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on 25 April 2012
I'd already heard good reports about the Peaklife from motorbike forums, so I was expecting a good product and wasn't disappointed. The hardware is well constructed, easy to install, and most importantly on a bike, waterproof.

The battery (spare included!) lasts for a full day from full charge(appx 7-8 hours), if you don't want to permanently install a 12v supply. Or you could run it from an accessory socket.

The product is sold as hardware only, so it would be wrong to criticise the software (which is supplied installed although not referenced in the ad). Not that there's anything wrong with it, but more my ability to use it and the lack of documentation.

So, great product, good value, can vouch for it performing well under extremely wet conditions and vibration. The battery (spare included!) lasts for a full day (appx 7-8 hours), if you don't want to permanently install a 12v supply. The ad says that the bluetooth doesn't work with all headsets, so check carefully. It worked fine with my BT Intercom.
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on 17 October 2012
Bought this as a budget SatNav for longer journeys on the motorcycle.

Didn't realise it was to be delivered from Hong Kong until the e-mail arrived from the seller.
However, the item was delivered in about 10 days in great packaging with tons of bubble wrap.
Loads of cables and bits and pieces in the box.

This unit is preloaded with UK and European maps so no need to worry about getting started on the road with no maps.

Maps are from IGO mapping software, but still not sure about how to update maps online, in the future, as this unit is not recognised on the IGO website for online updating. You will probably need to get a download from IGO which you then you can transfer from the computer onto the units flash memory. Cable to connect to the computer is provided with the unit. I read on one forum that TOM TOM maps will work from a SD card . SD card slot is in the back of the unit.
Two batteries supplied with it. Also it has a mounting kit for the handlebar of the bike or a suction mount option for car windscreen. Two cradles provided, one has a fixed charging part, if you want to charge the unit on the cradle.

I managed to find out the the back of one of the mounts - the socket - will fit perfect with the Ram mounts, but only RAP SB type, which will give a bit more flexibility in finding a correct mount. I bought a Ram Mount - RAP-SB-178 mount and used only the bottom part to fix it to the handlebar cover fairing on the bike and then clipped the ram ball part direct into the back of this unit mounting cradle.

The unit comes with the ability to play music and videos. Had a go at loading music on it and it works no problem, but tried video clips, but they would not play. I think the video format has to be exact to play.

No voice control or postcode input, but the unit finds the address or point of interest no problem. It has predictive text input for available addresses as you narrow the search down, which really speeds up the process of finding your destination. Loads of pre-loaded points of interest on the unit as well.

Will eventually link it up to the bike's battery via an in-line fuse as the charging mount has only two bare wires for connection into the wiring. Otherwise charging is by USB or 12v car socket. Unit works with bluetooth for listening to directions only (not to control the unit). I already had a Scala team rider pro intercom, but this would not work with this unit for some reason. Bought a cheap lookalike from a well know auction site, just search for Bluetooth BT Motorcycle Helmet Headset Intercom and you will find a 100 metre range one, for around £30, but this also will come from Hong Kong. Identical to the Scala one and fits the original scala helmet mount, but the Hong Kong one will work perfect with this SatNav and also receives music from the unit as well.

Also, as this unit works on a Windows operating system - Win CE 5.0. If want to use it for more than a Sat Nav, then with a bit of computer know how you can download some basic windows applications which will run on this unit if you choose to run the program in the search for maps file manager built into the unit. Remember to back up the units flash drive memory to your computer first which has all the maps, etc on it, just in case you freeze the unit.

I would definitely recommend this unit if you don't mind the wait for delivery from Hong Kong and want a good basic waterproof Sat Nav
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on 21 May 2014
This Item Is not fit for purpose, It never worked form day one, Draco tek were no help at all, they specified the way any returned which was more expensive for you but cheaper for them, We had to get in touch with Amazon customer service to get them to at best offer a replacement , The replacement unit wasn't even the same unit as the original, and they told us to keep the accessories to the previous one, so that was a problem, before we even switched the thing on. it only ever picked a destination in a language iv never seen, and that was the best we ever got. I told them I wanted a refund, they wouldn't have it, I got in touch with Amazon customer service again, Draco tek eventual told me to pack it up and send it back, again with a specified way of postage, which was more expensive due to the package being heavier, after three weeks and a number of emails between I and them I again had to get Amazon customer services to intervene again, after six months of hassle we finally got our money back, minus £20 postage,,,,,,,,,Just a foot note, on the return postage slip they provide, there is no country of origin, the address they give would eventually be found but only GOD would know this ( cos he knows everything ) , BUYER BEWARE,There are the same model being sold on e bay and Amazon , the Item has no brand name so beware, It looks fantastic,, but you can buy cheaper ornaments, Hope this is helpful,, It sounds too good to be true,,, and it IS
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on 24 August 2013
bought a peaklife 3.5 inch weather proof motorcycle/car gps sat nav, last October, took a month for it to come, the first one came, would not charge, sent it back, looked for a replacement, got a replacement 2 months later, it worked for 3 months, then the sat nav stopped charging without warning, sent it back to China the second time, this time looking for a full refund, because I had to buy another one straight away, as I needed it for work. It costed me £50 to post the two sat navs registered post to China, so even if I get a full refund, I'm still down £50, as it stands at the moment Draco tec won't give me a refund, just a replacement, which is no good to me any longer, SO BEWARE
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on 5 March 2012
-Good price
-Good quality
-Fast CPU
-Perfect gps signal reception
-Variety of GPS software for Windows CE5

-No support from vendor
-Bluetooth is not working for me (tested only with the SR10 and first generation BlueAnt Interphone (v1.2, HSP, HFP)). It seems only A2DP profile is supported in this version.
-Peaklife supports firmware update but you can't find any new version
-No audio output jack

