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on 26 May 2013
I previously had a pair of 200AV by the same manufacturer but they were very sensitive to noise caused by LED lights. I bought these in the hope that they would be faster, one has a built in switch and they are less sensitive to electrical noise. They are also compatible with the 200AV units I already had - though they needed a flash upgrade to see the new 500AV units.

Plug them and they just work. The administration software works, it's worth using to set the passwords so that they are all in sync. The Linux software is a bit clunky but it does work - I can't comment about the Windows software as I didn't use most of it. I ran a simple network test and they are noticeably faster and less susceptible to noise than the 200AV units I had previously. They are no substitute for proper CAT-5e/6a cable but they are an acceptable compromise.

The firmware update tool is only available for Windows on PC hardware, which is a pain if you need to do an update and you don't have a WIndows system. I had to borrow a Windows system to flash my old units and if I need to flash these then I'd need to borrow it again. Thankfully flashing firmware isn't a common thing to need to do. Even though Devolo don't supply Linux software to flash the firmware they do know what Linux is and provide basic tools, which is good.
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on 22 October 2013
I bought these to work with existing Devolo dLAN200 which I have used without problems for around 5 years. The new 500s report speeds of around 250Mbit/sec in the Cockpit software, whilst I was getting around 150MBit/sec with the 200 kit. Not sure how that relates to actual data speed (as some overhead is apparently required for transmission) but certainly provides a good link to my router in a room on the floor below at fibre broadband speed. They work well with the existing 200 kit and reported speed is up to 195Mbit/sec connected to the 200s so seems to improve their speed too. Having the 3 gigabit ethernet ports is great for attaching a NAS or other device (the wireless version has slower non-gigabit ports).

Overall much faster and more reliable than wireless and no problems with dropped connections. I have found that they work best if you plug other things into the pass through socket, or else neighbouring sockets only via a short extension lead (eg. 4 way switched extension, 2.0m).

Devolo kit is considered good quality but more expensive than competitors. There are few alternatives if you want 3 gigabit ethernet ports built in without using a separate network switch.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2012
I bought this and a DLAN 500 AVTRIPLE+ STARTERKIT for our new home, so that I could push media to every room, without running cables everywhere. Wireless wasn't really an option, as I wanted to stream Blu-Ray rips in .mkv format ( at least 20Gb in size ), so this seemed to be an ideal solution.

The kit itself was very simple to install and I would imagine for 'light' network usage it would be fine, however I ran into a few issues, which I haven't been able to resolve despite Devolo's tech support ( very quick to reply to queries, which is always a bonus these days ). The issues I ran into are:

When I try to play Blu-Ray rips, I get a lot of buffering, which means the film is unwatchable. Devolo say the data throughput rates ( shown on thier Cockpit software ) are sufficient for smooth playback, but the problem remains, so I can only assume the adapters can't handle .mkv or very large files efficiently ?

During the fault finding with Devolo, they mentioned that most double sockets act like an extension lead ( something that they don't recommend you plug the adapters in to ) and as most new build houses have double sockets it might cause issues.

The other problem I have is that being a Mac user, there is no way to update the firmware of the adapters, as that's only available to Windows users, at this time. Luckily I was able to borrow a netbook, to do the updates, but if you can't it's something worth noting. Devolo are working on an application for Mac, but have no timeframe for when it will be available.
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on 12 January 2013
I bought this to augment my existing devolo 85MB powerline network adapters. As they use the same underlying protocol, they are compatible at the transport level, although the monitoring software is not - that is not the problem though. I used this item to connect my media server (RAID 2 Buffalo NAS) to my media client (Humax HD Freeview recorder) and all worked perfectly for about a day. They also played nicely with the existing adapters (though obviously significantly slower transfer speed).

I then found that there was no connectivity at all the following day. I tried a hard reset, and also disconnecting all the other adapters and although the monitoring software did indeed show both devices (so there was an underlying connection), I got no data transfer at all.

