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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2017
brilliant! played it a few times on repeat, still brilliant - didnt get fed up of hearing any of the tracks
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on 12 May 2015
Great band, Yet another excellent album
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on 25 August 2014
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on 14 October 2014
Best band ever!!!
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on 21 November 2011
It was somewhat of a surprise that Chris Daughtry didn't win American Idol in its fifth season. Thankfully though that didn't hinder his progress, two platinum selling albums later and now we have "Break The Spell," this the third album from his self titled band.
Prior to the albums release, Chris said in an interview that the new record sounds nothing like the other two. Well that's definitely not true, it's very similar, but Daughtry does try to experiment slightly with his sound, with somewhat mixed results.

Lead single "Renegade" is a prime example, it's the heaviest song on here and after a few listens you really begin to hear probably one of the catchiest choruses in any Daughtry song, a definite album highlight.
Chris reverts exactly to type though on the next single "Crawling Back To You," which although a decent song sounds just like any other he's chucked out before.
"Outta My Head" is about as uptempo as it gets, not initially a strong song but grows on you after a few listens.
"Start of Something Good" is the best song on here, without question. Mid tempo and acoustic in it's delivery with meaningful lyrics, this should be the next single and sits quite rightly towards the top of the record.

Elsewhere although there's still plenty of good songs with the same catchy melodies and choruses, they somehow all seem to sound a bit bland and predictable.
I've always felt with Chris's previous records that almost any song could be released as a single, they were all that strong. Something's missing though this time, nothing really bad on here but certainly songs like "Break The Spell," "We're Not Gonna Fall" and "Losing My Mind" are all far too similar.

No real power ballad on here either, unlike "Home" and "Learn My Lesson" from his previous albums. "Gone Too Soon" comes close, but never really builds up to that big chorus the song badly needs. Nice lyrics though.

If you've brought the deluxe edition then you'll get four extra tracks, the best of which are "Maybe We're Already Gone" and "Everything But Me." The former is a great song, should have slotted into the final twelve album tracks to break up the slow tone to the albums middle.

Overall, "Break The Spell" is still a highly enjoyable record. Chris delivers modern, mainstream rock and absolutely nothing more. He does it very well, there's plenty here to keep the array of Daughtry fans very happy, even though it's not his best record.

Definitely download:
"Renegade," "Start of Something Good," "Rescue Me" "We're Not Gonna Fall."
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on 30 November 2011
Loved this album from the first listen, the sneaky pre listens that were released in the run up made it so one or two songs sounded familiar once you had bought the album. I drove home today with tears streaming down my face when Gone Too Soon was on, personal reasons but made it all the more special. The band have done themselves proud yet again. Especially being here in the UK and not hearing them on the radio!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 June 2012
Fans of Daughtry will be expecting the usual modern rock sound from the band and that's exactly what you'll get, most of the time. With the exception of one of two songs Daughtry (which seem slightly different to the usual feel) this album is just as great as the previous - and some of the lyrics are really beautiful this time too!

1.Renegade - If you're looking at this album you may have already heard this song; the lead single and an interesting sound. Not really representitive of the rest of the album's "slower" feel though.
2.Crawling back to you - Fantastic song, I love the bridge and chorus and could listen to it all day.
3.Outta my head - Edgy and upbeat; a great song.
4.Start of Something Good - Slower, we really get to hear how fantastic Chris' voice is with this one.
5.Crazy - This song is so catchy, after listening to it once it was stuck in my head for days.
6.Break the Spell - Really interesting song, a slightly faster, more upbeat, song.
7.We're not gonna fall - Great song, I love the chorus - it's so catchy!
8.Gone too soon - If you liked "Open up your eyes" you'll absolutely love this song. It's similar and absolutely wonderful.
9.Losing my mind - Slower but picks up in the chorus. I loved this song, although it is slightly different to their usual sound.
10.Rescue Me - Slower but with pretty lyrics.
11.Louder than ever - A really interesting sound, probably my least favourite on the album though - I never skip it though so it can't be that bad!
12.Spaceship - This reminded me of previous albums, it's probably as close as you're gonna get to "Home" on this album.
13.Who's they? - This one has such an eerie sound that I just couldn't stop playing it on repeat. Really cool sound.
14.Maybe we're already gone - Gritty and edgy.
15.Everything but me - Similar to Daughtry's usual sound with an interesting story (something which I think makes Daughtry so great)
16.Lullaby - Slower with pretty lyrics (quite short too so it really is a bit of a lullaby at 2.26mins)

I think this album is just as great as the others. There are elements of repetition which I suppose could be off-putting for some but for me each song was fantastic in it's own right. There are a couple of "newer" sounding songs but it's nice to see something a little different whilst keeping the stuff we already love. I have to say that this album has quite a few "slower" sounding songs but actually this suited me just fine. My favourite thing about Daughtry is the underlying messages you can find in the songs and this was preserved throughout this album. Get yourself a copy, or have a listen to a few songs first if you're still a bit unsure. You won't be disappointed. Hope this helps.
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on 27 November 2011
This album is fantastic and yes it does sound quite similar to their other albums but there are a few songs that do sound a little different such as Renegade, Spaceship and Louder Than Ever but to be honest I still think the whole album is fantastic and the last song Lullaby is quite sweet.

Chris Daughtry has a brilliant voice and sounds better than ever on this album and works very well with the band as well and there is the power ballads that similar to what is on the first two albums.

A great album that can be put on without skipping any tracks.

Highly recommended for fan and new comers to the band.

Favourite standout tracks for me are:

Renegade, Spaceship, Break The Spell, We're Not Gonna Fall, Rescue Me, Maybe We're Already Gone and Everything But Me but overall I wouldn't skip any tracks.
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on 3 September 2012
Firstly, i'd like to say that this man is an incredible singer and i don't think it gets said enough.
Secondly, their previous album 'Leave This Town' holds some of my all-time favourite songs so i had real high hopes for this album and i have to say i was not disappointed.

It starts off very powerful, as you would expect. The album holds a mixture of real rock songs that are great to listen too and make you feel good and true rock ballads that get you inspired.

I personally love it when Chris sings the rock ballads because he has such a sincere, husky voice that gets to me every time and the lyrics are so wonderful it's the perfect fit.

I would recommend this for anyone, especially those people who need songs to make them feel good again or hear songs that they can relate too.
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on 13 May 2013
I have everything Chris Daughtry has done - What a phenomenal artist he is - & im so glad he didn't win Americal Idol as he would have just have been another commercial cash cow that ends up having no soul -- It's a wonderful thing America demanded his 1st album which is an absolute pure diamond & he's been consistant after that with his other accolades - THis is no exception - the Daughtry splendour still lives on & this album is a must for all fans & even if your not sure, Chris Daughtry has an infectios singing voice that can only move you & take you off somewhere far & in most cases romantic - He's a 1st class songwriter & im confident we'll be listening to his songs for many years to come - He did it his way & that's the way to longevity;) Well worth purchasing.
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