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on 7 January 2012
I was a bit unsure whether to get this after reading some of the other reviews, but was glad I did. A good follow up to the first novel and came to a satisfactory conclusion. Maybe a bit pricey compared to other e-books, but if you average it out with the first one which was free, then it seems reasonable value.
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on 14 November 2011
I loved the first book in this series, Hollowland, so when I realised that the sequel had been released I downloaded it straight away. I was a little taken aback by the price - especially when Amanda's books have all been under £2 previously (which to be honest was a big factor in me choosing to download them in the first place). However, I kind of justified this by thinking that fair enough, she's made a name for herself now and the new price probably reflects this.

Hollowmen was good, but it wasn't brilliant. I found that I was a bit disappointed when it ended, it felt quite abrupt and due to the fast-paced, action packed style, was expecting something more to happen when it simply finished.

The beginning was strong, we find Remy in a dire situation. We knew when we left her at the end of Hollowland that she'd made a life changing choice, but the consequences are seriously grim - and Hocking doesn't hold back on the details.

Right from the get-go, like book one, things move fast and, without giving too much away, Remy soon finds herself trekking cross-country, fighting off zombies and trying to make the best out of the situation. Remy is still a great character; she's strong and fearless, but she's not without her flaws and for me, that makes her likeable.

I was also disappointed with the road she decided to take with certain characters. Again, I'm not going to go into too much detail as I don't want to spoil it, but I felt quite cheated by the way a couple of characters met their fate. Part of me really respects Hocking for doing this, because it injects a kind of reality into a completely unimaginable scenario where happy endings really aren't likely, but at the same time I think we could have been given more details on how certain events played out. In places, it feels like the body count is increasing with each page!

I did enjoy this, and read it in a day and a half, but something about it just left me feeling dissatisfied once I'd finished. It's also not clear whether there is going to be another one in the series - and if there isn't, for me the ending just didn't feel like a final goodbye. One of the problems with this series is that the first one was so different and such a good read, that it was always going to be difficult to beat!

If you've read Hollowland I would definitely recommend picking this one up - but don't expect it to top the first one.
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on 27 June 2012
Amanda Hocking can write an excellent, well executed and engaging story... or so I thought. This instalment of the Hollows series however seeds some doubt in my mind.

I was so full of eagerness, joy and trepidation for this book. I loved all of her books up until now but somehow she has lost her... her... spark. It's hard to put your finger on why this is such a flat read... why it doesn't get you shouting out with joy, horror or excitement. I have no idea what changed, whether the publishers have messed with it somehow or whether Hocking has out-grown this genre. She didn't need to write the next part of Remy's story, the first book "Hollowlands" was brilliant as a stand-alone story. However, this felt rushed. It felt too polished as well... and, well, too similar to the supernatural / apocalyptic dramas out there causing a white noise of half hearted attempts, inconsistency and poop.

This left me feeling disheartened. I read it in the space of 5 hours and well... I wish I didn't.

I know not everyone will share these views, but I can't shake the sinking feeling I have at the pit of my stomach.
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on 14 November 2011
First book was amazing, this one did the job but REALLY not worth the price, id have paid £4.59 for a paperback, but an EBOOK?? really not worth it. i was also told that it was only $2 odd on the us site ... maybe an error?

The ending was good, but not clear as to if there will be another book in the series.
The main character hasnt changed, she is still tough as hell even after all she has been through.

All in all after waiting for this book to be released i expected much much more :(
And if there is another installment ..... i wont be paying for it
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on 20 July 2012
I was slightly disappointed by this book because although it picked up where the first one ended and the story never faltered it was almost an exact replica of the first book, in the sense that it was about Remy's journey to find her brother again and then it swiftly turns into a journey across country to head to somewhere that isn't overrun with flesh eating zombies.

The one aspect of this book that really frustrated me was that I was hoping to find out more about the original characters in the first book but Hocking killed them off early on and introduced a whole new group to travel with Remy and although I developed connections with the new group of people it was hard not to think about Harlow, Blue and Lazlo.

