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The Powergen Dual port car charger fits into your car cigarette lighter socket and enables you to charge your electronic devices whilst on the go.

There are two ports available marked up as S and A. The A port is specifically for Apple products such as ipad/pod and iphones. The port marked S is designated for all other compatible devices. The only device mentioned in the leaflet provided that cannot be charged is the Asus Transformer. There is no cable supplied with this charger so you must use the one supplied with your electronic device.

The charger fits nicely into the charging socket and feels solid enough with a good build quality and doesn't stick out too much in my opinion. When active there is a blue light emitted from the charger ports so you can see it's active. Delivering 2 Amps this is ideal for the quick charging of your power hungry devices such as ipad, Kindle Fire and tablet devices.
The devices I tried it on were-

Kindle touch-Worked on both ports.
Kindle Fire- Worked on both ports.
Apple ipad- Only in the A port.
HTC Desire HD- In S port
Sansa Clip mp3 player- In S port.

After using this for a few weeks I've found that the charger performed well using the devices mentioned and they were charged quickly enough even when two were charging simultaneously. Obviously when charging two devices they may take longer to fully charge than when being charged alone. There is a slightly more powerful and more robustly built version available in which you can also access the fuse PowerGen Dual USB 3.1A 15w Car Charger for Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3, iPhone 4s 4 3 3Gs, HTC Samsung Motorola Phones and Amazon Kindle Fire DX KeyBoard, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7 (USB Cable NOT included) - white

A good little charger, no complaints.

I was supplied this for review.
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on 8 September 2014
This is the best in car adapter I've used and I've tried about ten, the problem I've found with previous adapters is they don't generate enough power if you are using your phone, I.e when in the car I stream music via Bluetooth to my stereo and also use Google maps for navigation, previous adapters would not charge my phone whilst I was doing this. But not with this beast you can use as many apps, and Bluetooth or anything else you want and this baby will generate enough power to charge your phone whilst doing it. Fantastic
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on 13 June 2012
I have been using car chargers for a long time now but this one is by far the best one which I've come across.

Most chargers are specific to one type of device e.g. android / apple and can't change between them let alone charge both at the same time.

I can charge my android smartphone and a colleagues iPad when I'm in the car at the same time! Couldn't be happier.

I drive a vauxhall astra and the fit isn't lock tight but it's rigid enough and no natter which way I put the adapter in charging is never stopped / interrupted.

The only thing I could say negatively about the product is that it doesn't come with cables to plug your device into. This isn't an issue as you can simply use the usb cable that your device comes with.
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on 19 July 2012
Having purchased 2 other iPad3 12 v chargers for my new iPad only to find that neither product worked! The iPad displayed the message "not charging" . I then had the frustration of having to go through the process of returning the none performing products for a refund. So it was such a relief to receive this great bit of kit that did exactly what it says on the tin, it charges an iPad 3 !! Not only does it charge my iPad, but as it has 2USB ports my wife's iPad can be charged at the same time from one 12 v source (although the enclosed instructions state that port 1 is NOT designed for Apple products!). I can highly recommend this product.
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on 15 February 2013
Upgraded to an iphone5 and needed a new car charger. Although it doesn't come with a cable, it looks nice, does the job and allows 2 Usb's to be charged at the same time. I looked at loads of reviews when buying this product but could have just bought this straight away as there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of choice.
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on 25 February 2013
This arrived promptly well packaged etc. I've used it mainly to power an iPhone 5 which it does very well. I think I used it once to power my iPad 2, too, but can't be sure. Anyway - it works, charges quickly and is very useful. It appears to be well made, so I anticipate it being a useful bit of kit for some time. Good price, good product, good service. What more does one want? :-)

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You'd think it would be a simple thing - finding an adaptor to charge your iPhone and iPad in the car - but we've had quite a few different types and they've either broken within minutes or offer so-so performance. Thankfully this PowerGen one has made the job simple - it just works and it's the fastest charger we've tried for the iPhone and iPad, it really does make a difference compared to standard adaptors. It's worked with all the other (lower drain) items we've tried it with to, but it's the speed of charging Apple devices that's the killer feature for us. Charging does slow down noticeably with two devices plugged in but it's perfectly usable still.

It's a sleek looking, well-made gizmo and the blue LEDs add to the look without being distractingly bright in a vehicle at night. It would be nice if the 'A' and 'O' ports were more clearly labelled, so you don't feel you need to pull it out of the socket to check which is which, but you soon get used to it. I wasn't sure at first but actually now prefer this style with just USB sockets, rather than the cable adaptors we had before, which kept breaking. You'll probably have your device USB cable with you anyway so it's not a problem. We've had no problems at all keeping the adaptor plugged into the car sockets, so it must just depend on your car. It just solves a problem in a simple speedy way. Job done.
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on 19 March 2016
Having owned my iPhone 5s for many years, my battery life had deteriorated rapidly and was in need of constant charge. I also travel a lot in the car and was looking for a reliable charger for my iPhone. The PowerGen Power-U Dual is a great product that charges my iPhone quickly and I recommend buying the JETECH apple Certified USB wire in addition with this as there are no issues as you get with the cheaper USB wires where your iPhone displays the message "this USB charger is not recognised".
It also has a sleek design with the blue USB port making it look stylish. There is two ports - one which is recommend for iPhone chargers and the other one for other devices such as Android - and allows the two phones to be charged at the same time. The instructions are very clear and tell you which port is for which device.
I recommend this anyone looking for a car phone charger.
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on 10 August 2012
At least one other reviewer has mentioned that this product does not fit tightly enough in the standard socket to stay connected. I have just returned from a trip to continental Europe using secondary roads and the unit just would not stay in the socket. I used an extension socket and fitted the PowerGen Power into that problem solved.
I think an other solution might be a rubber band around the PowerGen. The unit's charging capabilities are excellent and I would recommend it in spite of the comments above.
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I was sent this to review:

I've looked at (and bought) a variety of cigarette lighter car chargers over the last few years - they tend to look very plasticky and cheap. However, this one really looks good: there's a nice chrome finish to the top which really sets it apart from the others I've had, and it's nice that it matches the look of the car.

It's also very stubby - this is useful because the longer ones get in the way of the gearstick when driving.

One of the USB ports charges at a higher rate - suitable for Apple products, and other device needing a bigger charge. It is able to charge two products at the same time if needed.

No USB cables are supplied - I was expecting that, to be fair.

The 'manual' mentions that some products might not be compatible (the Samsung P1000 is the only one specified by name), but I've not had any problems so far. Buyers should be aware of this caveat.

Overall, very pleased.
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