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on 25 September 2012
I am a novice when it comes to things like this but I didn't find it difficult to set the printer up, I just plugged it in and followed the prompts on the screen. I also put the Disc into the laptop (not Apple) when prompted and when all that was done the Airplay was set up and working and our Laptop which works on windows 7 also prints over the WIFI. I set it up by following the promts on the printer itself and If I remember correctly there was a choice given whilst following this set up to complete without using the accompanying Disc on your computer or laptop. So if you can't use a disc and just want to use the printer with your iPad or iPhone you can bypass this and still continue to set up without using the disc. It really was quite easy to follow it and believe me I am a total novice and if I can do it anyone should be able too.

I have to admit I assume that my iPad2 and iphone4S are printing over AirPrint, it definitely works anyway but I suppose I could have missed something and it could be printing over the WIFI in the same way as our windows laptop is. I'm not clever enough to know the different but whatever, it works immediately when I press print in any App on my iPad and phone, so I am more than happy.

I love the way there are separate trays for photo paper and ordinary paper and how somehow the printer knows whether my iPad has asked it to print a photo or a document and always comes out using the correct ink and paper. The quality of the prints is excellent too, both black print and photographs. I have had fun printing out photographs, have already and to purchase some new paper and no doubt I will need new ink soon too. It also prints on the back and the front of documents easily and with perfect results. Before owning this printer it would take me ages and a lot of wasted ink and paper working out which way to put the doucments in to get a both sided print out, but thankfully now I have this printer those days are over.

I think it's great because until we bought this printer we had to carry the laptop upstairs to plug into the old printer via a USB ever time we wanted a print. If I wanted to print something off of my ipad2 or iphone4S I couldn't do it at all, unless I went around it the long way and emailed the document to myself and then opened the email on the laptop and carried that up the stairs to print it off. You get the picture, not an ideal thing to have to do and sometimes what I wanted to print didn't appear how I wanted it to in the email. So this has made life so much easier.

I couldn't recommend this printer highly enough. I don't think you will be dissapointed should you decide to purchase, I certainly wasn't. It does everything that I wanted it to do and with excellent results.

Amazon also delivered it quickly and it arrived in perfect condition, so many thanks to all concerned.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2012

The device in its box looks the same size as a desktop computer. The device out of its box still looks over large for what it could be, but its still smaller than some HP's I have owned (this is my 6 th since 1992). Please note this printer is partially made from recycled products to be greener. So the exterior is not as swish as its possible to be.

* Wireless or USB compatibility?

For those who prefer wireless connections rather than USB, this device can also cater for both of your needs. But I use direct USB connection, which cable I note was not supplied and had to buy it elsewhere.

*Windows 8 compatibility

If you are to buy this device for a Windows 8 computer, you will see that the box it comes in does not have a windows 8 driver disk. It does come with Windows 7 driver disk. To be honest, I am not sure if a windows 7 driver would be compatible with Windows 8? In the past this reusing of some drivers used to be technically possible, such as some Windows 2000 and XP drivers being interchangeable. But I would suggest using and installing a windows 8 to be sure. Not to worry, all you need is a reliable and quick broadband connection to surf to HP UK website and download a small initial program to aid installation of Windows 8 compatible HP driver. Copy the following into your browser of choice. This driver is around 64 Meg in size. Before you install your printers Windows 8 driver, it better to turn off your antivirus software and software firewall just for the installation and rely on your hardware firewall to allow its installation to be right first time. As soon the driver its FULLY INSTALLED you can turn both you antivirus and firewall software back on.

* Windows 10 compatibility?

This device does work fully with the Windows 10 Operating System. There is no loss of usability with this device either.

*The features of this device

* Starting

The first time its started it makes internal mechanical adjustments for 5 minutes or so to set itself up. During this setup, it sounds like an old steam engine but its seems to work. The printer is set in sleep - mode after a period of time, so when you awaken it again it takes less than a minute to check itself over again. This can be manipulated to your own wants.

