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on 5 April 2015
I bought this as I do a lot of travelling in my car and of course always need power to my phone. It has worked great for the first couple of months but has now just stopped working. I would not recommend this product.

UPDATE - After writing this review the company who supplied the device did get in touch and send out a new USB Charger. I wanted to wait before I updated the review as I wanted to make sure it last more than a month... It has and is a great product and they provided good customer service. Thanks
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on 10 September 2012
I brought a couple of these as my old 5v 2.1amp died and I could not get the stupid fuse out even with needlenose pliers (ended up breaking the case on it) These chargers are a little longer than my old charger but I like that, the shorter one was difficult to remove from the socket. The chargers have a 1amp out put and the needed 2.1amp output for my tablets and Samsung Galaxy S3 I can run both at the same time and it has enough power to charge two phones together or a tablet and a 1amp charge. The blue led is hidden by my phone mount in my vehicle but it is not too bright like some others that light up the inside of the vehicle when plugged in giving you a eerie glow at night!
Happy so far..
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on 7 September 2014
Charges my Ipad fairly quickly in the car. Has 2 slots but can only use up to a maximum of 2.4a between both slots so if using something else it will slow down. In order to charge an ipad you need to use the back slot (where the small writing is). Seems to charge fairly quickly with the official ipad lead. Not sure if it needs the official lead or not as i don't have an all in one with an adapter for it. High quality and hasn't broke yet. Gets quite hot after use but not to a dangerous level and doesn't burn your hand etc.
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on 7 December 2013
Excellently built. Solid and robust and better still it works ith both my iPhone 5s and my iPad4 even with latest ios update , more than can be said for many other chargers. You will still need a compatible charger cable as ios7.04 will spot a fake cable but this pumps enough ampage through for Apple devices to accept the charger as one of their own. It has 2 outputs and output A is for the Apple devices. Be aware that if you are charging an Apple device, you will need to keep the other outlet (B) empty as this will allow the full 2.2-2.4 amps to the apple device to stop it complaining
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on 9 January 2015
Bought this for two primary uses. One to charge the phone and two to keep the misses moaning about her phone being on low battery. Both problems fixed in a single go :-). Due to there being two sockets it allows dual function aka two USB devices. The device itself is brilliant quality, being made of a soft sheen plastic with a blue top section of the USB sockets. It's not obtrusively big either which sets it apart from other cheaper branded like for like devices. Worth every penny for the price.
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on 4 January 2014
The second one of these that I bought was faulty at first use. However, the seller replaced it immediately with no question and this replacement has worked perfectly since. The 2 USB ports are ideal for keeping the charge in 2 items at once, which is great if you and a passenger both want to top up an iPhone or if you want to use an iPhone and iPad simultaneously. Beware, though, that with an iPad, if you use it as a sat-nav as I do, it will still steadily lose charge but only a few percent over a long journey. The charger is great, therefore, for maintaining the iPad.
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on 27 August 2014
I ordered this product which came in no time at all. I have used it to charge my galaxy S4 whilst using the phone sat nav and it charged the battery in no time. I had previously bought a 'pull out cord' charger for my S4 thinking it was neat and tidy and would work but this is useless as the wire is so thin, it cannot carry the required current to charge the phone. The PowerGen car charger is perfect, delivering the recommended current for a fast charge like the other reviewers had said. It has two ports one for apple products and the other one labeled S is for everything else. I use the S output for my galaxy. I would recommend this product to anyone.
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on 12 March 2015
Simple and highly effective. Plugs into the standard cigar lighter socket, protruding slightly but not intrusively from the dash.
Lights up in soft blue for night-time location and warning that it is still plugged in.
Works efficiently when charging iP4S (30 pin) and iPAD 4 (lightning connector) giving a good slug of power during relatively short journeys. At a fraction of the cost of an APPLE equivalent, this is too good to miss. Buy and delight.
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on 20 April 2015
Bought after going through three, yes three 'Anker' chargers that never seem to work, even after Anker themselves sending me replacements....
Been in use for 6 months now and no signs of any noticeable damages, great build quality. The plastic is pretty robust, I find plastic on these kind of things important as they usually fall apart before the insides stop working.. Quality out ways price.
Sometimes cheap does pay off, nicely done.
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on 2 May 2014
My old charger used to cut in & out and get in the way of the gear stick. Also you could never tell if it was actually connected because it had a tiny red light that was almost impossible to see. This little gadget is great. The complete blue "end" lights up to let you know a connection has been made and it feels really solid inside the lighter socket. The fact that it has 2 ports is also great - I can run the satnav at the same time as charging my iPad or phone. Very happy to put my old one in the bin!
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