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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2012
Thought the first two were awesome but thought the third noticeably drifted away from what made the first two special.

For American Pie 4, saw it last night and the viewing I was going to see was sold out abuot 45mins before the film started so got tickets for a later viewing. Even at the last viewing the screen was still busy.

I was excited to see them all back together, but I didn't know what to expect. I know Hollywood loves destroying sequels and I didn't know how they were going to create a story line out of characters that really haven't been together in forever.

Fear not. I though this movie was almost as good as the original. Two hours of non-stop cracking-up, but none of it was forced. They brought back all the characters, but in a way that didn't seem thrown together or in-genuine. It was about 2 hours long, but not once did I think this was dragging. They did a nice job explaining where everyone has been and it didn't really seem awkward.

The best part of it is, the story is about all 5 of the original guys, and their relationship with women and sex at their current juncture (31 years old). Each have their own issues (too married, have kids, hate their jobs, hate their lifestyle, etc.) and the movie is kind of about them all resolving their that over the course of a reunion weekend. It's the American Pie which is most similar too the first one. All the old couples from high-school (Oz/Heather, Kevin/Vicky, Jim/Michelle) re-hash their past feelings.

Another great thing about the film is that Stifler's character is written back in the style of American Pie 1 and 2, which I loved. His part is not over bearing like the Wedding. Kevin, Finch (and Oz) play much bigger roles than they did they did in the third.

There a couple new characters but none of them are annoying or take up too much of the story, all those parts are well cast. Jim's Dad and Stifler's Mom are hilarious on screen together. Jim's Dad is the funniest he has ever been- but again- not in an over the top way. All in all, it's a well-written, well-rounded film with some good plot twists. Tons of references too the old films. Literally, all of the obscure characters from the first two make an appearance at some point.

If you are a fan of the American Pie films (especially 1 & 2) your going to LOVE this movie.
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on 23 April 2017
Hopefully this will be the last edition of this particular franchise. Stiffler and Eugene Levy are still amusing but the four other guys are just dull and (as in previous films) insufficiently delineated. You could take Kevin and Finch out of the film and no one would notice. Hannigan does little but be a straight foil (as she does in How I met your mother) and memories of that mystifyingly long-running US 'comedy' are further stirred by the presence of Barney from that show in a cameo. There are a few funny moments - Stiffler's revenge involving an ice box for example -but most of the funny events are predictable 10 minutes before they happen, as soon as Finch's Mum turns up it is obvious where that particular plotline is going.
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on 9 June 2016
I have to be fair about this film because I really DID enjoy the first half of it but then it seemed to drift a bit and the storylines became very boring, a bit repetetive and the plot itself convoluted. There were some funny moments in it but generally I could see what was going to arrive about 10 minutes before it did. I like Eugene Levy and think he is genuinely funny but this has all been done before and is a bit tired and worn now.
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on 5 January 2015
This was my first day with Amazon Prime and i didn't realise this wasn't on the free list. (i.e. I ordered it by mistake when i thought I'd have a quick preview). What a load of rubbish.
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on 8 January 2013
I saw this film at the cinema last year and knew immediately I must have the DVD!

The original film came out when I was 21 and I have seen it so many times and never get bored of it. The first few films were fantastic and I chose not to see the others due to a change in cast.

When I saw a reunion movie was to be released I hoped and prayed it would be as good as the original trilogy and I was not disappointed.

The film is set around Jim and the gang returning home from various parts of the USA for their school reunion. Their lives have changed as they have grown into adults and you'd think they would have matured but you'd be oh so wrong.

Film is filled with plenty of childish pranks, Jim's dad gets the airtime he finally deserves and lots of twists and turns.

