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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2017
Grand Theft Auto 5 is without doubt one of the best games of all time. It's surpasses its predecessors in creating a rich and vibrant world with endless possibilities, while providing a storyline which is well written and enthralling. Driving is seamless and extremely enjoyable, action is intense, and the flying mechanics are exhilarating. There are a wide variety of missions, each with their own individual characteristics, meaning that you do not get bored easily. Sometimes you don't even have to do missions and you can have a tremendous amount of fun just exploring the scarily accurate representation of Los Angeles like it's your own little sandbox.
I cannot rate this game highly enough
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on 1 April 2014
Rockstar games have become true "keepers" in my game collection.
Their commitment to great storytelling and immersive open-worlds is so impressive and unique.
And this game is no exception. It is excellent.

Rockstar has outdone themselves when it comes to designing missions.
They've made a true effort to give you as much variety as possible.
The main missions in particular are simply spectacular, like something from a Hollywood action film.
The random/side-missions are often so fantastically weird and surreal that they keep you guessing as to what will happen next.
Each step in the quest-chain raises the anticipation of something even weirder to come.

There's just so much to do in this game and things to discover, besides the missions.
You can level up your characters in all sorts of ways, there are mini-games, racing, you can buy properties etc.

Sure, the main characters in GTA V are highly stereotypical and I would have liked something more unique.
However they are still very entertaining, there's a great dynamic between them, which is probably the whole point of it.

The storyline and characters can be overly cheesy and silly at times, but the GTA games are parodies of whatever location in the real-world they happen to represent. They are the video game equivalence of a Mel Brooks film.
So even though GTA is considered more serious and realistic than Saint's Row, you should still not take it seriously.

The shooting mechanics are somewhat clunky, similar to that in Red Dead Redemption.
However they are not as stiff as in GTA 4. Far from it.
So it is definitely an improvement over the previous GTA game.

A bigger improvement is that you can retry missions right from where the action starts, the check-point system is not as punishing as in GTA4, where you had to drive all the way back to the mission if you failed.
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on 15 November 2015
The ending wasn't very intersting but overall a good game to play and very funny characters on it. The map is a chore to get through. So many places to explore and lots to do. The police are a nightmare to get rid off. Graphics are very good. And its interesting to play as 3 different characters. Enjoy some of the radio stations on it. And the pointless thing of getting eaten by a shark to get a achievement for the xbox 360 version. Sadly I sold it after a year of owning it along with the xbox and other games. Hope to try out the new version soon.
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on 21 June 2016
After many many … productive hours of playing I have decided to leave a review.
The game arrived very quickly, within the allocated timeframe which was good.
It was in mint condition wrapped up in a clear protective plastic over the game which contains the discs and the manuals.
Be warned the game takes a long time to install so make sure you set some time aside or run the instillation overnight if you don’t like waiting around and want to get straight into the gameplay
The game is very good, a true open world game with many things to do, an extensive range of cars, guns, vehicles such as planes jets and a truly immersive story.
You can play as the main characters going through their journey where you will experience action, adventure and even comedy from the main protagonists, or simply spend hours exploring the beautiful graphics throughout the vast expanse of the map and experience many side missions and hidden gameplays.
This game will keep you entertained for many many hours to come. There is a reason why this is the latest game in a very long and successful franchise.
I enjoyed this game so much I bought it again for the new generation of consoles, im sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.
If you found my review helpful I would very much appreciate it if you could please click on the yes button below in order to increase visibility to help others make a decision.
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on 28 September 2016
GTA needs no introduction.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is leaps and bounds ahead off its predecessor (Want to go bowling?).

The graphics truly stretch what the 360 is capable of and are stunning to say the least. The drawn distance is impressive with very little pop up. The game also runs very smooth with minimal slow down or screen tearing.

The single player is fantastic and will keep you enthralled for hours, going from insane mission to insane mission all the way to the climactic ending. The driving physics have been vastly improved over GTA 4s driving around in a boat mechanics, vehicle models look great and can take more punishment than past games.
The shooting/aiming system has also been tightened and makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

Now to the reason the game lost a star.......GTA Online.
Whilst the online component will give you a fair few hours of enjoyment starting out, it soon becomes in my opinion a repetitive grind to rank up and get money for in game purchases. The online is setup to try and sell as many shark cards as possible (for real money) to allow you to bypass this grind and as I don't support this kind of business practice can't say I approve.
The glorified Heists they added are just well disguised fetch missions that require a full lobby of players to begin and you then have to hope nobody quits (if playing with randoms) as the mission will fail and end.
Then the fact they ended online support for the 360 version, the console it was made for and launched on, was to me quite an insult. Considering most of the updates to the online portion are playlists and small additions to the game.

The biggest problem I had was the backtrack on the single player DLC. A game like this truly deserves a single player add on, it has so much potential for exploring different characters and backgrounds from the rich story it told. As personally I don't think the game has much longevity online I was sorely disappointed by this. It just put a big fat bee in my bonnet about the direction Rockstar took and chose to continue supporting the online component and forgo the single player expansion.

