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on 3 April 2017
It works as you'd expect a keyboard to work, and build quality is decent. It's not quite as quiet as a dell 'quietkey' keyboard, but quiet enough.

This is a shallow keyed 'full size' keyboard with a full size Enter key, just without the numpad.
(Note that the box shows a picture of a non-standard enter key and so do some of the product pictures. This has a proper Enter key.)

Compact keyboards with proper Enter keys seem to be difficult to find, and I find the mini ones to be too annoying to type on.

As someone who grew up only using laptops I forget the numpad is even there most of the time, so it's really not worth the extra space for the small number of times I actually use it. And I can't stand clackity noisy fat PC keyboard keys. This feels perfectly natural to type on for the lifelong laptop user.

I tried the Logitech K400 before buying this, and the key spacing isn't right so that's too annoying to type on as well.

This keyboard otherwise does everything it needs to. Probably could have been a couple pounds cheaper considering dell keyboards are even cheaper.

The photo shows the grey/yellow Logitech k400, full size white Dell KB216 and the mini perixx for key spacing comparison.
review image
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on 27 December 2015
I am a professional software developper -- I'm VERY picky about 1) screen 2) keyboard and 3) chair. So When I say this is the best keyboard you can buy, and it's £9.99, that should put some emphasis on the review.
I discovered this keyboard by chance, as it was shipped as standard with some Atom mini PC ASUS or ACER -- I immediately realised they were pretty good, and it took a while to track it back to this (I assume) manufacturer.

So, first, lets talk about the num keypad. Been typing for 30+ years, I /never/ used a num keypad. I'm not a beancounter, to me, it's just a waste of space. Also, it increases the distance you need to move your (right, if you're not a lefty) hand from keyboard to mouse and back, increasing muscle/wrist strain. So basically, num keypads are to be considered Evil. Unless you are a lefty, or a beancounter (not sure what is worse! </joke>)

Second, you will have a lot of people raving about their M-type keyboard, that requires about two fingers the press the keys, and make a noise that will irritate the people next door. Needless to say, that lovely hard vibration that is perhaps satisfying on some level also translates to your finger's articulations, in a similar process as doing some running without the right shoes on hard concrete. So if you have any sense, forget it.

Third, there is a 'wireless' thing. I'm (also) a mac user; and you get nagged incessantly about having to recharge your batteries. Hold on, I'm on a DESK here, I have a 7 port hub here, why, exactly, do I need flippin batteries in my keyboard? It went far enough that I actually ripped my Apple fancy "Magic Trackpad" apart and installed a Cable ( see https://plus.google.com/+MichelPollet/posts/W13aNkca8Qx if you don't beleive this) to get rid of the problem.

So it comes down to this keyboard here; it has very nice action (not marshmallow, but not M-type) -- it has ALL THE KEYS (including Pgup/down/home/del etc) it has a full complement of function keys, has 2 controls, 2 shifts and a set of other useless functions when you press the 'FN' key. Key spacing is just about perfect, plastic is nice and durable, it's very easy to clean (even the white one) -- try using a kitchen towel with some Naphta (aka lighter fuel) -- it'll get spotless in no time.

It works perfectly well on the mac, the 'windows' key acts as 'command' and 'alt' as 'option'; it works perfectly well on my linux boxes too.

Seriously, I can't think of anything better than this; I use one of these on every single machine I own, and even brought one at the office and tossed the provided Dhell into a drawer. This a gem; stock up!
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on 19 March 2016
I like this keyboard - I bought it because I was having pains in my right wrist in part because I was having to reach so far over to the right with my old much larger keyboard with a numerical keypad. By using a narrower keyboard you don't have to reach so far over to one side to use a mouse and can place this keyboard in the centre of your body. I ordered the white keyboard because it's easier to see the keys in low light. I like the way the keys feel when typing, I am using it to type out this review. I really like the fact the keys are full sized and the return key is large. The keyboard sits nicely on my pull out drawer without slipping. Overall this is a very nice keyboard.

UPDATE June 2016 - 3 months later
I initially gave this keyboard a glow 5 star review - however it's been only 3 months and I've noticed the keys are now starting to stick.
I've examined the keyboard and nothing has spilt on it - they keys are just sticking - especially my "Full Stop" key - not impressed after only 3 months of use.
review image review image review image
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on 13 July 2017
I am a software engineer and type 8+ hours a day, so I wanted an ergonomic mini keyboard with a low profile and a standard UK layout and apparently this keyboard is the only one keyboard out there that ticks all these checkboxes. The only non-standard thing in this keyboard is that because they squeezed the arrow keys right below the enter keys, the right shift is shorter and it's actually the up-arrow key that is placed immediately under the enter key (not the long shift), but so far I did not have any problems with this (I thought I would). The layout of this keyboard is almost identical to that of old pre-numpad UK Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop (sigh), which I think was perfect.