* The printer features

The printer can be controlled with a reasonably large touch + motion sensitive screen that allows settings such as how many prints do you want, or it can be used more flexibly thorough the application software on your computer. This is done to remove older experiences of massive multilingual manuals with dodgy translations making fools of us all. And its very green to do this. Again this is very helpful to look into the pc apps for the help as moving cartoons helps make explanations very clear and takes only a few repetitions to use it proficiently. Its sounds naff but it really works!

* printing cartridges

The printer cartridges are tall but thin and you simply match the symbols on the ink chambers to the internal areas where they are to be seated. You take its protective lock and turn it in the way your thumb fits into it lever. There are bigger HP branded ink cartridges available to give longer performance run
abilities. But be aware that cleaning, or deep cleaning the cartridge's can really deplete the amount of ink in these chambers in your printer. The lifespan of the ink seems to be on the thirsty side, compared with previous HP printer devices that I have owned. Its looking to me that's its better value for money if you purchase the XL capacity inks as they last 500 sheets, although this may double the cost of buying them over the standard capacities. Its good to always have cartridges to hand and I now buy in advance of needing them.

* Photo graph printing

There are several ways to apply this device to print copy and so on. Its worth time going through the too - thin manual but spend more time looking in the help files on board your printer software. The setting are flexible, but I am knocked out with the photographic reproduction abilities. You need to select the type of paper to make the best of the images. If you do not select the most compatible paper, the reproduction will probably disappoint you. Keep working through the help files but its great quality prints with better quality inks are noticeable. My last printer had great photographic abilities and its of the same stable. I as others have been confused what is really meant when printing photographs. Its used here to mean smaller than A4 prints, say A6, that are put in its own depression near the front of the printer. To print on A4 sheets, then you just load the printer with several photo paper sheets and it works.

* Text and Graphics

The menu allows text on one or both sides, or pictures and text on one or both sides. There are several ways with stand alone or with the printer screen and or the driver user software.

* Summary

It does what I want and the price from Amazon is great.
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on 10 June 2013
The printer is compact, good quality and I especially like the separate paper trays for paper / photo. So you can print photos without changing paper or cartridges. AirPrint is also convenient.

However, as a WiFi only printer, I find that you have to regularly reboot the printer.
I tried to use auto-off, and turn on only when needed, but then it disables web services (like eFax). So you have to compromise.

On eFax, this is a total waste of time. Quicker to jump in your car and drive to local copy center. The setup is mind bogglingly over complicated (turn on here, register thewre, put this code in here, email somewhere, register again, put in more codes, add printer, etc etc), it rarely works, and you will be prompted to upgrade to a pay service at every step along the way (which will never be worth it for home users who probably send 1 or 2 a year).

Pity, as with WiFi and eFax, you could put the printer away from your network and phone sockets, but this does not work well at all in this printer.

Also the scan to computer is a bit flaky, but that is more of a wifi issue if you printer has a less than perfect signal.

Great printer, but not for those who don't like constant tinkering to get it to work.
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on 14 June 2013
I have had three HP printers
First HP printer i bought was great, never loosed me down and inks lasted and lasted, had it for 10 years and only had to replace due to no AirPrint on it.
The 7510 replacement was awful. Had terrible trouble with the inks before it turned itself off for good.
The ink didnt last very long, so due to this it was quite expensive to print.
the printer shows ink levels but the ink level showed the ink was getting low but still had ink left, the printer decides no ink and the printer won't work. I had to replace all inks just to get it to work again. I printed one picture to test alignment and the one ink level showed a quarter of the ink had immediately gone, impossible surely. 13 months down the line and the printer turned itself off and has never worked since. so it is now going to the rubbish tip.

Not upto the standard of my old one h is very disappointing because I will not buy another HP printer again.
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on 2 June 2013
I've always been pleased with HP printers but this one is always out of ink. The ink cartridges seem to contain about 3 molecules of ink. This means that you are always printing with at least one of the cartridges running low, wth patchy results, unless you want to keep replacing them even when they're not empty.

