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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 April 2015
Received this playpen today, got it set up in 5 minutes, nice and easy. Rabbit loves it and plenty of room to play and run around as she has been for the last 2 hours. Better than i thought it was goung to be, Great value for money. Would highly recommend!
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on 14 April 2014
I bought this for my pair of guinea pigs and have been surprised. I didn't think it would be up to much for £22, but its a brilliant size and seems very strong for the price.

Very pleased with it, and as my other run (for my other guinea pigs) is on its last legs, I'll be replacing it with another one of these runs.

Personally I wouldn't recommend it for my rabbits. I have 5, a mix of Lops and other breeds, and I don't feel its big enough for any of them. Stick with guinea pigs in it.

UPDATE - I decided to buy a second run, and bought it from PELUK in the other sellers, rather than Amazon itself. The run that has arrived from this seller is of very inferior quality compared to the silver metal one from Amazon. PELUK sells one in black (not an issue), the metal is more flimsy, the panels wobble (even when anchored), it is not as tall as the Amazon version, and also, the netting for the top is like tissue paper and not good quality at all. It doesn't feel nearly as secure as the one sold by Amazon.

If buying this run, buy it from Amazon itself, the quality is far better, for pretty much the same price!
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on 13 July 2013
I brought two of these for my indoor rabbits. This pen can be made into any shape you like (oblong, square, etc.) without using the safety net/sunshade on top that comes with it as that only fits an octagon shape, you can also add or remove panels to create the size you want, so in this way it is very versatile and can fit into smaller spaces if need be. The only downside to using it in a different shape without the net on top, is to be careful not to put anything tall in the pen that the rabbit can climb on to and jump out, as the pen is only about 2ft or so tall. The solution to ensure safety, would be to buy netting or use some other kind of cover and use the clips that came with the pen to attach it. When I go on holiday and need my daughter to look after my bunnies at her home, I will be taking these pens to be used as their temporary cages as they can be folded flat which makes them easy to transport, all I'd need to add is suitable floor protection and litter trays. Overall, a great versatile product that was great value for money too!
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on 15 July 2015
If you get the run pictured 5* if you get the other type of run that they send out 2/3*. The run in the picture (with the loops on the top) is very sturdy and a good height. The other one (flat top) is much lower quality and also not as high. Keeping it as I've already returned one and only need two of the sides to go with the one I already have but I definitely wouldn't have paid full price for the second one.
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on 12 June 2014
I cant believe you could make one for less and its easy to put together, quite big, rust proof and you can change the shape or take parts out. It had a door in it aswell. It has tent pegs to keep it in place
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on 22 July 2016
We bought this for our tortoise, so he can have happy days out in the sun doing himself some good, since the UV does wonders for their shells etc., as well as doing those of us without shells some good too.

The reviews had in general been positive and at the "bargainous" price we thought it was worth a pop, and it arrived partway through a sunny day. Normally we have our tortoise indoors (up by a window to catch UV, and with a UV lamp) but in a modest cage - originally for rabbits - life gets a bit same-y, so we put him outside under the cage top, leaving the base upstairs. This was such a faff that we thought this "proper" run would save us a lot of time carting the cage top through the house (it is not heavy, but bulky) and disconnecting and reconnecting the various cables and clips and lights that are attached to the cage top every time. Now we can just pick the little guy out of his cage, bring him into the garden and put him in this to play - although like all enclosures, he spends 99% of the time trying to escape.

When we're not using this we can store it easily since it can be stored flat. We have a swing-seat over which we have a zippable cover that stays on pretty much all the time. The swing seat already stores and protects a recliner, and this just adds a little more to that storage space, so it is easily going to save us at least ten minutes of faffing about every time we want to give our 80 year old tortie some outdoors time. This can only mean that he'll be out there even more often.

Build quality, no problems that I can see. The galvanised mesh looks nice, is surprisingly unobtrusive in the garden since it is reflective and partially adopts the colours that are around it, and has no nasty edges anywhere that could cause harm. The edges of the "eyes" through which the ground stakes are slid to join sections together are the only potential snag hazard, and they can be arranged to face outward to remove even that unlikely risk. Threading the ground spikes through two sets of eyelets is sometimes a bit trying, but its really not difficult at all, and there's enough that goes below ground to keep things steady.

The cover is quite neat as well, with half of it offering shade and the rest letting the daylight in, giving a choice for your pet. There are attachments around the edges that can be hooked onto the cage at different heights if necessary. Why? Because you don't have to arrange the side panels into a perfect octagon. We have it in an elongated octagon today and the cover still fits lengthways and from side-to-side, and to keep the cover taut you can hook it further down the sides as needs be. The cover looks pretty sturdy too, so predators would have a hard time getting in (it'd be more like a trampoline if a buzzard dived onto it). I'd definitely not rely on it to protect pets overnight, though, especially in rural areas with foxes and badgers about. They'd get in quite easily, so this is a daytime recreation run so far as we're concerned, no more than that. Young children can get access to pets through the side door in one of the panels, although if they are forgetful and leave the door open, a rabbit could easily escape since the door has a fairly low ledge.

For people that don't rely on it for protection of pets when they are away, and are generally happy to keep a watchful eye on their pets, this run does a fine job. It is light enough to move easily but heavy enough to stay where it is put, easy to store away, and will take up very little storage space. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.
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on 15 May 2016
Poor quality. You do not get the run advertised, which is the one that all the good reviews are based on.

You receive a run with panels that are 55cmx55cm, again, not as advertised.

Also you only receive 6 posts when you obviously need 8.

They did send me two more posts when requedted, but they were 48cm tall, so useless.

The panels bend and get stuck to each other. I wouldn't have thought it would get in the way of any other animals trying to get at your rabbit/small animal.

Also for a refund they want me to do all the running about for them.

Waste of time and money, buy somewhere else.
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on 1 May 2013
I brought this for my rabbit it's great! it really easy to put together and dismantle the cover isn't that great but it dons the job i got
a second one and joined them together to make it bigger i use it indoors and out and it a good price
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on 30 May 2013
Excellent quality for the money. It says large but would not be good for a large rabbit as not enough space but for smaller/young rabbits it is ideal
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on 13 December 2013
my guinea pigs love their freedom being in this ,can be used indoors or out and its high enough that my dog cant get in to them
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