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Sand Sharks [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 13 March 2017
Excellent film. Full of action. Its the first time I've seen Sharks swimming in sand. I wasn't aware they could lol. It was spectacular how they killed them in the end. Definitely worth watching.
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on 6 September 2017
Purchased for someone else,their review. Crazy silly ,sharks swimming in sand ! but very watchable ,good buy.
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on 16 May 2017
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on 9 September 2017
The son of the mayor of a sleepy beach town returns to try to make some money by throwing a beach party for college students on vacation. Always in trouble, Jimmy (the mayors son) lurches from one problem to the next, compounded by the appearance of the titular 'Sand Sharks', which wreak havok on the town.

You know what you're getting into when you put this in your player - this is a cheap monster horror (a comedy horror actually) with lots of budget digital effects and a ludicrous story. But this film knows how silly it is and plays up to it, quite often descending into camp, but the story is told with enough skill to make it a bit of fun if you allow yourself to go with it. Yes, it's all just too stupid, but seeing shark fins swimming around in the sand is original and it makes you wonder how much the filmmakers will try to get away with (quite a bit in reality....).

There are a number of actors that you will probably have seen in other budget productions and they just seem to go along with the story and have a bit of fun - even when someone throws a bucket of fake blood all over them.....

In regard to the special effects - the shark fins on the sand can be quite good and some of the sharks seen diving out of the sand are OK although most of the shots of sharks 'flying' are pretty awful. But I guess it just adds to the fun.

Quite a bit of time is spent on the worlds lamest beach party with the college students supposed to be dancing on the beach, but they really didn't seem to know what they were doing and much of the time groups of them just stand around looking awkward. And when the sharks turn up to eat them they just run in all sorts of directions (stupidly), again not seeming to know what they are supposed to do. It seems like the Director didn't try to direct these scenes and just let the extras do whatever they thought should be done. Of course, this just adds to the stupidity of the film but it's great for a laugh nonetheless.

Somehow it all seems to hold together better than most of these cheap monster movies but it is let down by the ridiculous ending which seems to have been the least thought about part of the entire production. But if you like cheap monster movies, you might have some fun with this one.
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on 4 May 2016
Find something else to watch. There are plenty more fish in the sea....
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 December 2012
This ludicrous straight-to-video low-budget comedy horror movie is a bit like a 2012 remake of the 1990 Kevin Bacon film "Tremors [DVD] [1990]" with a previously unknown species of large shark taking the role of the underground monsters.

It ought not to work at all: the plot is even more daft than "Tremors" was, the script does not have nearly as many genuinely memorable lines of funny dialogue, most of the acting is terrible, and the specal effects are worse in the 2012 film than the makers of "Tremors" managed twenty-two years earlier.

However, because the film does not take itself at all seriously and delivers non-stop black humour and action, I found to my surprise that I quite enjoyed watching it once.

I suspect that for most people it would only be a film to watch in company with some friends or your significant other on a night in when you've had something to drink and are in a mood to find something ridiculous to laugh at.

It is set on the quiet island of White Sands, which looks quite like Catalina Island in California, as that it where this was filmed. The island's tourist industry and therefore much of the local economy has been gradually going to hell in a handbasket since an attack in the sea from a more normal type of shark a few years ago scared a lot of the tourists away.

Corin Nemec plays Jimmy Green, son of the local mayor (played by Edgar Allan Poe the IVth) who returns with an idea to rejuvenate the island's economy by organising a huge party, the "Sandman Festival" to attract college students at Spring Break. Unfortunately they arrive on the island just in time to become potential food sources for a huge and previously unknown species of shark which can swim in sand. Vanessa Evigan plays Brenda Stone, the island's deputy sherriff who is also Jimmy's ex.

Brooke Hogan plays Dr Sandy Powers, a marine biologist and daughter of the marine biologist who investigated the previous attack by more normal sharks a few years before. Sandy Powers arrives on the island in response to a call from Brenda Stone who is the first person to suspect that some kind of shark may be involved in the first few "mysterious" deaths at the start of the film. Brenda was actually trying to get hold of Sandy's father, also called Dr Powers, but he has retired so we get Sandy instead - a plot detail which was presumably originally written into the script with the intention of setting up some mistaken identity jokes, but if so they never happen. Which is typical of how amateurish this film is.

Watch this with low expectations, especially if you enjoyed "Tremors" a few years ago and are in the mood to see something similar, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Watch it expecting anything remotely up to the calibre of "Jaws (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD]" and you'll probably be disappointed.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 January 2012
If you like scary, edge-of-your-seat, well crafted creature features - or monster movies with horrifyingly realistic CGI and grade A SFX - pass this one by with a wide berth.
If you like crummy B-movies and ultra-low budget "so bad its good" jobs; the sort of thing you would watch with a raised eye-brow and a smile, while shaking your head dissaprovingly at it over the popcorn - then you'll probably quite like this, because Sand Sharks is one of the "best" worst films Ive seen in a good long while.

The premise is, pretty much, explained by the title and front cover - "prehistoric looking sharks what live in sand chewing on locals and tourists during a spring break party" and is flimsy at best: theres a lame attempt at explaining the science and biology behind it but far from giving it credibility it just makes it more ridiculous. And thats the key selling point - it is a ludicrous yet charmingly bad B movie - and it knows it.

The acting is BEYOND abysmal - theres not a shard of talent among the cast. None of the characters are particularly likeable so you really dont care about any of them or whether they get eaten or not (in fact in most cases you generally hope they do). The script is utterly cringe inducing. The plot (what little there is) is just bonkers, the climax is like "how would that possibly work?!" grade stupid, and the props and special effects are worse than the sort you would see in an episode of Sanctuary or really early Outer Limits, in fact Im pretty sure the deputy sheriff was at one point using an actual cap gun to shoot at a shark fin, which at the same time as being CGI managed to look like it was made of papier mache.
And the budget is so obviously small that they even appear to recycle the extras: Theres at least 1 of them who was definitely eaten early on in the film who turns up in a crowd scene screaming near the end. Its basically terrible.

But all that said and with the most sincere derision; it absolutely doesnt take itself seriously AT ALL; its rubbish, stupid, silly and over the top. Its got countless subtle and not-so-subtle nudges to "proper" creature-features, Jaws being the most obvious, and all in all is just tongue-in-cheek, nonsensical, unapologetic movie chewing-gum. And in its own little way its all the better for it!
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on 22 February 2012
This is such a low budget movie and is so bad but strangely watchable. I doubt that there are any 'bite' puns that have been left out of this film, the dialogue is littered with them. It's obviously not to be taken seriously, the acting is apalling and the plot is ridiculous. Having said all that, I watched it from beginning to end without a moment's boredom and plenty of laughs. Definitely one to watch if all you want is some light hearted entertainment.
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VINE VOICEon 20 June 2013
if you love mutant animal films mixed with disater,death and pure hilarious cheese then this film is for you. awful acting,awful eects but all in just the right amounts to make this film more than watchable, great fun and a cool twist on jaws. youll want to hate it but wont be able to.
some great one liners and superb deaths.
id recommend this to anyone who enjoys a bit of fun
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on 20 June 2013
This is an absolute gem of a b movie, tongue in cheek, hilarious, ridiculous and full of wonderful characters. An absolute cult classic in the making.
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