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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Resolution is the Virginian Metal band Lamb Of God's seventh official Studio Album. It was released in 2012 and the production saw involvement from both Machine, who handled their Sacrament and Ashes Of The Wake albums as well Josh Wilbur who helmed 2009's Wrath album, consequently the whole record sounds amazing and tracks flow remarkably well together.

As you would expect from Lamb Of God themselves, there are a lot of explosive and loud tracks that are for the most part very heavy and very fast, with a lot of groove coming through into the overall sound and an impressive standard of musicianship from everyone involved.

If you enjoyed the band's previous two albums in particular, then Resolution is certain to keep you entertained through its fifty-six minute duration, even if the band do seem to suggest otherwise in interviews. Singer Randy Blythe's vocals are as savage as ever at times yet more varied than on the band's earliest works; Mark Morten's lead guitar sound is still fantastically musical where other players may have been tempted just to be noisy and of course the riffs and beats from the rest of the band give you exactly what you would want from a new Lamb Of God Album.

That is not to say that Resolution is just Lamb Of God by numbers however; kicking off with a big and doomy Sabbath inspired opener `Straight For The Sun' and ending with a track called `King Me' which features both female vocals and and orchestra and that also mixes in Trendkill era Pantera sounds with the normal Lamb Of God sound, you simply can't seriously accuse the band of lacking variety.

Other notable moments include the almost melodic `Insurection' as well as the brief semi-acoustic number `Barbarosa' and `The Number Six' which doesn't sound like anything on the recent couple of Lamb Of God records.

There are one or two moments towards the start of the album where you can briefly think "I've heard that riff before" such as in `Ghost Walking,' which evokes the spirit of the fan-favourite track `Redneck,' but thankfully those moments are relatively few and ultimately form a very small part of the overall experience.

Overall, Resolution is a strong and immensely enjoyable Lamb Of God album that keeps enough of what makes the band enjoyable in the first place to keep fans happy and adds enough twists and turns to the formula to keep things fresh and interesting even if it takes you a few listens to fully get your head around, it is really easy to imagine this album being well represented in the live environment for years to come.

I recommend the album a lot and if you can, try and pick up the special edition version which contains a twelve track live disc from the Wrath Tour and features many of the bands most enduring tracks making it the perfect album for prospective fans to get into the band with.
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on 18 February 2013
This is the first album by LOG I bought and I am so very happy I did! Such an awesome album and band!! Anyone who likes DECENT METAL then look no further, this rip-roaring, brutal, beast of an album will satisfy any real Metalhead, thats what I love about LOG is that they have stuck to their guns and remained true to their roots, its metal as it should be, none of those clean vocals! Just sheer, brutal metal at its finest! Cheers Lamb Of God, you guys keep getting better! 5 stars, Get it, Get it now!
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on 16 September 2012
This is quite possibly the best Lamb Of God album released to date - everything that is integral to the LOG sound is here in spades but the guys have thrown even more spanners in the works to add interest and depth to an already crushing sound! Album opener Straight For The Sun is straight out of the Black Sabbath handbook and is something a bit different for the guys, especially when compared with The Passing from previous album Wrath! The two standout tracks for me with regards to LOG adding something different to their sound are Insurrection and album closer King Me - the first of these features clean, sung vocals from Randy Blythe, and they add a totally different and unique colour to the tonal palette of the song - who knew Randy had such a great singing voice? The man never ceases to amaze me with his vocal talents! King Me is a total departure from anything the guys have done before - layered with an orchestra and an opera singer the song showcases yet another side to Lamb Of God that I never knew existed! I won't harp on about which tracks are better than others because they're all fantastic in their own right in my humble opinion! A special mention does go to Randy Blythe when he sings the chorus to Guilty - the ferocity with which he barks -'Bound by the chain of lies you've wrapped around you!' is terrifying - it really gets me riled up when I hear it, in a good way of course! As for the rest of the band, need I go into detail? Those familiar with LOG will already know that the riffs come hard and fast, complex yet easy to understand if you break them down, the bass doubles the riffs a lot of the time (which is no easy feat!) and Chris Adler's drumming is sublime as always! Those that are already familiar with LOG will already own this album, those that aren't, get this album now, you won't regret it! A breath of fresh air in a stagnant music scene, these guys never fail to impress and just get better and better!
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on 23 February 2012
lamb of god are dependable for great releases, i have come to that conclusion a long time ago, i expected this to be great and it is.
They throw in a wee experiment or swerve if you like but it doesnt add alot or hurt them, its controlled and not hideous as some have told me.
This is a heavy beast indeed, i wouldnt say its their best but there is little wrong with it, randy sounds ond fine form and there are plenty of riffs and grooves again as one would expect with these metal titans.
Job done and i will see the lads in belfast shortly
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on 27 January 2012
There's is not a lot more left to say about this album that hasn't been said already.

