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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2013
Ever since Apple started making computers with aluminium cases, 'Aluminium' has become a word used to describe just about any computer related item that is incased in something light grey and apparently metallic regardless of what it is actually made of. The same is true of this Hard Drive protection case which is actually a metal framed case with grey plastic panels. Is this a problem? Probably not, and many would argue that a solid aluminium case would probably vastly inflate the price above and beyond what anyone would want to spend on a box to hold hard drives. Besides at thirty-ish pounds for a plastic box with foam in it, the price is already pretty inflated.

On the packaging, this is actually described as a HDD transport box and using all my cunning I deduced this was down to the presence of a plastic handle which makes it great for carrying around or 'transporting' but not so good for stacking up ontop of another similar box for storage. Not that you'd necessarily want to because the top of the case doesn't have much foam padding and the drives stick out a bit from their foam encasing. Combine that with thin plastic on the top which couldn't really deflect anything heavy and if you were unlucky enough for something sharp/heavy to hit the top of your box, you could be in trouble. This is unlikely, but considering this is a box for multiple (and presumably important enough to protect) HDDs, in other words, a slightly protected basket to put all your eggs in, you might be a bit disappointed the box isn't better. They COULD have actually used aluminium or at least thicker plastic. They COULD have used an extra layer of foam with cut outs for the disks so that all the disks are surrounded, not just the bottom 3/4. They DO give you a set of Anti-static bags to put your drives in (nice touch) so it wouldn't have been a huge job to a put a few tabs on these bags so you could easily pull your drives out of the extra padding. They COULD have even used a handle that folded away flush in an inset so you could actually stack the box or at least put something a little hardier on top of it.

But I'm quibbling here. The box is okay. It has nice, satisfying clasps to close the box securely and make you feel like you're transporting something rather more exotic and interesting than a bunch of hard drives. It's better than other Icy Box products I've bought (though follows the same pattern of costing rather more than it really should).

Go for it if you need it.
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on 22 November 2013
In the absence of any other similar product, I read the reviews & ordered one anyway....simply because I have several spare HDs cannibalised from redundant/obsolete PCs.

The product contents says "9x anti-static bags", but as others have said, there are only 6, clearly for the 6 3.5" drives....can't be that hard to provide 3 x 2.5" ones?

The absence of a lock for the box seems a glaring omission, if you're going to use this to transport drives....can't cost much to fit one to MkII, surely? The catches don't even allow you to use a wee padlock/cable lock to secure it. The catches aren't exactly tight, either...I'd certainly not carry this by the handle on the lid....if it opens, your drives are (shattered) toast!

However, all I want it for is to store 6-9 drives safely, away from dust & knocks, so for me it's still adequate for that task.
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on 12 February 2013
This case holds 6 3,5 hard disks and 3 2,5 ones. While I'm happy with the purchase I have to say there are a few drawbacks. One is that the case is a bit big for what it is. It could have been smaller. Secondly, there are only 6 hard disk bags for 3,5 HDs in the case and none for the 2.5 ones - I don't really get why. Anyway, the quality of the case is good, I think the disks are adequately protected (don't expect too much though - this isn't shock-proof!) and provides a solution to store you disks instead of leaving them around unprotected.

Ah, yes, it could have been cheaper as well. Nearly 40 pounds for a simple case is way too much to ask. I had to buy one since I couldn't find another solution for storing my disks and I haven't regretted it but still..
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on 21 January 2015
Well, what do you expect for 35 quid. It works.
If you intend to use it everyday, putting drives in and taking them out, I wouldn't bother. Pay a bit more for better product.
It doesn't feel like there is much Aluminium used in its manufacture. it feels like foil covered plastic that will dent very easily.
Anyway, in what appears to be the new tradition of icy-box products, its cheap build and it looks much better than it feels.
Some anti-static bags are supplied for you to put your drive in before storing in the box. very Classy!
Fiddly tight fit for the 3.5" drive bags. Drives do rattle in their slot if you don't put each one in a bag.
Not sure about the properties of the dense foam in the box but wouldn't risk putting drives in without the bag.
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on 20 April 2012
Does what it says, holds quite a lot of disks and seems to protect them pretty well. My only concern is the foam on the lid, which is quite thin and is all that's protecting that end of the disks.

Will only hold bare drives, don't expect to get drives in hot-swap caddies or similar in there.
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on 8 June 2014
This protection case is of comparable build quality to similarly priced flight cases for camera and electronic equipment, which are made of similar materials - certainly not aluminium panels.Whereas such cases typically have quite soft segmented foam, the padding in this case is more robust, so it is unlikely to break down under duress and the drives within will remain separated. Thus it is good and fit for purpose. It is not described as a fireproof safe and it is not a substitute for off-site backups!

What lets it down and loses a star are the latches which are not stiff enough to be reassuring and the absence of locks on them.
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on 26 January 2016
I think this is pretty good for the price. I was previously keeping HDD in a variety of increasingly battered old cardboard boxes in which they'd been delivered. If you need to carry several around, or store them neatly with a decent degree of protection, this seems very good for the price. One can imagine something even more armoured, but this will take most knocks and has good rubber padding inside to protect the disks. Would buy again if I needed one.
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on 16 December 2011
I purchased this item from another online store but wanted to write my thoughts as it really has helped me out, I was looking for a hard drive storage case for a while only finding bags that took one or two disks, I work in both an office and from home so have a hard disks i need to move between the two. This product is great for this because not only does it fit 3.5" drives there is space for 2.5" as well and it also comes with handy anti static bags to keep the hdd's extra safe. The price/quality ratio seems very good to me as normally aluminium cases like this are very expensive. All in all a great solution for storage or transport of hard disks, a great buy.
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on 25 November 2013
I purchased this box as I have a number of SATA drives with various operating systems on and I needed to store them safely, not just on a shelf. Yes its an expense you can do without but if I drop a drive it would cost more than this case to replace.

The box is light but sturdy and has an adequate number of slots for various size drives. I was refreshing to see that they also provided some anti static slips in which to contain the drives. So far I have not found and cannot envisage finding any downsides.

I am very pleased with the purchase and am happy to recommend it.
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Like many others I have some 3.5 inch hard disks lying around that I only use occasionally in a caddy so I needed somewhere to store them. I also have a spare 2.5 inch SSD just lying in a drawer which really shouldn't be.

This case is quite nicely finished but a bit on the flimsy side inside wouldn't want to knock it or put any weight on top of it as I'm sure it would suffer. I think the nice finish would suffer quite easily. It took all my drives well, as others have mentioned there are only six antistatic bags in the pack that fit the larger drives and nothing for the small ones, what a shame.
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