 mega-pixels, although the pictures are adequate for general use.

In summary its incredibly thin, very light, beautiful to look at. Its fast and long-lasting and the screen is in a different class. You might have guessed that I am recommending this tablet as the best 7" tablet currently available. If you need a portable solution this is the one.
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on 26 February 2012
Before this, I was using the original Galaxy Tab, which was quite useful, but had issues with WiFi connectivity (tendency to reboot when switching networks).
The Tab 7.7 not only solves that issue, but also is faster, has better screen resolution, looks better and supports external USB. It also has the advantage that the custom connector (charge/sync) is interchangeable so that any third-party cables etc. that you have invested in can be reused.
The only small issue I have is that the Tab 7.7 is a tad slippery (could be solved with a silicone skin).
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on 11 April 2012
Well, sadly I have had to request a refund and send this back. You can't fault Amazon at delivery times and ability to give 30 days money back.

Anyhow, heres the low down on the device.

I never did see Amazon selling the 3G version so I thought I'd just go for this one and tether to my HTC phone - which works very well at great Hsdpa. The internet access is a good experience. The browser is fine.

The screen is stunning. I mean top notch flat screen stunning. You won't find a better one out there I'm sure of that. It can be seen at all angles no problem at all. It is bright and clean. No issues at all. However, you sure will struggle seeing the screen in any sunlight. It also is a fingerprint magnet BIG TIME.

The unit is incredibly light and very solid. The differences from a £200 tablet and this one are non-comparable - you can feel where your money has gone.

My biggest gripes with this product is power. This thing has moments of laggyness that makes me slightly sweat. I try and remind myself (to calm myself) it's because "I just installed this, just installed that" etc but the sad reality is this dual 1.4 ghz cpu is pretty choopy at times. The lag on the interface when swapping screens to the hesitancy going to file mangers etc. Theres no doubt it could be a much better overall performance.

The back camera is 'ok' but the front camera is dire awful. The lag on the front camera is pretty shameful to be honest. You can bend your finger in front of it and the delay is laughable. The overall quality of the cameras are pretty naff too with the front being very poor in clarity. I understand this tablet is not a camera.

For a £425 tablet I do think items such as the camera should be either excellent or not put into the device at all. No corners should be cut on the price being asked.

The battery life overall is excellant. No heating problems either that I saw.
Playing movies is excellant - no audio lag that you get with many tablets. It played everything I threw at it in all formats.

This tablet comes with pre-installed bloatware and TONS of it. There is no way to uninstall it either. I dislike this in a device I have paid for. I feel the duty of Samsung is to sell their working product and should not install junkware that annoys the customer. The bloatware that is installed must be in the region of 10+ apps at least. All happy to use your internet access, without you stopping them, to update and exchange information and occasionally deal you an advertising pop-up. Grrrrrr !

Though I will never go down the Apple route, I so happened upon the older Apple Ipad 2 recently. I have not given them much thought in the past but I can honestly say that the Apple Ipad 2 (not even the 3) completely blew this tablet out of the water in terms of gui responsiveness, time to open applications and camera quality which was fantastic and instant 'on'.
Of course, there is talk that ICS (android 4) being available soon for this Samsung 7.7 will sort out a 'few' existing issues but on the release date I am not holding my breathe.

Just a tiny thing, I don't know why they make the right 'volume up' button the one that makes the volume actually go DOWN and vice-versa. I do not see the point. The buttons do opposite what you would expect from what we are all used to.

All in all the tablet ticks 3.5 / 5 stars imho. It could of and should of been perfect. It is a pity Samsung didn't hold this device back a little longer and ironed out the blatant issues. It would have got 4 stars if the price was reasonable for performance. It's like buying a Ferrari and sticking cheap tyres on it.

If the device is £150+ cheaper and with 3G in a few months time, and I don't have an alternative tablet by then, I might consider re-buying it at a better price.
You have to remember that this 7.7 with it's smaller screen is more expensive than the latest Apple Ipad 3.