For me this may well be Lamb of God's 'Master Of Puppets' or 'Reign In Blood', not that's to say Resolution is anything like those two classics in terms of music.

The whole album is so diverse whilst at the same time displaying the band's trademark sound.

Vocalist Randy Blythe is the real star here with a superhuman performance. In fact this is probably the first Lamb Of God album where Randy, John Campbell's Bass and Chris Adler's drumming stand out more than brother Chris Adler and Mark Morton's sublime guitar skills do. That's not to say the guitar duo disappoint, far from it!

This album will be the best of 2012...yes I know it's only January, but I can't see me not listening to it regularly for the rest of year at least or anyone else beating it.

Two words sum 'Resolution' up...Simply Brilliant!!!
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on 30 January 2012
Lamb of god must surely be considered one of the finest exponents of their genre. Since they first appeared, slashing and burning as Lamb of God (when they really first impacted upon the UK consciousness), they have remained remarkably consistent in the quality of their output although it is arguable that `Sacrament', with its toned-down aggression was rather less impressive than its full-on successor, the remarkable `Wrath'. It should come, therefore, as no surprise that with the release of `resolution' little has changed in the world of LOG and the new album represents a refined and road-aged continuation of the sonic assault found on `wrath'.

There are a few curveballs, however, and the opening track for `resolution', the grinding `straight for the sun' does a grand job of introducing LOG to the uninitiated as Black Sabbath-worshipping doom metallers. A slow, ground out, down-tuned bruiser, it has more in common with Heaven and Hell than `redneck' and it serves as a fine, if rather brief, entry to the record. A truly awe-inspiring rolling drum fill (courtesy of ace sticks-man Chris Adler) tells us that LOG are back with a vengeance as the track segues into `Desolation', a track that holds no surprises for LOG fans but which does a fine job as cementing their reputation as leaders of the pack. Randy Blythe is as commanding as ever, his vocals delivered with an intensity matched only by Phil Anselmo, whilst Mark Morton and Willie Adler prove to be as on the money as ever with their brutal riffs and occasional snatches of melodic soloing. `Ghost walking' opens with a cool acoustic riff that recalls Zakk Wylde's bruising fretwork before the main riff takes over and Randy proclaims with some venom "there is no-one left to save...". `Guilty' offers no such gentle easing in - it just screams and rails at you from the outset with a barely contained rage that will be familiar to those who have followed LOG over the years. Equally, `undertow' is a track bristling with brutality, but it also has an underlying sense of melody making it memorable and a great solo also raises the bar, showcasing a hitherto-buried classic rock sensibility underpinning LOG's brightly buffed modern sheen, as if the band are flexing their musical muscles even whilst remaining true to the musical blueprint they laid down on `New American Gospel'. `The number six' even sees Randy indulge in some clean singing on a chorus that will stick in your brain long after the record has finished and once again you're struck by the underlying melodies to the songs - they are stronger than on previous outings and yet the band have retained the core heaviness that made them so special when they came bursting on the scene in the nu-metal addled 2000's. Indeed, it is a sign of how far LOG are content to diversify that at one point during `the number six' they even shift gear into Faith No More territory for a jazz-infused, spoken word section (craftily sandwiched between a riff of near-unfathomable heaviness) and bassist John Campbell is given a chance to shine with some great fretwork too.