But to avoid ending on a low point.......
GTA 5 has been out a long time by now, but if you still haven't played it I highly recommended it. The single player is outstanding and is worth the price alone. Personally I was disappointed by the online side of things but other people really enjoy it and you might too!
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on 5 December 2013
I've had GTA V for more than two months now and I honestly think it is a very good game. I got it with free one day delivery due to my Amazon Prime trial and it arrived on time which I am very pleased with. I cannot compare this to other GTA games because I have not played GTA IV and the last game in this series I played was GTA San Andreas which was a long time ago i.e when I was a kid. I do think that the game has a lot to offer which is a positive for me. I also like how you, as the player, can go round as a criminal stealing cars and mugging people. I personally think that the visual aspects of the game such as the scenery and time of day work really well together and blend in beautifully. GTA Online is something I have yet to review as I have not participated in it (I do not have xbox live gold membership) but hopefully will do at a later date. Having an open world to roam about freely in is a great way to explore and do fun activities such as parachuting. As the story progresses, it becomes more engaging and interesting, I think. Overall it is a fun and entertaining game that will keep me hooked for hours. I made the right decision in buying it.

=======2013/14 EDIT=======
I think that the lack of cheats for the game is a little disappointing. When GTA San Andreas was released, there was quite a few cheats that came with it and that is something I really liked when I played that game. In that sense, San Andreas was a very good game. Since then, quite a few cheats have been removed and the invincibility only lasts five minutes. This is annoying because the time goes by rather quickly in GTA 5 and once it's over, you are no longer invincible. I also liked the fact that there were states in San Andreas that you could unlock after certain missions. Now in V, however, It's mainly one big city with a couple of towns a few in game hours away and an airport and you can go anywhere except the airport without being caught(this is also a good thing). Also I find that some weapons are not available in game such as hat seeking rocket lauchers, flamethrowers and bats. The jetpack isn't available either. These are the only negatives for me - the game is excellent otherwise, a real masterpiece. Overall, I would give GTA V 4.9 stars out of 5. This is just my opinion and I do not intend to nitpick or complain.
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on 25 January 2018
Love this game even after all these years. I bought this only because I lost the Play Disc. For the price, in comparison to the digital version which is dearer, I bit the bullet. I immediately copied the Play Disc onto USB and stored the Disc in a safe place. No doubt I'll forget where I safely put it but at this moment in time i couldn't give a monkeys... I've more important missions to carry out with Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Come on lads, let's go make some money.
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on 17 September 2016
Bought for a Christmas present. Quick delivery and well packaged. Bought as a present for a gamer who has been a fan of all the previous games in this series. I personally have not played this game and have to base the review on feedback given. From what I have observed this game has been played time and time again and each time seems to be a different story. The graphics and sound quality are fantastic, hard to believe it's a game and the designers have paid attention to detail. This game does contain adult themes from shootings to prostitutes and rightly deserves the 18years and over age restriction.
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on 18 June 2017
I bought this game in 2013 when it first game out and I am just getting around to reviewing it now. This game even after 4 years is eat the top of its game. It is simply the best openwork game with the most engaging storylines. I still believe it is the best game you can buy.
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on 25 January 2014
GTA 5 has had a massive improvement from GTA 4, The graphics are greatly improved and you are also given the option to choose between 3 characters, which you was not able to do in previous games. Even though the story line is unrealistic, it is still great. One of my favorite things in GTA 5 was the heists, you were able to set up heists the way YOU want to, and you get to choose who comes with you. You can choose cheap but crap, or expensive but good, however the cheap ones skill gradually increases per heist, and their percentage of the score stays the same.

GTA 5 has a whole new customization option, you are able to choose between different clothes and outfits, in previous GTA games, all characters wear the same clothes. There is also a big variety of car upgrades you are able to choose, just like in games such as Forza or Need for speed. You can design your car and clothes the way YOU want. You are also able to upgrade weapons, such as putting scopes on snipers or extended mags on LMG's etc.

Many GTA fans say that San Andreas was the best GTA game, some still say it is the best, but in my opinion this is the best game they have made so far for this franchise.

If I had to point out one flaw though, it would be that when driving, especially on a motorbikes, NPCs will be driving their cars and will just pull out straight in front of you, if you are trying to get away from police this can be extremely frustrating and whats worse, if you are on a bike, you will knocked of without a doubt, also, they took away a feature from NPCs cars from GTA 4, INDICATORS, if Rockstar left indicators in, you would be able to see where cars are going and would easily be able to avoid hitting the car .

This is another point I should mention, they have not improved the bike driving at all, some may argue that it is realistic but it is extremely annoying, you will notice when driving a bike, the SLIGHTEST tap, will make you fall off, I noticed this within a few hours of playing GTA 5. This can also be annoying when trying to get away from police.

I also feel that police have ruined the game slightly, I got GTA 5 on the realease day, and one thing I noticed is that to get away from police you would have to stay out of their sites for about 30 seconds. However, I then noticed that a month down the line, Rockstar updated this and made the waiting time at least in a minute, if not two depending on your wanted level.
I can remember when I was being chased by police, I had a 4 star wanted level, I was hiding in a car around a factory where they couldn't see me and I started to count, the helicopter was right near me but could not see me, I counted at least 2 minutes and was thinking, surely I will loose my wanted level, but I didn't. My point is that even if you have a wanted level, even if the police are near you, you cant escape them unless they are far away. I am almost adamant of this.

GTA Online
I will keep this brief, GTA online is extremely fun, Apart from the problems that Rockstar had when the online was released, it seems that every update there is always some annoying glitch that gets put in, and whats worse, it will get fixed but on the same update another glitch will form. 3 months down the line of it being released I occasionally got stuck in loading screens, even though Rockstar supposedly fixed this at the start of GTA online
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