As mentioned before, I struggle to see how this is fully using it's entire 1.4 ghz dual cpu when it also has a seperate Mali 400 graphics processor.

Oh well. Shame as the form factor was spot on.
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on 26 May 2012
---- ICS is now out for UK Galaxy Tab 7.7 (even for wifi - only variant) ----

Okay, so judging by the fact that you're reading this review, you're in the market for a shiny brand new tablet that will blow your mind away. Even if it sets you back by a good half a grand. The million pound question is,is SGT 7.7 what you want?

Pro : Great Screen, Battery life, Overall Design, Running ICS, SOUNDALIVE
Cons : Hardware specs are outdated, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is now out.

In my opinion, no. However, this is mainly because it could be a LOT CHEAPER. I would recommend any of you reading this finish reading the full review. Because this may be the tablet for you.

1. The Screen (4/5)

The resolution on the SGT 7.7 is 1280 x 800 which is same as the one on SGT 10.1 (galaxy tab 10.1) which is impressive because SGT 7.7 has a smaller screen. This works out to be 196 ppi (Pixels Per Inch - higher the better.) This is the best in 7 inch tablets and best in SAMSUNG tablets. However, iPad 3 boasts 2048 x 1536 retina display (264 ppi) which makes it a clear winner. Also, new tablets coming out are boasting Full HD resolutions (1920 x 1200) (i.e. Transformer Infinity)

But the real merit to SGT 7.7's screen comes from the fact that it is Super AMOLED. Without becoming too technical, it rocks! It is bright (although not as bright as some mobile phones) and it is easier to look at in sunlight. Also, I heard some complaining the colours are too saturated but that can be toggled under Settings -> Screen -> mode.

Screen is probably the most essential part of the review and probably one of the only strong points of this tablet. And the tricky part is that it's a personal call, which may change after you purchase this! (What's more important to you; resolution or colour saturation?)

2. CPU (normal tasks), GPU (graphics), RAM (temporary memory space) (2/5)
1.4ghz Dual core Exynos CPU found in SGT 7.7 should be snappy enough to run just about all apps available in the android market*. This is complimented by 1gb of RAM and Mali-400MP quad core GPU which is also found in SGS2 (galaxy s2.)

*Update - not anymore. Dungeon defenders, Temple Run (Brave), Gangstar Rio and other graphically intensive games will now stutter mercilessly on SGT 7.7

In theory this should make this one of the most powerful (with the exception of iPad 3, which has A5X) - in DUAL CORE WORLD. Now, the market is flooded with quad core devices. And the prime example and competitor to SGT 7.7 is the nexus tablet. To me, 12 dedicated graphical processor units seems pretty damn hard to beat with a quad-core.

This spec last year? Sammy is bang on the money; I would have spent a half grand for a tablet with this spec. Now? not so much...

3. Design & Battery Life (5/5)
The thickness is 7.9mm, which is thinner than SGS2 (8.7mm <- there were some debate about this because the part with the camera lense was thicker), iPhone 4 (9.3mm) and so on. The only device i can think of that beats this in terms of thickness is Motorola RAZR (insane 7.1mm)

Moreover, the bezel is incredibly thin, letting majority of the tablet's front to be the screen. Furthermore, its aluminium casing gives the tablet a sturdy feeling which is ironic because it only weighs 345g. To put an extra cherry on top of the already awesome sundae that SGT 7.7 is, Samsung has fitted in a gigantic 5100mAh battery. Normally I would get about 8/9 hours of continuous usage (with wifi and 60% brightness) but with mild use, there are days I don't even bother charging for two or three days.

Finally the speakers situated at the bottom of the tablet are loud and are able to deliver sufficient bass. I think this is a bad idea because when using the tab in landscape, it feels like the sound is only coming from one side. But apart from that, SGT 7.7 is a beautifully designed tablet - built to impress. It deserves a 5/5 just from its thin lightweight yet sturdy design.

