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on 26 June 2012
I started looking for a Barcode scanner to make a proper inventory of CDs, books and comics I have. Huge collection by the way... I read many reviews and went through many technical specifications trying to figure out what could be more appropriate for me. I knew and know nothing at all about scanners so my first impulse was to go for an expensive item to get all my angles covered. I learned something along the way so I knew that there were several barcodes formats and sizes. My problem was the different sources I got all my stuff from; some were from the US, some from the UK, some French, some German or Spanish, some were long barcodes others shorter. I stumbled upon this unit and it had the hands free stand and something that not all the cheaper units have which is automatic scanning; you just pass the bar underneath and it reads it. No need to keep pressing the trigger. The difference in prices to other scanners was very considerable and I thought it would probably be a disappointment. Well, totally wrong. The unit comes in a white unbranded box and is simply...top notch. I tried every codebar I could get my hands on and it read them all. Even a very large one from the cable tv invoice. I have been putting it through continous work for several days and it has never faultered once. I have only started to use it with my comics book collection and is rock steadily bleaping those barcodes into the software. It comes with a small info manual for the more technical minded user (you have several barcodes to programm it, but I never had to install anything), it just works right out of the box. Windows sets it up in seconds and it just starts working :)
I honestly recommend it to anyone needing to scan barcodes. Does not have that cheap plastic look or feeling. It feels good in your hand. The stand is a little more fragile and cheap looking(you need a screwdriver to assemble the stand), a bit on the light side, but when you put it on your desk you really don't think about it anymore. This does not detract the scanners performance whatsoever. Together with the scanner itself, which clamps tightly to the stand they make a sturdy assembly. Hope this helps other users...
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on 3 November 2012
This is my review of the Esky Bi Directional Barcode Scanner.

Order: the order was processed and dispatched in 6 hours.
Delivery: delivered one day before expected.
Packaging: Amazon Box ~ Smaller than expected
Product Box ~ White
Product: Plastic, Black. Stand Plastic
The scanner is easily able to read and decode any barcode I throw at it. Even a airport baggage tag! The scanner is superb for scanning normal barcodes as well as curved barcodes. It is even able to read the small UPC on my iPhone's box. As well as serial numbers on Products. I would reccomend this to anyone who needs a barcode scanner.
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on 29 August 2013
Having given up trying to get PS/2 Barcode scanners to work on modern PCs that only have USB interface for keyboard and mouse, I decided that a USB scanner would solve this problem - there have not been many of these and some on sale are in fact PS/2 and supplied with an adaptor - these often don't work as the adaptors are usually passive and are not designed to run a barcode scanner.

This product is designed for USB interface and worked immediately. I haven't read the documentation in any detail - it appears to resemble documentation I have for other scanners very closely and is capable of being configured by way of control barcodes printed in the manual. I haven't needed to change the default settings so can't confirm that this works although I have no reason to doubt that it does.

The product also is shipped with a fairly substantial stand making it suitable for POS applications where the barcodes are sufficiently large. It does struggle with barcodes where the background isn't contrasted sufficiently (e.g. darker background) and also where the code is small.
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on 13 March 2013
Bought this to do an inventory of 1000 laptops at my work.

So far am very impressed...it puts the laptop tag numbers straight into an excel speadsheet, which is what I wanted.

The instruction book could be a little more detailed, as it is full of bar codes that you scan in order to change the settings, many of these codes without a description of what the setting actually does.

But I really cant fault it for working straight out of the box.

It has saved me days of laborious work...and that is definitely worth £40.
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on 7 December 2012
The product scans right out of the box as soon as it is connected to a USB port on your computer. I was initially perplexed by not being able to enter the setup menu per the instruction manual but the vendor assured me there was no need and that all changes can be implemented using the barcodes supplied in the manual. I have not needed to make any changes, so far, so good.
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on 7 January 2013
I bought this to speed up entry at our Group meetings. For the new membership year I printed the Club Badges incorporating a barcoded membership number.

This is read into an Excel spreadsheet using a barcode reader and by using lookup table an instant recorde of the attendee is produced.

I knocked a star off for the poor instruction manual.
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on 28 June 2013
The scanner has a good solid feel. It is plug and play and will work straight away when connected via usb without the need to install software. How this works is that the scanner acts like any other input device (such as a keyboard), and when you scan a barcode it writes the code into the currently active/open window on you computer. It also writes the enter key after the scanned code.

If you have excel open when using the scanner it will write the code into the currently selected cell and also send the enter key, so the next cell down is then selected and ready to receive the next barcode without you having to press enter yourself. It always writes into the active window, so if youre chatting on skype and scan a code it will write the code into skype-chat and send it to your friend hehe.
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on 10 November 2012
This is a great item that you simply take out of the box and plug in, it's as simple as that. I actually bought two of them for my shop and they have been amazing. Having said that one did stop automatically reading barcodes but when I contacted customer services they told me to scan something from one of the pages of the instruction booklet (which I'd never even picked up before because of it working straight from the box!). The scanner immediately started working again. I am absolutely thrilled with these scanners and they have become an essential piece of equipment for my business
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on 12 June 2012
Order the scanner and within a week or so I had it in my hands. Looked exactly as in the picture. all you have to do is plug it into the USB port and its a go. works great. two things you need to have in mind:

1. You need to find your own barcode font to use. there are free online and such that you can buy.
2. The scanner doesn't come with an instruction manual on how to use or set it up. There is a booklet with barcode settings but its lacking explanation as to how and what those mean and do.

Overall it does the job and has worked with all barcode types that i have tried on commercial products. only issue you may have is with some of the free fonts for code 39 or code 128
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on 8 November 2012
A good barcode reader. It has quite a narrow distance to scan at as some products need to be closer or further away than others but that could be the barcode on the packet.

Works like a keyboard, inputting the barcode number in and pressing enter.

Updated Review:
Been using the barcode reader for a month now and have found it works very well with barcodes on flat items(Cards, DVD's, Cd's), always without error. Products on tin cans can take a few tries, not a worry to me. I am using it for prototype scanning software and it does make debugging easier.
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