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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 August 2016
I purchased over a dozen items for travelling and this one is the #1 item I would recommend buying! It has been an absolute life saver!

The main question people will be asking is.. How many times will it charge my phone?

Well, there are 4 blue LED lights. Obviously 1 LED light is 25% 2 LED lights is 50%... And so on.

There's 2 USB ports so it has been VERY useful for my partner and I. Through testing it, I have managed to charge to my IPhone 5S 6x whilst connected alone. Of course having 2 IPhone cuts that down to 3x for each phone. The phones charges fairly quick also.. I'd say my phone would be fully charged within the hour.

I also use this battery pack to charge my GoPro Hero 4 and can get over 8x charges out of it.

The size of the item is slightly bigger than an IPhone (as seen in photo) but it can easily be put into a pocket.

If anyone is wondering... YES you can put it in your hand luggage. I have been on 17 different flights within the last 3 months and have had no problem whatsoever.

Quality and look of the product is also amazing!

As expected it does take a while to charge. Around 6-8hours to fully charge it.

After using it pretty much everyday for the past 3 months the battery life is still fantastic!

I would recommend this item to anyone, wether it's to use for travelling or even a day trip out!

There's been so many days where we have been using our phones as a Satnav (which eats your phone battery) and if I did not have this item with me.. I'd be lost in Bangkok and probably ending up married to a lady boy or something!


If you've found this review helpful, please mark 'Yes' underneath - you can also look at my others reviews as a reference to see I am always honest and speak my mind. I will always do my best as I can to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading!
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on 12 April 2015
Have used this portable battery pack to get multiple mobile phone recharges during a day (I get just over 3 charges of my Nexus 5, including some use of my phone while its plugged in and charging)

I've previously owned one other small portable battery pack that was one of the lipstick-shape that didn't fully charge my Nexus 5 and I couldn't use the phones GPS / Web while charging because the battery pack wasn't capable of delivering that much power with the phone screen on. I decided I needed better quality and purchased the Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 10000mAh battery pack.

The Anker battery pack is in a whole new league. It charges effortlessly, even while I use the phone. (If you use the GPS on your phone a lot, this battery pack is a great companion)

I originally purchased the 10000mAh model thinking that it would feel comparable in size and weight to a 5" display mobile phone (e.g. Nexus 5, iPhone 6). It's actually thicker than I expected and you can definitely feel the weight more so than a mobile phone although its not overly heavy, and it turned out that this is the size that I really needed. I think that if you're going to the effort of carrying an extra battery pack, its worthwhile to get a decent sized battery - I now know I can confidently go more than a day of very heavy mobile phone use when I have this battery pack around.

My first day of really using the 2nd Gen Astro E3 went something like this:

- Use my Nexus 5 mobile phone all morning on my long commute, with web & GPS, on way to a conference and arrive with 15% low battery warning.
- Plug phone into Anker to charge during first conference session.
- Mid-morning break, my phone fully charged. A colleague is hunting around for a socket to plug their mobile phone charger into. Instead, I loaned them my Anker to charge their phone during the next conference session.
- Lunchtime, I am thanked by a happy colleague who now has a fully charged phone.
- Evening, and I've been draining my phone battery fast during the day with active use and get another charge out of the Anker during the train commute home (whilst still using the phone heavily for web / GPS). There was still some small amount of charge to spare if I'd really needed it

Overall this feels like a quality product and the pouch that comes packaged with it is well made.
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on 8 July 2017
I had previously bought an Anker 10000mAh for recharging my 2 iPhones (work + personal) and iPad on business trips. However, my OH kept on borrowing it to take on her work trips, so I decided to buy another one!

The Anker takes quite a long time to charge up on the first occasion, but holds it charge very well, and will charge up a flat iPhone or iPad multiple times. I carry mine around with me on business trips all of the time, and has been very useful when waiting in airport lounges or on transatlantic flights without in-seat USB chargers.

Excellent product, highly recommend.
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on 13 August 2013
First off, this product works as described and I'm overall satisfied with my purchase.