4. Camera (4/5)
Not much you're looking for from here because they are freaking tablets. But 3MP rear and 2MP front facing can be considered disappointing to a lot. ASUS Transformer Prime has 8MP and iPad 3 has 5MP. (rear) But they are enough to skype and capture the moment if you really need but as portable as 7' tablets are, they are not as portable as phones or DSLR and therefore I definately wouldn't recommend using cameras on TABLETS, let alone SGT 7.7

5. Software (3/5)
Kudos, Google! The interface is now smooth (which is pretty much all that we're looking for) and ICS brings customisation to another level. And whether you hate Samsung's touchWiz or not a a little tweak called SOUNDALIVE makes up for everything. SOUNDALIVE allows the user to enhance the music playback and it is by far better than any other equalisers I have ever seen. It allows 3D, Bass, Reverb, Clarity on top of a EQ. Other EQs may have similar options but at the cost of audio quality.

BUT ICS is old news now. WE WANT JELLY BEAN! Butter Smooth UI (i.e. zero lag UI) and instantly unlocking screens and all other enhancements of JELLY BEAN is phenomenal. If it took us 9 months after release of ICS to get it, chances are we may not even get it. Even if we do, we certainly won't be getting it any time soon.

Also the lack of apps in Android compared to iOS is still there. Of course, now android is grown significantly compared to even just a year ago, but as I say, quality, not quantity. Whether you are a gamer, looking for a casual game or a businessmen looking for a utility app, android is still behind. This is even worse in the tablet division since android tablets have only effectively been around for 1 year. To sum up, iPads' presence and dominance in the market discourages opting for an android tablet.

Finally, 7' form factor is bringing SGT 7.7 down because even though it's a different segment of the devices market, developers do not treat it that way. (Not that it is unusable, just not as optimized as it should be.) For example, when looking at a website, mobile version is too small. But the desktop version is too big so requires constant zooming in and out. (Hopefully and probably this will change soon seeing as nexus tablet is out.)

Verdict :

I love Super AMOLED screen and that alone decided my purchase. But unfortunately the expected increase in rating did not happen, even with the software upgrade. If this came out with ICS last year, it would have been hands down an all round winner. I wouldn't have thought twice about buying this. But technology moves on too fast. The manufacturers can build a tablet twice as better with the same cost next year. Nexus tablet beats this tablet and only cost you half the price. So if I could ask you this, would you rate a a dual core tablet with outdated software priced at £400 4/5 stars if there was a quad core tablet with latest software priced at £200?

iPad 2 cannot be priced at full £399 if iPad 3 is also selling at £399. Galaxy Tab 7.7 doesn't have the 'wow' factor any more. So Why priced at £350+? And more importantly, why buy it? At this price, this is what I expect from Samsung; a tablet with appropriate hardware (minimum : Galaxy s3) + SUPER AMOLED screen and keeping the ultra thin beauty SGT 7.7's design is.
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on 30 March 2012
After owning the P6800 (3G) version since mid Jan, and wanting a tablet with amazing all round features i.e. memory card slot, vivid screen full internet and to use it as a phone to boot, my search was over once I saw the availability of this machine, was prepared to see what Apple were prepared to do but from specification only (would never buy an iPad because of it's limitations) & now I'm patiently awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to compliment the Tablet as an additional phone.

The machine is super fast, very portable and does what you ask it to, when you want it to.

Couldn't be more happier with this product & have already purchased accessories for it from Amazon.

There's many more things I could say but I'd just be repeating what's been said before, in conclusion I can't see how anyone could be disappointed with this ideal for people on the go.
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on 1 March 2012
This is an amazing product. It has a great screen and runs everything from music the gta3 effortlessly. My main reason for this was reading on my commute and again itthereexcell. The tablet is small enough to slide I andoutofmy jacket pocket, and reading is easily done using the screen with fast and responsive zooming for that difficult to read text. Would highly recommend.
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