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on 11 April 2017
A solid gaming case. The fans do a good job at gently & quietly pushing air out of the case. As others have noted, they are far from jet turbines for OCing but are similar to the essential case fans found in an off the shelf oem build. The sd card reader worked after I installed my motherboard drivers & sd cards appear as removable usb drives. -1 star due to lack of front usb 3 ports although this is easily fixed with purchase of a 3.5" usb 3 front panel. The removable bay permits fitting a single long card at an angle, after removing & then reaffixing the rear fan. However, this only supports long cards with rear pcie power connectors (on the short side at the end of the card) such as the Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580. Cards such as MSI 1070 Armor with upright power connectors (on the long side at the top of the card) will not fit.
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on 7 October 2013
The case visually looks great and i would love to give a higher rating but it sadly has some problems which need addressing.
First lets start positive, The case looks great, especially if you leave it running during the night like i sometimes do, the blue LED's looks stunning and it's quite nice to see the whole thing lit up in the dark, also with the buttons (power/reset) being on top it's nice knowing you wont catch them by mistake (not like this happens often to anyone but i have done it before). The case is also very well ventilated providing great air circulation, also offers a side fan (manually turn on and off) for extra ventilation on them hot days. Also the case can support a good number of drives (HDD or DVD/BD) so if you have several HDD drives it's quite nice.

The negatives, some positive features become negative quick with this case, the side fan for instance, it is attached (cables) to the main tower of course, problem is when removing the side you have to be careful as the wire is VERY thin and will snap with any rough treatment, my cables fell out instantly without even rough handling, it could be sorted with someone who knows there electrics enough but it's still a downer. Also the buttons up top, i said this is good which it is but they all hug the USB ports, meaning if you aren't looking when plugging USB devices in you might catch the reset button. Also the case is small on the inside! Though it 'can' hold several drives it is so crammed that you find you can't use some slots because the graphics card or some other piece is half in the way, and as a whole you find it very compact (it would be hard connecting more graphics/RAM as it's so crammed inside), so though it looks nice for size, inside is another story which can be a problem so users with larger or even just normal sized graphics cards.

As a whole the case looks nice and for simple use does it's job fine but because it's so small inside and the wiring is so thin you can't help feel disappointed at times, seems they spent the effort on visual only and forgot the inside. However for the price it costs it isn't to bad of a buy for a casual user but honestly i would consider paying a extra £10 or so and getting some a little more spacious.
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on 4 February 2015
This case really looks the part, and I love the extra two fans on the side panel. These can be turned on and off via the switch provided. I needed to swap the rear fan for one that could be controlled by my fan controller, but you don't need to do this. All the fixings were easy to get to inside, and there were no significant sharp edges. Loads of room for expansion, and I ended up using all the external (front) bays. I would have liked to have had two 3.5 external bays as I had a card reader and extra USB ports to add, but it wasn't a real problem as I just used a 5.75 adaptor to fit the second item. There is plenty of ventilation, and my motherboard runs nice and cool on just the front and back fans. Love the LEDs on the front panel and fans (mine are red, but I think there are other colours available). All in all a robust case, well worth the price.
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on 30 April 2014
I bought this to replace the case of an existing build, mainly because it came with all the fans fitted and I was in need of additional cooling and more space for my longer GFX card. I was extremely happy with it when it arrived and swapped everything over in no time. Granted it did not come with any instructions but having built pc's before it was relatively easy to work out where the additional wires for the built in features (LED's, speaker and SD card etc) should go on the board.

It came with a bag full of fixtures and screws which was enough to cover mounting the Motherboard, fitting in a single DVD/RW and HD, Graphics card, wireless card and the PSU but beyond that you will start running into issues with the supplied scews being to big (thread size) for certain parts of the case. I advise you to have spares on hand or manage your usage wisely.

It's been running over a week now and has been great, with the exception of the front mic/headphone ports which seems to be causing some issues for me with a headset plugged in - the headset connection constantly drops out and back in again every second or so. This might be an issue with the connectors on the board rather than the feature itself though and I haven't checked that yet.

As far as the fans go, they're fantastic. Good quality, quiet and have kept my system running at no more than 65 degrees, despite hammering it with games. I couldn't have asked for a better result for the small amount the tower cost.

As others have said, fitting the motherboard was a bit of a squeeze between the front internal framework that holds the drives and the back panel insert that the motherboard connections for audio etc presses up against.

As far as cable management was concerned I didn't find any issues but I suppose it depends on just how much you want to try and cram in there!

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a budget friendly case that is suitable for larger graphics cards and new or existing builds. Though as there are no instructions with this, I would advise buyers will need at least some general idea of where components should go (or at least know someone who does!)
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on 24 January 2015
Purchased this case to upgrade from an old case i had around the house. Arrived on time as expected with plenty of protection. Fantastic looking case and better than i thought it would be for the price. Fits my ASUS F285-m-LE Motherboard and my Geforce 750 TI graphics card. Looks brilliant when all switched on and all lit up. My only problem was as i was moving the wires i accidentally pulled a cable loose from the card reader socket but with a little DIY managed to get it back together and working!
review image
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on 15 June 2017
My husband bought this for me some time ago as a birthday present, it was to replace my old computer case that i badly needed, Its brilliant, lots of fans installed and very quiet. Also lights up blue,which is nice, and love the fact that the controls are on the top of the case, power button and USB slots.
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on 14 May 2017
Very good looking case with plenty of room inside despite being smaller than others outside. Lots of fans will keep gaming enthusiasts happy.
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on 8 March 2017
Awesome box, defo worth buying.
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on 24 October 2012
Just bought this for my budget gaming rig. Excellent cooling with four on board fans. Used a micro atx motherboard which fitted perfectly and i would advise to use a is a little tight. Not excellent cable storage for todays braided cables. Accepted my solo HD6870 but may struggle if you wanted a crossfire setup. Bit for the price and what you get, it is very good value. All the lights do what they should, hd audio is great and card reader works a treat. Happy with purchase.
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on 2 February 2015
Great budget tower, I have a large 3gb GPU and 4 HDD's and there is plenty of room. I ha to take one fan off though to get my larger cooler in but it wasn't difficult.
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