It might be good product but vendor doesn't provide any kind of support for it. Check before if Peaklife supports your headset.
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on 25 July 2014
When conditions are right it works well enough.... However, I bought this for a bike trip to the Alps and basicaly it didn't work for 50% of the time. On starting up it can take up to 10 minutes to find a sat location. It couldn't manage to locate itself the whole time in the Alps or when it rained a lot. Oh, and it struggled with built up areas (Which is when you need it to work).
Also the screen is impossible to see in sun light. And although it says water proof they have used cheap screws on the mount which rusted up very quickly.
Once you have used the access area to the audio ports (Which also didn't work) then the rubber protector gets stuck in the mounting making it a fiddle getting the thing in and out.
The maps have differing settings but none are easy to see.
So, on flat land with light cloud and the sun infront you might be lucky and find it works, if your mates are allowing you 10 minutes for your cheap satnav to get its head together.
If your planning a serious biking trip save your money and get a decent one.
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on 27 July 2013
I purchased this device in April and first used this device on a 1000 mile round motorcycle trip from South of France in June. The iPeak device has now stopped working after this trip. So be aware this item could leave you in the middle of no where if you are planning a tour or longer journey - perhaps it is fine pottering around London or another city

Warning also that there is also a lot of misleading information that you may deduce from some of the reviews below.

When you purchase this device - it is hardware only. I previously purchased from a company called Dobra investments but now they seem to have changed their name.

So you need to purchase the map software from somewhere else - this is therefore not a plug and play system. When I purchased iGo software for this device I had to start fiddling around and editing files to get the screen resolution right.

ok, so you pays your money and take your choice but be prepared for some fiddling around to get the software working.

Another review also indicated you get 2 batteries. I only received 1. When I pointed this out I was told I would receive another 1 as a good will gesture - guess what? never received it! So end up purchasing some of these Nokia BL 5J batteries seperately (cost is starting to add up now - software + spare battery)

So anyway I get the system finally going. Attach to my classic scooter (6v - so really relying on the use of batteries) ready for 1000 mile return trip to south of France, one of my other fellow riders having a Tom Tom device.

The problems start on the way down. I charge the battery via the USB port as I stop off but start to find it wont start. Swap a battery around - still intermittant but does start in the end - I throw away a battery thinking it is faulty.

This goes on and on, basically by now I have given up providing any guidance to our group and just rely on my mates Tom Tom

Finally on the return leg, it is still working but with a last battery swap around it fails again - luckily I had just navigated out of Paris.

When I get the device home, I recharge the batteries (red light comes on) but device refuses to power up - I have now requested a return but there was some note that this run out in April a couple of weeks after I purchased the item. Also the standard note that this is nothing to do with Amazon.

Will keep you posted on how the return/exchange/refund goes. But think carefully on your choice here - penny wise, pound foolish comes to mind or caveat emptoir
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on 25 January 2014
I have just bought this peaklife sat nav. It came in the post really fast..maybe a week.
I read all the reviews about this sat nav , most of them good and the odd bad one ,.
Well I can only speak for my experience with this.
Firstly the box and packing was first class .
The sat nav unit itself is very well made and they make sure you get more than enough bits in the box to fit it , extra battery , car mount , bike mount etc.
I have had countless tom toms and garmins and I defy anyone not to rate this as better taking in to account the price
Tom tom batteries do not last , I replaced one and it was a crash course in electronics..the peaklife has a replaceable battery and a spare..easily available as well!! and the battery cover is METAL..not cheap plastic.
The motorcycle clamp is also metal and the screw holes matched up exactly with my bmw clamp should i wish to use it.
It is pre loaded with uk maps and as soon as I walked outside it found my position.
Lets get one thing clear..this is not some cheap chinese thing , yes it is made in china , but then flip your tom tom upside down and see where that was made..yes ..china.
China pretty much leads the world in electronics now , all the big pc names and tv,s are made in china , someone puts a big name badge on it and charges you £300 more than it should cost.
£115 has to be worth a chance in my opinion and it came up trumps..
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on 30 August 2014
Bought this on eBay so cannot judge on the vendor. However, I have used the product extensively for the past few months and here is what I found:
- quick to pickup signal and find addresses
- address input is very good, and more flexible and accurate than other brands (I used to have a Garmin & Snooper)
- properly waterproof; just drove 300 miles France through thick rain and absolutely no issue
- very tough: dropped the thing twice now and it still works fine
- the screen is perfect for gloves, it is actually harder to activate the sat nav with bare hands.
- map software is pretty good; sometimes you might find the route chosen is not the best but I had this issue with all other standard brands
- it's got UK, Europe and US maps.

I have not tried the bluetooth function so cannot judge.

The main problem I have is the fact there's no proper guide. Removing the battery the other day I found a SIM card slot and I have not found what feature it brings. I will have to try and see I suppose.

Absolutely no regret on this purchase.
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on 5 December 2014
It is not a bad satnav when it works. It has Eurpoean Maps which is great ad they are reasonably accurate, although there were a few mistakes due to outdated maps. I tried unsuccessfully to update these my hooking it up to my computer.
If it is possible, it is not so easy. But this would be forgiven as it is quite clear and simple to use, even if the graphics look a little old-fashioned.
It is well built and waterproof and solid.
HOWEVER, after 15 months of (light) use, the charging mechanism has stopped working. I bought a new battery (Nokia!) in case that was at fault, but that won't charge either. So I either spend another £15 on a wall battery charger and swap batteries as I drive (which will give me a range of about 60 minutes per battery), or get a new SatNav :-(

The final nail in the coffin - I contacted the supplier, DracoTek explaining the situation and requesting if they could SELL me a new battery and they haven't replied. I gave up and found out for myself I could get the same battery from Nokia.
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