I just find it very difficult to see any reason why other vendors decide to customise the layout so that their users are no longer able to use "normal" keyboards efficiently afterwards and there will always be context switching involved - I think it's an extremely stupid thing to do.

Anyway, back to this keyboard, it has very low profile, short key path and a very low actuation force (lower then most membrane keyboards IMHO). I have a Das Keyboard Ultimate soft-clicky, and in terms of actuation force it's very similar - and together with the shorter key travel and no numpad wasted space - it's a very comfortable little keyboard. I have had the keyboard for one day only, but I'm very pleased with the purchase so far.
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on 20 July 2017
So pleased with this keyboard... small and compact so it fits onto the pull-out tray of my narrow p.c work station. keys are light and almost soundless, and even my daughter commented that she can fly along when typing with this...took a little getting used to, as instructions did not say that if the blue neon lights are showing, you will be typing gobbledygook... and to turn them off you press the Caps Lock and shift keys...unless you are technologically minded, you may now know this either.. fortunately my son pointed this out as I was initially preparing to return it, thinking it was a fault...Very pleased.
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on 28 September 2014
This is a great little keyboard !
Highly recommended, 5 stars !

Great for one hand typing, it has big clear lettering, a nice positive feel to the key presses, all the necessary keys and none of the ones I don't need !
All the keys are consistently sensitive and responsive and the lettering is big and clear which makes it perfect for typing in low light.

I quickly got used to the size and spacing of the keys and now only a few hours later I would not want to go back to that old Logitech KB ! Key spacing is very slightly tighter than STD spacing but it's a great KB to type on especially if you prefer to type with one hand like me.
It's not at all clattery or creaky like some KB's, I do like the slightly muted sound of the keys.

It has all of the important keys such as Left CTRL, Right CTRL, left and right Shift keys, Delete, Insert, Home, and End Keys and a good sized well placed Enter key plus full size Arrow keys, most compact keyboards don't !

I'm replacing my old Logitech keyboard because it's noisy, clattery, creaky, hard to see the letters in low light and some of the keys are getting a little sticky, I found myself making more and more typo's and having to correct them which makes typing a bit of a chore. I have been wanting to replace it for some time and had this one on my wish list for months while I searched for a replacement. It had to be small because I use it on my lap not on a desk and I wanted something that would feel right, it also had to have really good customer reviews, this was a great choice !

UPDATE, 3 years later it has given me no issues whatsoever ! It has been dropped on the floor dozens of times, I have sometimes trodden on the cable when standing up and it got dragged off my lap and it still works like new, the cable is undamaged and there are no signs of it pulling out !
One of the biggest benefits is that the gaps between the keys are too small for crumbs and dust so you don't have to clean out under the keys, the HP keyboards I use at work are terrible by comparison !
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on 13 March 2017
Sensible button layout for fair price. Quality is adequate, but buttons still feel a bit cheap and wobbly, but nothing too bad. Anyone saying these keys are high quality, has probably never used a high end scissor-switch board (like apple often uses).
Regardless, there is no better alternative for a similar price.
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on 11 June 2017
I bought this keyboard to use with my new desktop computer, a Raspberry Pi3. I went from Apple laptops to now using this little tiny unpowerful computer (by today's standards) and it provides decent power at an amazing price. I realized that 95% of the time all I do is type (I'm a writer) and browse the web (the other 5% I can use my wife's Macbook anyway!). This works great. I bought a very fancy IBM Model F keyboard on the internet that won't ship until late 2017, so I needed a keyboard to tide me over until my monster keyboard arrives. I wasn't expecting much from this little white keyboard, but it has impressed me! I'm almost wondering if my super expensive one that I've pre-ordered is going to be worth it. The layout is perfect for me. I love the arrow keys and the inclusion of the Home, Page Up, Page Down, and End keys. And I don't miss the numpad at all, because I wouldn't ever use it anyway. This keyboard has got a great layout I think. The build quality is fine, the keyboard is compact and unobtrusive. Also, I'm not bothered that it's a wired keyboard. I have a wireless trackball mouse and that's nice to get some of the wire clutter off the desk, but having this one cable is just fine and dandy for me. Perfect price/performance ratio. Over my expectations.
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on 1 April 2017
Absolutely ideal if you want a keyboard and mouse set that do not take up too much space on the desk. Typing is fine once you have adjusted to the slightly different layout of the keys. Wired means less hassle with Bluetooth / recharging.
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on 22 July 2017
I got fed up with my PC loosing the Bluetooth connection and the keyboard freezing so I wanted a wired keyboard. So far it does the job and I like the feel, Its similar to the Lenovo mini keyboard that I had been using. I'm well pleased especially considering the price. As long as it last it will be fine.
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