I've only had the printer a few months but have already spent far more on ink cartridges than the cost of the printer itself, and this is just from doing moderate amounts of printing at draft quality.

I'm so fed up with it that I'm looking for another printer. Shame on HP for such a cynical way of making extra ££!
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on 28 December 2012
I bought this printer as a "Which?" Magazine best buy to replace my Canon IP5300 which had "died". Although a bit more bulky than my previous printer that was only a printer whilst this is an "all-in-one" with print, copy, e-fax and scan facilities.

I am using it on my home wireless network and this allows printing from my desktop and laptop computers. I have not yet got around to linking it to my Android Smart phone. The printer's initial setting-up was easy and it quickly "found" my wireless network. The printer's touch screen is novel but very effective and the on-screen instructions are very helpful, especially in the early days of ownership. The online links on printer are, also, very useful.

I am generally very pleased with the printer. However, I find the margins on documents rather odd as they do not correspond to the margins I had set in "Word 2010", especially when using the duplex facility. I have used the printer for printing colour photos, colour and b/w documents, photocopying, faxing and scanning and I have been pleased with the results.

With the efax facility it is important to set this up via the PRINTER touch screen as if one tries to use the optional COMPUTER set-up the efax company wants to link one into a subscription service with a monthly charge. Via the PRINTER touch screen one gets a number of completely FREE faxes (send and receive) per month.

The provided set-up cartridges were quickly exhausted after VERY light use. The HP branded ink cartridges seem horrendously expensive. I have replaced them with "Peach" cartridges from the "Cartridge People" company but even these "compatible" cartridges were MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than the compatible ones from the same company for my previous Canon printer. Although the printer recognised that the new compatible cartridges were not HP ones the printer shows the ink levels in the compatible cartridges and they print with no loss of quality.

A useful tip from "Which?" mag is that they found that many printers including this one use ink every time they are switched on and this GREATLY decreases the number of pages printed. I have, therefore, set up my printer to stay switched on at all times as the cost of the power on standby is far less than the cost of ink consumed in regular " switching-on cycles".

Generally, therefore, I recommend this printer apart from the, as yet, unresolved margin problem and I am waiting to see how the ink consumption is with the new XL compatible cartridges.

The price from Amazon UK was the cheapest that I could find on the web and even with free super-saver delivery it arrived within an impressive 2 working days,

UPDATE July 2013

Further problems found in use and a final TOTAL FAILURE at UNDER a year old!!!

In addition AFTER I had bought it on the recommendation of "Which?" Magazine they found that this printer, in common with a number of others used FAR MORE ink when printing occasionally compared with printing continuously, they had been using the latter method for testing. I too was finding that ink consumption very high, because the printer, consumed ink cleaning the heads EVERY time it was turned on. I followed "Which?"'s later advice to leave the printer turned-on on standby.

In addition I found the efax facility problematic and unreliable.

FINALLY - This printer failed after the front panel fell off and proved impossible to re-connect successfully. Fortunately Amazon refunded the purchase price in full although it was 6 months old.

I now have an Epson XP800 which although more expensive I have found to be a great improvement on the HP7510.
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on 8 October 2012
My old HP printer (which used HP 364 cartridges) stopped functioning fully just after I had invested in a new stock of 364XL cartidges. I bought the Photosmart 7510 e-All-in one Printer in order not to waste my stock of cartridges (which is, after all, where HP make most of their profit). Although my penny-pinching reduced, in effect, the overall cost of the printer, I now wish I had looked for a cheaper alternative.

Basic setting up was reasonably straightforward (I'm no 'techie'). But getting the 'Web services' function to work was a hassle (not an uncommon problem if you search the internet - many seem not to have found an answer). I eventually discovered a solution (of sorts) and then wondered whether the effort had been worthwhile: I very much doubt whether I will actually ever use the 'Web services' (not needed for basic print, scan, copy functions). Before buying this printer, consider whether you really want 'Web services'.

