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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2012
Fantastic film. I love all SJP films so maybe biased. She is a fab actress and this film is one of her best. It's so funny. Excellent item for a girls night in with a bottle of wine and good friends. Very very highly recommend - suitable for most ages and hilarious.
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on 3 August 2013
As we all are in this day & age, Kate (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a working mum trying to find that balance between the work & home lives. It's an average rom-com, if a little predictable in places. I couldn't warm to SJP as Kate because I think in my head she's still Carrie Bradshaw. The Carrie style voiceover in the film didn't help matters either. Christina Hendricks as Kate's friend Allison was fab & I would liked to have seen more of her.
It's a good watch for a night in where you don't want something too taxing; we had it for a girlie night with takeaway & a few drinks & it worked just fine.
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on 11 August 2013
The movie irritated me with the over abundance of first person narration and asides. It appears this was written as a play and no knew how to adapt it to the screen. Character is not built, but is read. It is easy to figure out "how she does it:"

1) Super mom has better organizing skills than most people.
2) SJP has no trouble lying.
3) She takes short cuts.
4) SJP totes half of the world's possessions in her bag.
5) She has both an educated nanny and husband who support her.

That is how she does it.

Everyone in the movie will look into the camera and say "I don't know how she does it." SJP's character's name is "Kate REDDY." Get it? Her arch rival among the other mommies is Wendy BEST. These authors could write porno with imaginative names like that. We could name the husband "Richard Reddy" wink wink nudge nudge. Oh, they did!

Sarah is struggling to keep up with everything when her job requires her to travel from a Hollywood version of Boston (one where no one has an accent) to NYC even though they have wide screen teleconferencing. Her idea is to develop a retirement account for seniors built upon foreign high dividend paying stocks.

I wasn't able to laugh at this comedy. I found out that if a woman signs her e-mail "XO" that means "I want you to enter me" or for a guy, just the reverse. There are also the typical family disappoints due to work.

This is a "chick flick" for a married woman...the one that doesn't cheat on her husband with James Bond when she has the opportunity. Perhaps high octane working moms might enjoy this film as they are shown as incredible super heroes who strive for the heart warming ending. The asides of Christina Hendricks toward the end of the film deal with the stereotypes of women in the workplace in an attempt to give the movie meaning. I was only mildly entertained.

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Mild swearing. "S" word but not as much as a certain South Park episode.

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on 24 September 2012
An unfunny, insulting, horribly miscast mess of a film. No chemistry between any of the characters and a bland forgettable story leaves a very bitter taste in your mouth after viewing this clichéd film.

The biggest problem is the expectation for the audience to buy into Sarah Jessica Parker as the everyday Mum keeping a career going with a family to look after at home. The insult comes when it is apparent at the early stages of the film that she is not even any good at her job, then she suddenly gets whisked away on a crucial deal which could land the company millions! Where was the evidence she was capable of such a feat? Her mind is all over the place and she is constantly late to appointments and meetings. There are plenty of Mum's in this day and age that can juggle a family and career and many that have to do it out of necessity rather than choice. Yet here it feels like a selfish endeavour to be the best at everything and have one up on the other Mum's she comes into contact with. This is where the main problem lies. The situation is out of date. Life is not like this anymore.

The boring, predictable realisation that her work isn't everything and she wants to spend more time with her family couldn't have come quicker. Reading the blurb for the film, you could guess the outcome. This would not have needed to be a bad point if it had not have been handled so badly.

Kate is not a character you can root for and her husband is just as bland. There is no chemistry and little time spent on establishing each characters story apart from Kate. In fact there barely seems to be a story. Supporting characters come and go with no obvious benefit to the story apart from to have another face on screen.

Misjudged and badly executed, a film best avoided.
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on 19 January 2012
Sarah Jessica Parker stars as Kate Reddy, in this romantic comedy about a financial businesswomen juggling her career with her role as a married mother of two children. In the course of her work she is often away from home, making business deals and one in particular is taking up her time. She is in constant business meetings out of town with businessman Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan) and when she finds herself being torn between the two roles and torn between two men - husband, Richard (Greg Kinnear) and Jack - something has to give and compromises have to be made.

While this moving won't have cinema goers clambering to see it, breaking box office records, it's still an entertaining, watchable movie and I wasn't disappointed. I would certainly watch it again. It is one of those funny, feel-good movies and a no-brainer so you can watch it without hurting your brain trying to figure out the plot.

I loved the cast. Pierce Brosnan is as handsome as ever in this and he suits lightweight roles. In this he is the lonely and kindhearted businessman who becomes attached to his female colleague. He has been Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 a number of times and is great in lightweight roles such as in Mrs Doubtfire (1993). He also starred in Butterfly on a Wheel (2007), After the Sunset (2004), Dante's Peak (1997), the musical Momma Mia (2008), and many others. Sarah Jessica Parker is one of Hollywood's Top Paid Actresses 2011 which I suppose is mostly down to her role in the popular TV series and movies titled Sex and the City. Greg Kinnear played a wonderful role in the true life drama Flash of Genius (2008) about the man who invented the intermittent windscreen wiper. Christina Hendricks, Kate's best friend in I Don't Know How She Does It, recently starred alongside Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011) Kelsey Grammar plays a small role as Kate's boss and will be recognised as Frasier in the TV series of that name.
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on 23 February 2012
If you want a film with some substance, a story line or good acting then don't buy this one as it has none of these . Poor acting, no storyline, no substance, just SJP rushing around everywhere making stupid comments ! Just glad I rented this and didn't buy. Rubbish !!
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VINE VOICEon 31 January 2014
I confess I gave up on this with about 20 minutes to go. OK I'm probably not target demographic, but I can enjoy the odd romcom which I think is roughly what this was supposed to be, But it's short on both comedy and romance. If fact very little happens, relying to SJPs mugging to carry it along. It's done no favours by the Sex In the City style voice-over or the decision to have various supporting characters talk direct to camera rather than interacting with each other.

Without merit.
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on 26 February 2012 disappointing! I was bowled over by the book some years ago; it treated the predicament of the high-powered working mother with sympathetic humour; the film made it all seem a trite joke. Brosnan did his best - probably the best of a bad bunch.
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on 30 May 2012
At the start I wasn't sure but such a great film, very funny and so heart warming, loved it! It is a little predictable but that doesn't make the laughs any less and SJP and Greg Kinnear have a great chemistry that seems very genuine and believable. Super film.
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on 27 November 2012
This does not reflect the excellent way in which the book itself was written. It would have been better to have set it in England, the original setting from the book. It did not seem authentic and somehow the actors did not reflect the characters very well. Disappointing.
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