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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2012
I wouldn't say that nicoles cage is my favorite actor but he always seems to be cast in good films and this one is no exception, he is cast as a happily married school teacher with a pretty normal life but everything changes one night when his wife is brutally raped and taken to hospital, while sitting in a waiting area trying to get his head around what has happened he is approached by a stranger representing an organisation that delivers justice outside of the legal system, after being told of the hardships his wife would face in court if the case went to trial and the risk of justice not being done the school teacher decides to accept this offer of alternative justice, all he has to do in return is something like breaking a security camera when they call the favour in but of course there is much more to it than that and on the whole this is a very entertaining film starring nicoles cage and to his credit he puts in a great performance all the way through with a good story and skillful directing, a film that's well worth buying
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Nicolas Cage was exellent in this role of a teacher,whos wife is raped,and gets sucked into a life changing situation.well supported by january Jones,and Guy pearce in a pacy edgy thriller well worth watching. The sinister simon{guy pearce}offers Will {nick cage}the chance of revenge on what has happened to his wife,all simon wants is to call in a favour,to take care of things,confused will decides to go along with this idea,but little does he know what he has let himself in for.the violent attacker is bumped off,the streets are safer as simon says,he is part of a secret organisation,who are they?How many are there?Who can be trusted?Will,s life is about to spiral out of control as "The favour" is called in.The code word they use "The hungry rabbit jumps"crops up a lot with serious affect.You could watch this film more than once an enjoyable watch from the start,and a nice touch at the end as will passes on an info disc on the sinister group .One of the best films ive watched this year.
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on 19 February 2012
Nicholas Cage stars in this crime thriller as Will Gerard, a school teacher, whose wife, Laura (January Jones) is savagely raped. When a man who calls himself Simon (Guy Pearce) approaches him at the hospital and offers him the opportunity of gaining justice for his wife, Will reluctantly accepts it. The condition is that Will owes Simon a favour but what he doesn't realise is that the favour is killing another person. When the rapist is murdered, Will finds himself caught up in a tangled web of occult vigilantes who want him to kill an investigative reporter. When he goes to warn the reporter, the reporter panicks and attacks him, and is accidentally killed. Will then must go on the run as well as trying to clear his name. But the web of vigilantes is more widespread than he realised.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as I don't like everything that Nicholas Cage is in, although I do like Cage himself. He's funny, charismatic, easy on the eyes, with a pleasant voice, but that isn't enough to make a good movie and he's starred in some real stinkers (e.g. The Wicker Man (2006).

Justice was directed by Roger Donaldson, who also directed Dante's Peak (1997), The Getaway (1994), No Way Out (1987), and The Bounty (1984).

My Movie and Book blog is accessible via my profile. Hope you make a visit. :)
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on 14 March 2014
I wasn't really sure about this movie when it was released. I am a life long Cage fan, but this film came out of nowhere in the UK on November 18 (a week after Trespass), and the fact that it had only been released in Italy, didn't bode well.

Believe me, if you are a fan of Cage, this makes up for all the crimes to cinema he has done in the last two years.

It's a tense movie about taking the law into your own hands and facing the consequences.

Cages wife is assaulted, and at the hospital, Mike from Neighbours offers to kill the assailant for a favour in the future.

The deed is done, and six months down the line Cage gets a call, he must kill a known child molester or his family will suffer.

To say anymore about the film will spoil it, but the best thing to do is watch this film cold, and not reading reviews and only seeing the trailer, really made the film a better experience.

Obviously there is a twist in the tale, and although it's nothing special, it makes Cages character more urgent and the film better paced.

The Cage in this is not the one from 'Face/off' or 'Wild at Heart', it's just a normal guy who gets dragged into a world where decisions are not an option.

There are a few plot holes, and some of the narrative borderlines on 'what the?', but over look this, and you will find an tense movie, packed with good performances.

A film not to overlook.
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2011
"Justice" is an entertaining enough film but I thought that it was overlong and that it lost it's way in the final third after a promising and exciting first half. Nicolas Cage plays the role of a mild mannered teacher whose wife gets raped in a violent assault. A stranger ,played by Guy Pearce approaches him and tells him that if Cage gives him the go ahead , he can have the rapist killed - but adds that he would expect future favours in return. Cage agrees and the rapist is killed , but he soons finds himself sucked into the dangerous world of a well organised vigilante group with an extensive reach. He is asked to commit a crime and baulks at the idea somewhat to start with before agreeing. Can Cage escape the clutches of this group or will he find himself further embroiled with them ? The film degenerates into chase scenes ,shoot outs and the fugitive on the run stereotypes before ending up with a dramatic finale at a deserted shopping mall beside the New Orleans Superdome. "Justice" was an OK thriller ,but could have been better. Perhaps it can be seen as an allegory about the malign influence of secret societies and networks in the USA and elsewhere on ordinary decent people whom they want to torment and harass.
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It's not what a lawyer tells me I must do, but it's what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do.