More irritating. My old HP printer printed borderless 10 x 15 cm prints effortlessly. The 7510 doesn't. You need to delve quite deep into the settings to find the 'borderless' option: and even then what's printed is not fully borderless. A small border is printed on two edges (for me, left side and bottom).

UPDATE: I've now discovered that the borderless problem exists when printing from Photoshop Elements (it didn't with my old HP printer). If I use the inbuilt 'Print' from file function (Windows 7) - having delved into the settings - the prints are, indeed, borderless.

Otherwise the 7510 does an OK job: but I think I could have achieved the same with a cheaper alternative.
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on 7 January 2013
My old and faithful Office Jet 6100 stopped working for some reason. I thought it might have been a cartridge failure, so I went down to my local supermarket to check on prices. While there, I saw they were selling an Office Jet 4500 wireless model reduced from £100 to £50. I put it in my trolley thinking that it would make a good spare in case the 6100 had breathed its last. If nothing else the cartridges which came with the printer must be worth £50. But unfortunately, that was not the case. The 4500 kept stopping for no apparent reason and eventually I binned it. A bad buy.

But I still wanted a spare; and I had been bitten by the wireless bug. The Amazon reviews for the Photosmart 7510 were mostly good. I liked the idea of a printer which could print really good quality photographs, so I ordered the printer. Needless to say I have been delighted with my purchase. The wireless works really well and the fact that you can send photos from your smart phone (by Email) is a distinct bonus.
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on 11 April 2013
I bought this printer in summer 2012 and overall have been happy with it. My problems started when I wanted to scan photographs direct to editing software on my PC via the in program TWAIN. For some reason you cannot use TWAIN or WIA with any of the normal programs such as Paint or Photoshop. This means that if you have a small photo you still have to scan it in A4 size on the printer, then save, then open and crop in another program. This is all very time consuming and unnecessary as TWAIN should allow you to avoid all that. I called HP support and spent 90 minutes at 5p per minute removing and re-installing the printer software several times. The problem was to be pushed further up the support tree. I received one more phone call asking to do some more diagnostics but as I was at work at the time so they arranged a day to call me at home. I received no phone call and, despite emails to them saying not only did I still have the original problem the printer was now failing to print at all on occasions, I have been ignored. Having looked on HP support forum's this appears to be an issue that has been ongoing for some time without resolution so it would seem they intend to ignore the problem and the users who have it.

It's a shame as if everything had been working on this printer it would easily get 5 stars. If you want a printer that has all round capabilities and don't intend to use TWAIN etc then this might be for you. That is of course as long as nothing goes wrong with it.
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on 19 May 2012
Bought this to replace a Canon Pixma IP4600. This is a very substantially made item, well up to HP's usual standard. Setup took about an hour, but was completely hassle free apart from a slightly confusing registration screen on HP's website; it informed me that "emails must match", but there was initially only one field to enter your email. I had made the mistake of clicking in each field rather than tabbing to the next one - when you tab, another field appeared for me to confirm my email!

Once all the noisy initialisation of the cartridges had completed, it detected my wireless network straight away, and the first print was acceptably quick. Photo quality is excellent, and black text is almost laser quality. Preferences are easy to set, so what more do you need?

Added on 20 Dec 2012:
The printer as supplied does not print double sided properly. It squashes the Y axis by about 8% (e.g. a 100mm square will print at 100mm wide by 92mm high). There is a thread on the HP website forum where several people have complained about this problem, both in this printer and others. There is a workaround suggested by an HP printer technician, which is to use the driver from an HP990 or HP450. For me, the 990 works for double sided stuff, but the print quality suffers compared with the "native" driver. The problem with 990 driver is that you cannot select the photo tray, so photos can only be printed from the main paper tray, which means that you would have to swap drivers every time you wanted to print something different. I was not impressed. HP have promised a proper fix, but this was weeks ago - we wait with baited breath!
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