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on 28 February 2013
Does what it says. I use it alot while I'm playing ingress with my friends. On my Galaxy Nexus I think it can charge it like 4 times before having to charge the battery.
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on 30 July 2015
I have developed great confidence in this brand (Anker) - great quality and has been in regular use for over a year now and can still fully charge my phone 3 times over.
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on 5 August 2014
Not used in anger - but does work.
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on 16 August 2013
Initially I thought I was going to be happy with this device so here's what I originally wrote (IMPORTANT:READ MY LAST NOTES!!!):

"My first reaction to this device was it's bulkiness. To be fair, it is a high powered battery and so this should not really be a surprise.
In terms of size it is slightly larger in all 3 dimensions than my Galaxy S3 for which I bought it, and slightly heavier. but because of it's shape and size and suitable location of the charging ports, I am easily able to carry both the battery and phone around in my hands so I can browse my phone even whilst charging.

The first thing I noticed was that out of the box it came charged up to 3 out of the 4 lights, so instinctively I put it onto charge fully right away.
Once I had 4 full lights, I began testing. My phone is set to alert me when my phone battery drops below 8% so all my tests have been to begin charging using the Anker Astro3E (10000mAh) from around 8%.

The charging cable that comes with it (along with various adapters for different phones) is very short and in a springy coil, but I see this as an advantage; when I have it connected to my phone, I don't have masses of cable dangling everywhere to be easily snagged.

I was able to fully recharge my phone using the Anker device pretty much 4 times without needing to recharge the Anker device, although the 4th charge only got my phone up to 99%, but it was good enough for me.

Recharging the Anker device did prove a little less promising though. It only comes with USB connections, so if you do not already have a wall outlet charger available, then charging from a usb socket on you PC connected to the mains appears to be the intended primary method of charging. My only complaint on this was that from empty charging the Anker was Sloooooooow.... After several hours via usb on a desktop PC with USB 2 it was still on 1 light with second light flashing to indicate charging. So I switched it over to a mains charger which I normally use to charge my phone and it charged up much more quickly. This was the main reason I have given 4 stars instead of 5.

I am going on a trip soon which will be out in the sticks so I needed this device to keep my phone going whilst I am out, and so far all tests show that this device is going to do the trick. I feel quite confident that it is going to fulfil it's duties.

Oh, and I would say the price for such a unit was excellent (I paid £25.99 each)"

After writing the review above and initially giving it 4-5 stars. I began experiencing strange problems with my phone. When we finally tested it on my relative's Samsung S3 Mini, we quickly realised that it DOES NOT work. Instead, when connected, the phone behaved as if a usb audio device was being connected (mp3 player started playing). So we passed the second one on to another relative who had a full size S3 (like mine), at this point I had not yet made the connection that the battery was causing my phones freakish behaviour.

So, the first battery that I ordered for myself, although it appeared to be functioning and recharging correctly, it seems there may be some kind of issue with the amount of power it pushes through:

After the first use, my phone began rebooting out of the blue as if there were software crashes or something like that and at one point the phone would not power on at all. After 24 hours of persisting in charging the phone with my standard wall charger, I could breath a relief as the phone began working again, but for several days the random reboots persisted. After about a week, this stopped happening too and I was happily using my phone again.

Knowing that strange things might happen, I decided that since the main purpose for using this battery was so that my phone could maintain tracking my position on a trip which would take longer than the standard battery would last. This turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE! I allowed the phone to drop to 20% before connecting my Anker battery and checked it for a minute or two to ensure GPS tracking was still functioning and my phone was not going to start rebooting. Sure enough it recharged the phone and I completed the trip. what had happened next has left me frustrated to this day! I suddenly noticed (while the battery was still charging) that the phone was complaining that it could not read my memory card. I was slightly worried at this point and decided I could do nothing about it until I got somewhere where I could check the memory card in a computer. The OVERCHARGE from the battery had in fact COMPLETELY wiped the microSD card in my phone. I have lost 5 months worth of family photos and videos that this card was holding, including photos I had taken of the trip itself using my phone. I am NOT IMPRESSED! I backup manually to conserve batteries usually, and until now, I have never lost anything.

I have data recovery equipment which can usually work around these types of problems, but even that failed to recover my lost data. Thankfully, the card is still functioning save for the fact that it was empty, so there does not appear to be any permanent physical damage.

Not the same story for the second battery, however, connected to another S3, the phone charged fully (and unusually quickly), only to blow the phone completely. It has been sent away for repair.


I haven't tested it on my iPhone, and quite frankly, I do not want to risk it, I prefer using my Android for everything because it is more robust and versatile than my iPhone, but the cost to repair a broken iPhone would give me nightmares!

Unfortunately, my trip has ended after the 30 day returns period, so I am unable to return them, otherwise I would!
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on 10 June 2015
Great product. Would recommend this to anyone. I used it when I was walking the West Highland Way. It charged both my friends and my IPhone 6 twice. Really good device
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on 3 April 2013
i love this product, heaps of grunt, plenty of adapters and a natty little cord to charge your device. it appears sturdy and well made. good delivery times. top trader
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on 28 February 2013
This product works very fast. I took it abroad with me as it is compact and light. It is definitely mighty!! It charges everything I have and it never lets me down.
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on 31 July 2015
Very impressive. Does everything it's supposed to do. Great packaging and a quality product. As a result of getting this I bought the smaller portable charger as well.
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on 18 September 2014
Can't say too much as I have only had it for a few days. It looks well made and comes with a handy little bag. Going on holiday shortly so it will be well tested then.
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on 4 April 2015
excellent,invaluble,long lasting charge wouldn't go anywhere without this,it charges 3 phones a dvd player and a ds on less than a full charge,thank you very much guys
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