After his wife (January Jones) is brutally raped, New Orleans teacher Will Gerard (Nic Cage) gets involved with a shadowy vigilante group run by a man called Simon (Guy Pearce). A favour for a favour to get justice seems viable, but all is not as it seems...

To be frank it's just another in a long line of vigilante thrillers that get trundled out every other year. Rarely does one, certainly in the more modern era of film making, have something viable to say, to challenge the thought process of the viewers. Justice (AKA: Seeking Justice) starts off very promising, grabbing the attention whilst having an atmospheric texture about it. Sadly come the mid-point things just get daft (yet Cage stays ultra serious throughout) and in spite of the makers trying to add in some twisty thriller conventions, all the potential (and promise) for thought provoking depth has long since gone.

That said, as an intrigue based drama it's a decent enough watch, with director Roger Donaldson (No Way Out/Thirteen Days) adept in the staging of suspenseful sequences. Yet the lack of kinetic action is sorely felt, the over all feeling being one that Donaldson and crew were not quite sure which way to take the picture. Should we keep things shadowy and suggestive? Or should we have live wire chases and dastardly peril? Justice only winds up as an uneven blend of ideas. While wasting Xander Berkeley and the New Orleans locations is a crime in itself.

Not bad exactly, above average in fact, but just forgettable and another wasted opportunity to add meat to a hot topic in film form. 6/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 March 2012
Nicholas Cage plays just your average high school English teacher, whose wife unfortunately gets attacked one night. He, in turn, enlists the help of a shady organisation (managed by the sinister Guy Pearce) who kill the attacker in exchange for a favour from our everyman Nick at a later date.

Skip forward a few weeks and these dodgy dealers only want poor old Nick to kill someone else then, when he doesn't, they go and frame him for murder!

It's about then that Nick decides that he's had enough of teaching grammar and vowels and fights back. Luckily, marking essays has stood him in good stead to take on not only the evil, twisted gang, but also the police and even the odd turncoat friend.

Nick is therefore forced to use everything he's learned from his teacher-training school to run and hide from baddies, fight and even gun them down when necessary, evade capture by the police during high-speed chases, unravel deep conspiracies, investigate deaths and even have time to rescue loved ones.

It's a bit like the Bourne films. Nick runs, gets cornered, escapes, repeat. It's nothing new, but it's not as bad as it could have been. Nick Cage gives his usual performance (and there's still plenty of his fans out there to enjoy it) and Guy Pearce makes a decent enough baddie (hardly stretching his proven acting talents though).

If you like a bit of action/thriller, this one's about as average as they come, but you might just enjoy it.

My English teacher tripped over my school bag when he walked past my desk. He never once foiled a national conspiracy or got caught up in a shoot-out in a disused shopping mall. I guess I went to the wrong school.
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on 24 June 2014
This is a good film and quite exciting. Nicholas Cage can always be depended on to make good films extremely well.
I gave it 4 stars not 5 though because you knew exactly what was coming, the writing was predictable.
I enjoyed it though xx
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on 18 May 2013
If someone you loved were hurt, or killed, what would you do?

Would you accept someone offering you retribution? And, if you did, could anyone blame you?

Life is never that simple though, as the saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch...

I loved this film. It is brilliant, action packed and full of twists and turns right until the end.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 March 2012
In this strangers on a train style thriller, quiet teacher Will Gerard's (Nicolas Cage -Con Air) life is turned upside down, when his wife Laura (January Jones -Unknown) is attacked , raped & left for dead. At the hospital on the night, Will is approached by a man calling himself Simon (Guy Pearce -L.A. Confidential) , who offers him a way to get revenge for his wife. In return however, Will must return the favour to him sometime in the future, by carrying out an unknown task for him. Emotions high, Will agrees in the heat of the moment after tearing himself up thinking about it, but, will the consequences come back to bite him ?

Overall this a nice little thriller, very cloak & dagger, in that your never really sure what is going to happen next. The acting is done very well on the whole, with Cage playing it pretty straight & serious for the most part, which i like to see more often from him. The support cast with January Jones, Guy Perace, IronE Singleton (The Walking Dead) , Xander Berkeley (Nikita) & Harold Perrineau (Lost) supported well. The filming/Camera work was Ok & the backdrop locations used within New Orleans didn't overly inspire or impress.

In conclusion, i found Justice to be an enjoyable thriller to sit down to. An interesting story with some twists & good believable acting performances, make it a worthwhile watch. Recommended.
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