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on 27 July 2013
Many years ago when buying walking boots, the shop assistant would hand you a pair of thick socks so that so that a judgement could be made at the time of buying on the comfortable fitting of the boots. Alas, shops selling boots are not as local as they used to be. Also boots of a stated size always seemed to allow for the fitting of thicker socks but now manufacturers don't allow for this.
So after past experience internet buying I now allow for socks by ordering boots a half size larger. I did so with this pair of boots and they are comfortable.
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on 8 June 2012
I bought these to wear as an every-day boot and at £25 (rrp apparently £85) they looked an exceptionally good buy. The boots have a high rubber rand around the toe offering good protection from wear (I walk through a lot of heather which can be very damaging) and were out-of-the-box comfortable. Even wearing them for the whole day was not a problem. They did not offer a lot of ankle support but they are lower cut than I normally wear; the sole kept clean and did not clog. The big test came when I needed to be up on the north Pennine fells for a day in pretty awful weather conditions - rain all day and walking some very boggy ground. After 60 minutes my feet were soaking wet, despite these boots being advertised as waterproof. As they were new boots I did have a pair of waterproof Sealskinz socks, 'just in case' so was able to continue my work for the day on the fells, but certainly not in ideal conditions with water slopping around in my boots. I have asked karrimor for comments but they have so far not bothered to reply. I understand that since karrimor were taken over by Sports Direct, many people have complained about deteriorating quality. Maybe they are right?
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on 6 December 2013
Half sizes , so ordered and waited , boots arrived as we were setting of for a stroll withe the dogs ,
Out of the box the boots were I have to say not breathtaking , but they are working gear so ,, delighted to find they were a perfect fit ,((91/2 my preferred size) , So off on the first walk , although on first wearing the boots felt a little harsh , with it seemed a very hard
and jarring heel walking on pavement , I was not to disappointed , and having worn the boots for over a week now I have to say we have grown accustomed to each other , the jarring has gone and these boots have become a comfortable as you would want them to, offering very good ankle support , and we do a lot of beach walking where they excel ,in supporting feet and ankles ,, they fit under the ankle very well ,, I have never got wet feet despite nearly being trapped by the tide ,
the quality of construction has proved to fine so far ,,, I am delighted with these boots and for the price they cant be beaten ,I am ordering a spare pair for the garden , excellent, and the dogs like them
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on 15 December 2013
Unlike many others rating I'm not a rambler or hiker. I bought these as I need to exercise after a heath problem, and have a large grassed garden I walk or job around. Normal shoe get ruined with the damp and dirt.

These do the job perfectly. Feel odd to a wearer of 'normal' shoes initially, but after a very short time you notice the support and snug comfort. They are not too heavy, light in fact, and are so far sturdy and grippy on short/medium grass.

Very water resistant I'd say, to imagine they would be 100% water proof over several hour hiking in wet would be plain stupid as they have large fabric sections, are lace up and would need sealing with some kind of waterproofing spray. Waders they are not, just LOOK at them!

Overall a great product for the outdoor person, if not those serial mud bogging!
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on 22 November 2011
I have had these boots for approximately one month now. I also bought a Nikwax care kit containing waterproofing spray. I noticed very quickly that after my normal 2 and a half mile walk every morning the toes of my socks were always wet, even after spraying the front of the boots with Nikwax. As the ground was a little damp and there was no rain I assumed it must be perspiration. This morning however, the ground was wet and there was some drizzly rain. At the end of the day I removed my boots to find that my socks were quite wet at the front. I have now liberally applied more waterproofing spray, and hope for drier feet tommorow (although I am not very positive about the outcome). I went for this boot because it was described as waterproof, and also because it is british made. What a let-down. It is a well made and very comfortable boot, but it certainly is NOT waterproof. If my socks get wet when there is a bit of drizzle, what on earth will be the state of my feet when it is snowing? I don't want to go through all the rigmarole of packing the boots and returning them, I just hope that my latest waterproofing spray application does the trick. Meanwhile, I will scour the web for some truly waterproof boots.
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on 23 January 2014
I bought this product because I liked the appearance and read lots of reviews saying it was a good product.

Although I have already witnessed myself that reviews can sometimes be very misleading, the ones I read about this product are absolutely true. On the first day I wore the shoes, I had them on for about 8 hours in a drizzling day in London. They are very comfortable, my feet stayed dried all the time; however, I must admit it wasn't raining a lot so I am not sure the waterproof worked or if any other shoes would have remained dry as well.

They may be made for walking in fields/valleys, etc but I wear them for sightseeing, visiting friends, etc, in London.

It looks sturdy, and I particularly like its high top and how the laces are attached to the shoes.
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on 12 October 2013
On to my third pair of these now. All have been water tight until the sole wears through. The sole is quite soft rubber and the raised part of the tread is hollow [*those boots with the triangular tread pattern, that is]. This wears through noticeably quickly compared to any other type of footwear I've had, which is a real shame. Otherwise, they are comfortable and relatively light weight.
Ideal for cross country mountain biking and occasional hill walking but these aren't serious walking boots. I wouldn't pay much more than £25 for these.

*Update on the above: re the sole wear issue, check out the Bodmin 3's. The uppers are pretty much the same as these but the sole feels like harder rubber and the tread blocks are bigger. More rubber in contact with the ground may give slower wear. Currently £28 delivered.
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on 12 April 2012
I only held back on a fifth star for the moment as I can't yet comment on durability.
Speed of delivery was surprisingly good- I ordered these on a Thursday afternoon with free super saver delivery and they arrived by post the following Tuesday with Good Friday and Easter Monday between so not worth paying for a "faster" delivery method.
The boots themselves were comfortable straight from the box and give the impression that they will be both comfortable and sturdy, although have not yet been subjected to heavy use.
I find the mid height preferable to the more shoe like fit of the Java Low shoes I bought them to replace and a good compromise for both everyday wear and heavier walking.
Both these and the Java Low shoes are UK size 10 but the European conversion in these is shown as 44 rather than the 44.5 in the Java Low. This seems accurate as these boots feel marginally smaller, the difference is very slight but for me is a better fit. This difference may not suit others which is why I have mentioned it.
The price I paid through Amazon was heavily discounted and great value. I suspect that this model is being discontinued and I am seriously tempted to buy some more to keep in reserve before they sell out.
First impressions are that these boots are one of the best buys I have made in a long time.
UPDATE After 6 months use I will leave it at four stars. Durability has been fine except for one irritating issue. The insole in the right boot became loose and slid from underfoot, becoming uncomfortable. I have solved this by replacing the insoles with a pair of Sorbothane insoles from ACA Sports ( also from Amazon)SORBOTHANE Cush N Step Insole. These are extremely comfortable so now I am happy again!
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on 11 July 2014
I don't often buy walking boots. The last time was decades ago when I was in the scouts. So I have nothing to compare them with other than my ordinary shoes and some trainers.

First impression was how comfortable the padding is. The tie hooks took a little getting used to - but not much once I had worked out that I need to keep the laces crossed to stop them slipping off. The boots look great too.

I have not had much opportunity to try them out in the wet but what little experience I have had has been fine. Next month I look forwarded to using them in anger on holiday in the Lake District.
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on 9 May 2014
Well it had to happen? After nearly 2 years of wearing these boots they started leaking through the join where the sole meets the upper body. I have tried sticking them without success

The upper parts are fine as are the laces and all the lace holders

Have ordered another pair of the same type, because for the price 2 years of walking in all weathers with my dogs miles a day doesn't seem bad at all.

Perhaps Karrimore will look at their methods of sticking the soles to the uppers so they would last even longer!

I take a size 8 and they fit fine
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