A must see :)
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on 9 September 2016
Great film. This review is not about the film. The Blu Ray has not been sold as advertised. Firstly, the images clearly show a cardboard cover, this was missing upon delivery. Secondly, the title clearly says "+ UV Copy" however upon opening the case the in case leaflet with the code on is missing. I suspect that this was a second hand blu Ray sold as new. This is therefore false advertising and misleading
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on 11 January 2017
So this is what happens when films makers re-heat old stuff and try to sell as new; it brings the quality down.
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on 11 September 2012
Now, you have probably read other reviews about this film but I have to say this, it really is a great film.
Whatever you do, do not think this is another stand alone " American Pie Presents " film because it is not, it is a true sequel to the original trilogy and one thing that stood out was the cast, not there acting or anything like that, just the cast. Every main and side charcter with any relevance to the series was there, I was happy reading the cast list because there were a few members of the cast that were absent in 2 and 3, which kind of made this film feel like a true reunion and what a reunion it was.
Stifler was still the moronic jock he was in highschool and in a way, hadn't changed, he truly was the Stifmeister which really made the film great for me.
Jim was still his..... well, to be honest, he still is that awkward guy from the originals that usually gets into some kind of mess the guys need to help him with [ super glued hand to balls in 2, try's to get a drunk, naked 18 year old girl back to bed with her father downstairs ] which is always funny.
Kevin is a stay at home dad/architect which means he gets ribbings from the guys about being the wife of the house because his wife brings in the money and obviously he has to deal with Vicky, his ex, who is quite nice.
Finch plays himself out to be a man of culture and knowledge who travels the world with adventure in site but actually is just a guy who steals a motorbike from his boss at staples.
Oz is a rich sports telecaster with a promiscuous model girlfriend and doesn't know waht to do with is life and his ex.
So, the main guys are great as always, married life is really portrayed in the films openings with a more than teasing starter of a bouncing bed which is basically just Michelle rocking the baby in her arms with Jim next to her doing work on his computer and it goes on to show the guys lives now.
I can't do this review without mentioning one of my favourite couples in the film, is it Jim and Michelle, Kevin and Vicky, Os and Heather, Stifler and Finch's mum [ yeah, thats right, PAYBACK ] Well, it is none of these, it is the Milf bros, they had an argument and lost contact but in this they rekindle their friendship whilst chanting milf with tears in there eyes hugging as they watch Stifler and Finch's mum on the football field going at it.
The film was great and really showed how they had grown at the start of the film and regressed into their former teenage selves.
Sadly, there time had to end, but with this Blu-Ray, you can relive the reunion of the decade that is, American Reunion [ or American Pie : Reunion for those who never knew this film was being made last year and has just jumped on the bandwagon and has never seen any of the original trilogy ]
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on 27 February 2015
The usual White infantile approach to sexual feelings made manifest by the White inability to communicate desires to others without the need for alcohol - exacerbated by the belief that sexual intercourse is merely an end in itself, rather than also a means to an end.

Skinny White girls are presented as the supreme subjects of male lust; revealing White sexual monomania and volitional lack of variety - despite the latter being the spice of life. It is almost as if Whites think spouting their sexual obsessions in public makes them feel better about being sexually-neurotic in private; helping Whites make their psychological problems actually seem normal and natural - at least to them.

The basis for truly satisfying sex is never explored nor dramatized; leaving the audience panting for the same satisfactions as the central characters - with just the same negative results.

The virtues of monogamy are also never spelled out. In any case, most here would be unable to fully apply themselves to serious relationships; having such meager personalities and characters.

Are White men so sexually-incontinent because of a lack of sexual ability? Or because they lack any genuine motivation to experience the breadth and the depth of sexual experience? Or is it the simple lack of opportunity inherent in a sexually-repressed culture?

That these characters have never grown up is a tad depressing - but only to be expected from a culture that believes people never really grow up but, instead, just get better at hiding their immaturity: Strengthening their defenses as a substitute for successful ontogeny. One can only conclude that the underlying problem here is a basic lack of human warmth - along with the lack of a genuine sense of humor.

A terrifyingly-mediocre sex comedy that is not as good as American Pie - and that wasn’t all that great. No wonder most pornography is produced and consumed by White males, if their sexual lives are anything as dull, as insular and as narcissistic as this.
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on 7 May 2012
Surely no-one goes into the cinema expecting this movie to be as good as the original, (because obviously it isn't). That said if you enjoyed the first three instalments you should still enjoy, "American Pie - Reunion."

Its caught pretty much all the original cast, (that I can think of anyway). They mostly look the same, (I won't be rude here) and the majority of the gang have settled down except for Steve, "Stiffler," who perhaps has even regressed! (He is still behaving like a high school student and perhaps in some respects hasn't sold out).

There are, (of course) some funny threads, one such involving Jim and his former neighbour, (now aged eighteen) who he used to babysit. (She takes a particular shine to him).

It doesn't waiver much from its proven formula and there's a lot of misunderstandings and wrong goings on!

Perhaps its a film for younger people now, (the cinema was full of young people) but I'm sure people who watched the original will still enjoy this part of the franchise.
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