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on 24 February 2012
I've recently bought one of these kits. They're simple to install, but I've noticed the unit with 3 ports on it makes a constant high pitched whine or hum which unless you have the TV or radio on quite loud tends to get on your nerves after a while. I've got a support call in with Devolo to see if this is normal or not. The unit has several cooling vents, which I assume is to cool the unit as it has a built in switch, so maybe it's just the sound of all the electrics, all I can say is a couple of old D-Link units I had (that only had one port in each unit) were totally silent, so unless you don't mind the constant whining, you may want to consider something else. I'll update this if I get any joy from my support call to Devolo.
Update 1. Devolo have mailed me to say the humming is not normal, so I've ordered a replacement with Amazon, sadly a 1 - 3 week lead time now.
Update 2. A Few months on and the replacement has been working fine, so just one dodgy unit, speed and simplicity of installation is great!
Update 3. Its now October 2012, and the 3 port unit has now failed like others. The plug works so the fuse hasn't gone, but there's no lights on the networking part at all, so its going back to Amazon again....a shame that the hardware seems to be a bit flakey.
Update 4. November 2012. Amazon were kind enough to quickly send a replacement out again, and so far the new unit is working OK, but the long term life of these products remains a bit of a concern!
Update 4. June 2015, and the 3 port unit has failed again....outside of the replacement period I imagine, boy do you get through these devices at a rate of knots!
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on 15 June 2013
This product is quick and easy to set up but that is where it's positives end. I've had it just under a year and the adapter has just died. Even when it worked it was far slower than the advertised speed. I realise that there are environmental factors that can impact up on the transfer speed but in my opinon its false advertising. DO NOT BUY these.

Learn to crimp your own cat5 cable and run them on the outside of your property (if you don't want to see the cables around your home). For the cost of the cables, crimping kit and a drill bit you'll save a lot of money, especially as on average this Devolo seems to die within a year for most people.
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on 9 July 2012
The convenience of having what is effectively a switch built in is very helpful as I use it to feed two computers and a net connected TV in the same room. Previously I had just the one computer that was connected using an AVplus 200 homeplug set and I was therefore looking forward to an increase in speed with the 500 model.

In practice, the speed, as logged by Devolo's own dLan Cockpit software, is actually no better and perhaps just a tad slower. No obvious reason why this should be the case as it is running over exactly the same linked sockets as before. Upgrading to the latest firmware made a small difference but still no better than the AVplus 200 and less than I'd hoped for. I know how sensitive these homeplugs can be. Another mains socket in the same room produces a much poorer result but I'd not expected any degredation on the same pathway. Maybe the inbuilt switch itself adds some level of interference with three devices attached.

It is still a very convenient way to add three devices on one socket and probably no more expensive than three separate AVplus 200 plugs but don't expect any dramatic speed improvements.
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on 13 September 2012
had this product for a while as i wanted multiple ports at the remote end.

first thing i noticed was problems copying files to my storage box locked the network and i figured it was either the router or the storage box so put up with having to reset router every time i copied files over, which was only once a week so not a major inconvenience.

after five months the triple port adapter failed and was sent back and eventually refunded. in the meantime i bought a Netgear XAVB5004 Powerline 4-Port AV 500 Kit for Home Theater as my old 200 adapters were not strong enough to watch iplayer on and the weekly copy took forever... not looked back since, eventually replaced the router too as it is old.

the copying problem and eventual failure aside they worked well.
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on 22 April 2013
Three big issues with the dLAN 500:

1. In my house, they are no faster than the dLAN 200 (Cockpit software actually seems to show they are often slower!!).

2. One of the adapters failed and needed replacement after 3 months.

3. The most serious issue: They continually drop the connection, which makes them useless for streaming media (in my case music). This is fixable - see below...

Issue 3 is a known issue - Devolo support told me to update the firmware of both adapters using the dLAN Cockpit software. This did fix the issues for me (before the adapters stopped working - the replacement ones still have the same connectivity problem and need to be updated). Note that the firmware update is not possible using the Mac OSX version of the software, it's only possible using the Windows version - which took another email to support to find out!!

Bottom line for me is that they are selling a product (dLAN 500) that is not production ready - dropped connectivity is not acceptable for a £100 networking product. And issues with their software mean that Mac users can't update the firmware to fix the problem.

My advice: The dLAN 200s work well - save your money (and considerable hassle) and go for those.
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on 23 October 2012
Before this I would lag out of matches regular on the xbox playing COD or later BF3. Driving me insane is a understatement so i decided to take a hit on one of these and take a risk. If anyone was rude enough to use a iPad or iPhone over WiFi then forget it it was controller v wall time.
Now after a painless installation i am running stable connection without any network disconnects, lag has reduced immensely and i can play to my hearts content as long as loads of folks aren't on the internet at same time. Oh and sky go now works (almost) all the time
The units are a bit big. the lights are annoying in the bedroom. can Take 3-4 minutes to come out of power save mode and start working when left for a day or 2
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on 28 February 2014
I bought this kit in December 2012 and after some initial fiddling to synchronise the units, it's been working flawlessly for 14 months. But today, the triple plug stopped working. It still allows power to flow to anything plugged into it, but no lights come on and there's no network connectivity. I've tried turning it on and off and holding the sync button in, but can't bring it back to life. I would have expected this to last longer. A quick search suggests i am not alone with this fault. And i'm just out of warranty, so won't be able to return it. I expected a longer lifespan than 14 months
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on 26 May 2013
I previously had a pair of 200AV by the same manufacturer but they were very sensitive to noise caused by LED lights. I bought these in the hope that they would be faster, one has a built in switch and they are less sensitive to electrical noise. They are also compatible with the 200AV units I already had - though they needed a flash upgrade to see the new 500AV units.

Plug them and they just work. The administration software works, it's worth using to set the passwords so that they are all in sync. The Linux software is a bit clunky but it does work - I can't comment about the Windows software as I didn't use most of it. I ran a simple network test and they are noticeably faster and less susceptible to noise than the 200AV units I had previously. They are no substitute for proper CAT-5e/6a cable but they are an acceptable compromise.

The firmware update tool is only available for Windows on PC hardware, which is a pain if you need to do an update and you don't have a WIndows system. I had to borrow a Windows system to flash my old units and if I need to flash these then I'd need to borrow it again. Thankfully flashing firmware isn't a common thing to need to do. Even though Devolo don't supply Linux software to flash the firmware they do know what Linux is and provide basic tools, which is good.
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on 23 September 2012
Great for 4 months,streaming iplayer in HD but then just stopped working. No lights, no response. Clearly hardware failure.
Excellent service by Amazon, replaced free of charge with no argument. Replacement working normally.
Update, replacement after 1 year sounds like a mosquito and is so annoying that I have replaced it with TP-Link AV500 kit (silence at last).
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on 29 January 2012
I bought this product as I have a Media Streamer and an Xbox in my living room and neither have a wireless connection, but my router is on the other side of the house.

I found them VERY easy to set-up - in fact I didn't have to do anything other than just plug them in to a local mains socket at each end, plug the media devices in to the network socket - and voila: the devices were on the network. They also work a LOT faster and more reliable than a wireless connection.

I would definately buy another one if I needed another LAN connection in the house.

Good product, good solution.

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