I currently own an iPhone 5 and iPad mini along with various gadgets of all shapes and sizes, most of which charge by USB and having a portable power solution to use when out and about is vital. When I received the product the first thing that struck me was the size of this thing. I imagined it would be similar to Mophie Juice Pack but it's a little bulkier than that was to be expected of a product with two USB charging ports. Product arrived with a selection of the most popular plugs and a nice carry pouch, also it was partly charged (approx 3/4) so I could try it out right away.

Build quality seems ok, however I will put in an update in a couple of months regarding how everything holds up. One I noticed when I was plugging in my Apple lightning cable (not included, but should be) is the port marked Apple was a bit crooked so the port was a bit tight at first.

I would recommend buying a proper USB wall charger e.g. the one from PortaPow that outputs 2A or more from a single USB port.
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on 31 August 2014
Top stuff. Don't leave home without one

Update: 14 January 2018 Can anybody please explain why this excellent piece of kit won't charge any more? When I attempt to charge it, one blue light comes on to signify something is happening. But no matter how long it's left to charge via a mains plug, only one light ever comes on and it runs down in no time.
What's happened? I've never dropped the pack. Is this it - end of life? Or is there a problem with the charging port and if so, can that be fixed?
All answers very welcome. I do hope Anker will respond like they usually do. That said, I am still awaiting a response from their customer service department about my daughter's battery pack which suddenly stopped charging last November.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 January 2016
Needed a charging pack to keep things going in my Manchester to London in 24 hours bike ride. Managed to keep my Garmin and phone, and lights, charged at the feed points. Works really well and definitely worth carrying if you are a frequent traveler. In fact my daughter uses it at home because she can't be bothered to plug in her phone, which is great until I need to take it with me and she's run it dry of juice.
Had it over 3 years now and worked faultlessly.
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on 2 July 2014
Having read the mixed reviews on here, i took a gamble on this. unfortunatly my gamble did not pay off. the battery i was sent looked brand new and was packaged well but, it fails to charge after first use. Ive tried 3 different branded USB chargers ranging from 0.5a to 1.5a (recommended) even after 24hrs its still fliashing on 1 light. Im going to assume the unit is DOA and request a replacement but i wonder given all the comments previously posted what sort of return rates does this product have? UPDATE - Anker have proactivley sent me a replacement which works a treat - it appears slightly different to what i was sent 1st time round as this is a bit smaller and marked (2nd Gen).
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on 10 October 2014
I'm very pleased with this purchase after I did a few tests...

I ran down my phone, (HTC One M8), to 5% and it was fully charged in less than two hours.

I then did the same with my tablet, (Samsung Note 10.1 2014), and it was fully charged in just over five hours

The device itself takes about 4 hours to fully charge on the mains, but that is to be expected for a 10000mAH battery.

I will use this for cycle touring and would be confident of getting five full charges on my phone with it
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on 11 August 2013
This charger is absolutely fantastic. I bought it for Glastonbury, so I could keep my iphone charged for 5 days. My friends laughed at the fact I had even brought my iphone with me, but couldn't believe it when my iphone still had battery when their trusty Nokia's had died. It lasted for about 4 and a half days and that included 4 full charges at night, and several 'boost' chargers during the day, as the iphone 5 battery isn't particularly good anyway, and I was taking lots of pictures etc.

I would definitely recommend to anyone needing to keep their smartphone charged at a festival. I'm about to take it travelling, which will be ideal for charging it in hostels etc where I don't have to have my iphone/ipod in sight of people.

The service from amazon was also very good and it was dispatched very quickly. I believe Anker offer a fairly long warranty on the item, and are known for very good customer service.

One of the best items I've bought this year. 5 Stars.
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on 12 September 2013
I was originally extremely happy with this product. It works fantastically, and allowed me to keep charging my phone over a few days without ever needing to worry about being near power.

However, a month later and I'm beginning to see signs of it appearing much cheaper than it is. The Samsung connection is extremely loose making it almost impossible to charge unless I tape it to the phone, or prop it up against something. Since the product is only really useful whilst I'm out and about, I'm unable to charge it without setting it down somewhere and not letting anything get near it (including the wind) in order for it to actually charge my device.

Frustrating because if it wasn't for the cheap connection, this is otherwise a great device.

Update: Using my current Android charging cable has given me absolutely no issues, so it's not a huge deal. I don't think it warrants not purchasing the device, that's for sure!
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