The biggest surprise of the album, however, is the brooding `Barbarossa', a track that cobines howling feedback and gentle acoustic work to create a real sense of atmosphere that is both harrowing and exciting in equal measure. When the riff does come in, it is a syncopated beast that somehow never quite goes where its expected to and then we're into the more straight-forward workout of `invictus' - a rather more typical LOG workout that would have sat comfortably at home on `wrath'. `Cheated' takes the LOG blueprint and throws in a sprinkling of hardcore for good measure making it the fastest and least controlled number on the CD - it works well breaking up the more familiar LOG chugging template, but as a standalone song it's the weakest track on the album. `insurrection' is a massive highlight, however, a complete divergence from the band's normal template that combines chugging guitars with a creepy, strained vocal and a sense of dynamics that builds upon what has come before and gives a real sense of the band trying something different. `Terminally unique' returns to the more tried and tested formulae but it has a nice riff that recalls `now you've got something to die for' and it leads nicely to the equally demented `to the end'. `Visitation' has a nice shift between the paired down intro riff and the full on assault of the verse and then, all too soon, we arrive at the final track, `king me' - another track that expands upon the band's horizons by sounding like a cross between Faith no more, LOG and Cradle of filth. It's a slow, string-laden number and it sounds immense even while it sounds like nothing LOG have ever attempted before. It provides a brave and unusual ending to a fine album.

In all honesty, you already know if you like Lamb of God or not, and despite the band displaying a deeper confidence in their musical abilities on `resolution' there is no significant change from the band's previous output - `king me' and `Barbarossa' notwithstanding . For fans of the band 'Resolution' will, of course, prove to be another reason for celebration, and it is a fine example of powerful, hook-laden groove metal, and certainly the album stands out for me as it offers up a greater degree of invention than `wrath'. Whichever way you look at it, Lamb of God are one of the most consistent metal acts out there, never bowing to pressure or trends and maintaining an intensity that frequently burns itself right out of the speakers and onto its surroundings. If you're looking for a shot of pure metal adrenalin, tempered with a rare intelligence then `resolution' will certainly be your album.

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on 9 February 2014
great band, awesome tunes. GREAT DRUMMER!! you should ALLLL buy this album. it will rock your world! ! ! :D
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on 18 January 2013
This is a very good album but I am not happy with the service. My first order got lost and was returned with my money refunded, the second time I ordered it, it took almost 3 weeks to get here and the corner of the cd case was cracked off. Other then this, it is a very good album and would otherwise get 5 stars if not for the service.
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on 28 January 2012
Well after my sitting through this snarling beast of an album, another big fist in the air towards the american icons of metal is a guaranteed. I don't know quite where and how this band manages to delight with every new release but every-time they bring out a new album it clicks with me first time and becomes my new favorite album of that year. I don't know about everyone else but I found Wrath to be a superb unbeatable wall-breaker, especially as the slight deviation in direction with that album from "Sacrement" was a favorable and very enjoyable one. Let's get straight to the songs shall we..

Opener "Straight for the sun" is a surprising- patronage to all things doom and gloom, whilst "Desolution" is quite simply stunning, and fires out of the speakers from the word go with a sublime and thoughtful riff, other highlights include the highest water mark of the album and the inspired blast of "The undertow" which will undoubtedly at some point be a classic LOG live staple smasher. Some of the songs here show a deliverance in straight forward Lamb of god enterprises, but all of the frills and connection you expect to get from the past releases can still be found. Examples being:- Ghost walking, Guilty and the The number six; which hark back to times of old within "The ashes of the wake" and "As the palaces burn" in some truly unethical brutality and massiveness.

Having said all that however, there are still a few surprises to catch you off guard such as the interlude quietness of "Barbarosa," the riff crusher of "Cheated" or the fabulous but great new sense of melody found within "Insurrection." The album is as you would expect from L.O.G: heavy and groove orientated but "Resolution" still manages to throw out a few excellently delivered surprises within what is a pretty water tight package of excellent metal in addition to the ongoing improvements that are being made within the songwriting department, which is noticeably improving with each release. "Resolution" is a sure tell-tale sign of a strong band in top form, of which the results in this album are exemplary. Lamb of god, simply can't do no wrong:- and neither can you by making this resolution!....
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on 10 February 2012
I wasn't the greatest fan of Wrath (even though my favorite song by them is on it -In Your Words) and I was worried this would be similar. It isn't. It's darker, heavier and back to the sound of old. I really like it and it is definitely worth buying. There are few surprises on here as well which makes it even better
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