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on 5 April 2014
Cult albums have always been safe options for me, afterall there's got to be a reason why despite being out of print since the 70's its maintained a devoted following right? I was intrigued by the story behind his album as much as I was the music, but on listening it's amazing how the two are inseparable. The lyrics are filled with Vashti's experiences and her simple observations told in her poetic way with her beautiful voice. I don't normally do this but this song (Timothy Grub) sums up everything I love about this album...

Maurice Snail and Timothy Grub,
Swanney and Blue and Emily Grub
Decided one day to go into the wood
And build them a house and live there if they could
And they stayed there a while in the trees and the rain
Till one day two Blue Men said you’re all insane
And to please not come here again

They had a green car called ‘Happiness Runs’
Friday comes and Happiness runs
Out of petrol and everyone gets out to push
And suddenly see through a gap in the bush
A real caravan, just like the one in their dreams
The gypsy doesn't want it for nowadays it seems
His home stays in one place and gleams

He told them that he had a horse down the lane
Saturday morning they went back again
He showed them a shed that was built out of tin
He opened the door and they all peered within
And there lying on straw was a horse black as night
With a star on her forehead and eyes full of light
And they all fell in love at first sight

They thought and they thought about having Black Bess
Timothy planted some mustard and cress
They lived in a cupboard and made it their home
And lay there and dreamed of the days when they’d roam
Up and down all the hills of the North countryside
With the dogs eating buttercups on the wayside
And they’d wave all the cities ‘goodbye’

This is a song so obviously based on her own experiences and told in a fashion that really demonstrates her enthusiasm and joy for rural life. Of course, Vashti bought a horse drawn cart and a horse call Bess, and together with her husband and their dog 'Blue', they left life in London to travel the countryside of Scotland. Some might dismiss this music as 'Twee', and normally I would agree, however this music is far too genuine to be anything other than sincere. Many artists try to recreate a idealised romantic notion of simple living, but Vashti didn't need to, she is singing about the things that bring her most joy in life and that joy more than comes across in her music.
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on 9 January 2013
If you want to read an interesting account of the genesis of this album, read the
first chapter of Electric Eden by Rob Young. The whole book is, of course, essential
but this chapter details the whole story in loving language. The book and the album carry a great resonance for one who was there in this era, late sixties to mid - seventies.Now approaching sixty, it all gives me a pang of nostalgia and some sadness
at passing youth.
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on 17 June 2018
great voice so long ago
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on 6 March 2018
a gem
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on 25 September 2017
Great cd, wonderful soft voice of vashti Bunyan
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on 20 June 2018
I doubt if any album has a more kind, gentle and lovely spirit: it's softly evocative and simply adorable. Thank you so much, Vashti.
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on 7 May 2013
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on 5 August 2015
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on 12 August 2015
Brilliant thanks.
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on 25 January 2013
I believe that she started off as a disciple of Donovan, but I have enjoyed the gentle singing and sparce production. Almost too gentle for my wife.
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