I missed Lazlo in this book, I missed his charm and carefree attitude and I was extremely disappointed that he was only present for a couple of pages because I was really hoping that Hocking would explore his and Remy's relationship further instead of creating a Boden as a new love interest for Remy without a conflicting one.

Again it was filled with brilliantly described action scenes and plenty of gore and there's no doubt that Hocking is a beautiful storyteller but at the rate the characters are killed off I couldn't help but feel that they were put in the story simply to fill up the pages. I enjoyed the book because I enjoy Remy's world but I felt that the story had major holes in it and was again frustrated that there was no search for a cure to the Lyssavirus and the characters seemed to give up and just accept the world they are living in.

The ending was sweet and I felt that the story came to it naturally but I was hoping for something that would provide some answers about the zombies and how exactly they came into the world but my questions remain unanswered. I can't believe that someone with Remy's nature would simply stop fighting and decide to settle down as a family, especially since from the beginning the story led us to believe that Remy and her brother were the only people that could save the world.

I was hoping for another book but after reading Hocking's blog can see that it's unlikely there will be another one in the near future however if her plans change I will be looking forward to seeing what's in store for Remy and her new family (also I hope Lazlo is thrown back into the story).
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on 31 December 2011
The first few chapters hook you in and then it's all downhill afterwards. Most of the supporting characters from the first book are gone, now replaced by vaguely interesting background fillers. The biggest issue I had with this sequel is Remy; she's spent the last 6 months imprisoned in the hospital wing, where she has on numerous occasions been subjected to inhumane experimentation, operated on without any anaesthesia - basically treated like a lab rat. Yet somehow despite all this, and with an open surgical wound on her abdomen (she quickly stitches this together herself), she's still able to walk for hundreds of miles on limited rations - let's not forget she's already malnourished, AND singlehandedly fight off a freshly killed zombie just in her underwear. At no point has the author ever suggested that Remy is anything more special than being zombie-virus immune. I'm all for 'women doing it for themselves' but the feasibility of this scenario is just silly. Overall the story was bland and the zombie element was seriously deficient of any true horror.
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on 7 December 2013
Following on from the first book without the annoying rehash you sometimes get, this story again jumped in for the kill. Characters were experimented on, killed off, turned against each other all in the space of a few hours....depending on how fast you read of course ;-). Ripley also made a welcome return which I was glad about, I worry more about her than any of the characters lol.

I will definitely be reading more by this author, but my one gripe about this book was the price, in no way shape or form should it have been priced at £4.11, I think others may have even paid a bit more than that. I would expect a much longer & better book for that amount of money.
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on 6 May 2014
Amazing read, I was a bit wary to buy this at first reading the other reviews but I'm do glad I did. The first book is one of my favourites in the world and this book is just as good!
Remy's character stays strong and brave. She is truly a great role model for anyone. I loved every second of this book, even though it's about four pound it's so worth it! I couldn't put it down.
Spoiler alert!
Ripely comes back into it who is one of my favourite characters and some new interesting characters.
I was heartbroken and laughing all in one book and there is no reason why you shouldn't but it. It's amazing!
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on 26 October 2013
I liked this novel because it did not recap everything which happened in book 1. It started off fast and furiously from exactly where it left off in the first book. You are drawn into the characters lives and their attempts to survive the zombie invasion immediately. Both of these books are great reads based on the fact that I could put either book down and I don't really read zombie books! I didn't like the fact that this sequel was full price, as the first one was free and there is no 3rd book out yet. However based on the fast paced adventure of the first two books I would be tempted to buy a third should it ever be written.
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on 18 February 2015
After the previous book's cliff-hanger ending I was excited to start this book and find out what Remy's life would be like inside the hospital of the quarantine. The plot was as tense and gripping as the first book and I finished it in a day. Despite this, I feel this one did not match the first book as the body count kept accumulating and I began to wonder if Remy would be the only one left. I also felt the ending was quite abrupt and for this reason I can understand why readers are left confused as to whether or not they'll be another book in the series. It is still a good book but not as good as the first.
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