I have no idea why this happened, and hopefully it was an isolated case. I would give 5 stars if this product worked for more than 24 hours, but alas no.
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on 25 March 2013
Set up was very easy with these. Two boxes were purchased and I set up one pair first. The instructions are a little superfluous. Basically it's plug them in, plug in the network cables and go. As a temporary measure the plug for the router is plugged into a 10m extension cable but I am still getting over 60% of the maximum connection speed.
The provided cockpit software is OK, but apart from naming the plugs, I'm not sure I'll use it for much else.
The wired network connection was initially set up as 'public'. All I needed to do was detach the wireless adapter from the desktop, 'repair' the wired connection from the network and sharing centre and I was up and running. Converting my printer from wired (USB) to network took a couple of minutes (mainly messing with cables) and I was able to add it to a Win7 desktop, two Win8 laptops and a linux laptop in under 5 minutes.
When you consider that all of the above took me under 15 minutes I was very impressed.
Adding a second 3 way plug to add the TV, games console and satellite box to the mix was also easy. I just plugged in the cables, started the cockpit software and the new adapter was recognised immediately. Finding the right options on the satellite box to make it all work was the hardest part by far...
All in all, I'm very happy with these plugs.
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on 28 February 2014
I bought this kit in December 2012 and after some initial fiddling to synchronise the units, it's been working flawlessly for 14 months. But today, the triple plug stopped working. It still allows power to flow to anything plugged into it, but no lights come on and there's no network connectivity. I've tried turning it on and off and holding the sync button in, but can't bring it back to life. I would have expected this to last longer. A quick search suggests i am not alone with this fault. And i'm just out of warranty, so won't be able to return it. I expected a longer lifespan than 14 months
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on 24 October 2014
Perfect network system, only had one unit failed in the first few months. Amazons excellent replacement service replaced it. Since that date to today I have had perfect performance. I use the unit with three Ethernet outputs for the sky decoder, Freesat decoder and the freeview decoder. I also use the wifi from the lounge unit for my IPadAir speed is excellent. Download box set from Sky without data dropouts. Our home is built with concrete walls hence wifi does not work except in each room hence the reason to buy the best it has been a good investment.
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on 13 September 2012
had this product for a while as i wanted multiple ports at the remote end.

first thing i noticed was problems copying files to my storage box locked the network and i figured it was either the router or the storage box so put up with having to reset router every time i copied files over, which was only once a week so not a major inconvenience.

after five months the triple port adapter failed and was sent back and eventually refunded. in the meantime i bought a Netgear XAVB5004 Powerline 4-Port AV 500 Kit for Home Theater as my old 200 adapters were not strong enough to watch iplayer on and the weekly copy took forever... not looked back since, eventually replaced the router too as it is old.

the copying problem and eventual failure aside they worked well.
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on 29 February 2016
A total waste of money in my opinion.
No instructions just plug in and go so they say. Doesn't work for me so unless I am doing something wrong or the thing is a dud (and I suspect the latter ) the item fails to do what it claims.
I am very disappointed that Amazon would sell such a thing. I very much regret that because of other commitments I waited too long to try to install the AV triple + starter kit. If I had been able to install the deVolo within the return period I would have returned the item for a full refund. As it is I feel that I have been cheated.
I have bought many items from Amazon in the past just relying on Amazon's good reputation as a sign that the purchase will do what its claims. This is the first time you have let me down and, as a result, I shall, in future, be more careful where I buy my electronic gadgets from.
I feel really very disappointed and let down.
Dennis Mc Carthy
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on 24 May 2013
We have been using this product for more than a year now and we are very pleased with it.

For me, you can't beat hard-wired ethernet cable and on my main computer at home, that's how I connect to the network. However, my wife has an iMac in the lounge and it would be hard work to run an ethernet cable there. She can connect via our WiFi router but even with the best router we could find, the WiFi signal drops out occasionally.

The dLAN AVTriple+ Starter Kit solved the problem easily and provides not only a reliable connection to the iMac but we are using the two spare sockets to connect our Tivo box and WDTV media player to the network. Speed-wise, we are getting around 170Mbits/s which, to be honest is plenty good enough.

I deducted 1 star because the AVTriple failed after 11 months :-(
However, Amazon replaced the whole kit FOC (Thanks Amazon!)

I also have a PC in the workshop (garage) which was just too far from the WiFi router. I have now added an extra AVplus unit here to solve that problem and despite it's more remote location, I am still getting 169Mbits/s.

Very pleased.
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