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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2012
I succumbed to the purchase of this CD after much heart-felt pleading from my ten year old daughter, who faithfully promised that she would pay me back out of her pocket money; anything, anything to have this album. Meanwhile my heart was sinking with the vision of future car journeys accompanied by another run-of-the-mill boy-band producing frothy anodyne pop; musical wallpaper which would quickly drive us mad.

We got in the car. The CD was excitedly anticipated by some, but dreaded by others.

Oh yes, I sort of recognise the first track, must have heard it before, it's ok actually...Hmm, the second track begins in quite an interesting way...And so on. The 4th track's my favourite and I look forward to it every time, but then I like track 3 too. And 7, and of course track 1 is great.

I feel I know the boys now and I like them. I even know their names. I've started reading news articles about them.

My elder daughter has gone from deriding her sister's favourite as "rubbish" to downloading the album onto her phone so she can listen more often.

In short it's a hit, an unexpected and wonderful hit with all the family. It's feel-good music, full of hooks and with shifts of harmony which engage even the most resistant of listeners. The lyrics are teenage, yes, but heck we were all teenagers once.

And secretly I now look forward to car journeys. Though I can't let on.
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on 21 January 2012
I doubt anyone would have bought this album expecting some kind of musical masterpiece, so it makes me laugh to see really poor reviews from, quite frankly, people who obviously like to moan for the sake of it! One Direction are a young boyband, no one's denying the fact that it's all manufactured and light-hearted, and the album reflects that. Nope, the songs aren't bringing anything new to the world, nor is there really any sense of originality, but come on...is that the point of this band? Their target audience is predominantly teenage girls! That in mind, I wouldn't say it's a bad first effort at all. The songs are very catchy and mostly upbeat- you can tell the boys had fun making the record and that in turn puts a smile on your face. I guess you would say the whole 'cuteness' of them makes it even more likeable- after all, these songs aren't any worse than most other offerings in today's charts. A few tracks sound suspiciously similar to songs by other artists ('One Thing' is very like 'I Want It That Way' by Backstreet Boys, for instance), but I doubt anyone is going to be overly concerned about that! The main thing is you listen to the record and you can sing along and it makes you crack a smile. It's a bit early at this stage to say how far their success will go, but judging by their current popularity, I'd say they'll be around for at least the imminent future! All things considered, a strong, enjoyable debut album which ticks the right boxes with One Direction fans and I dare say a few other people too!
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on 23 March 2012
I really would reccomend this album to anyone who is a fan of POP music. One Direction are well known for finsihing 3rd on the reality TV series the X Factor and had a hit number one single 'What Makes you Beautiful'. The album contains some enjoyable love songs and call party anthems for all ages. The album is highly reccomended and is better than expected. If your thinking of buying a few songs then get these:
5 of the best songs on the album, BUY IT!!
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on 22 November 2011
My daughter was lucky enough to get a signed copy of this from the boys..its a great little book to go with the CD. Features lots of fan pictures inside,,,,see if you can spot yourself..my daughter got a big picture of herself in there and is well chuffed.One Direction seem to really care about their fans, which makes us happy mums.We are secretly in love with them all as well...!!!! Great book and great CD from a bunch of lovely lads!! (if only i were 20 years younger!!) xx
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on 9 December 2011
I found them on youtube sometime during the summer and immediately fell in love. So when their album came out I was not going to wait until March to buy it...US release date.. So happy I decided to pay the $21. Well worth it! Some of my favorite songs are: One Thing, Moments, Up All Night, Everything About You, I Want and Tell Me a Lie. But their entire album is superb.
...Now they just need to do a bigger tour in the states. :)
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on 18 January 2012
First, I'm french and I'm really happy that Amazon can ship to my country. I did not wait too long and that's great.

About the album:
This album was worth the waiting! I like the fact that they do a lot of different kind of music! Each song has a little thing. I love all the songs except Stole My Heart, this song doesnt fit to them, but whatever, the rest of the album is amazing.
The yearbook is good too! The one thing I regret is that there are not the lyrics sheet of each song.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2011
I'm going to start this review by telling you my process of reviewing an album. Now, sometimes I'll have an album for ages and love it so much I have to tell the world about it, and I'll just bang out a review. Then, sometimes, I'll listen to a brand spanking new album - like this one - and from the outset intend to review it. On these occasions, I'll sit down with a cup of tea and listen to the album through twice (once in order, once on shuffle), full volume, on my iPod. Then I'll wait a few hours before sticking it on in the background to see what tracks jump out at me. Then I'll carefully listen through and make notes before constructing a review.

When I have my first listens, I'll generally have the playlist written down in front of me, and put smiley faces next to the tracks I instantly love: if you could see the One Direction playlist I have written down, you would find A LOT of smiley faces because this album is a TRIUMPH!

It took me a while to get on the One Direction band wagon- it was probably when they performed `Only Girl In The World' on X Factor when I truly fell in love with their cheeky, boyish pop. And from there, I've been hooked, and although their debut single `What Makes You Beautiful' was somewhat predictable (it had an air of `Just The Way You Are' about the lyrics of it...), I fell in love with it.

The second single was a bit of a let-down- so I was mildly concerned about listening to the album. But I should not have feared- the album is a exceptional.

I don't even know where to begin with what to tell you with this album, because almost every track is amazing- I guess I'll tell you about the two - that's right, only TWO - tracks which I don't like much - they're not even bad, they're just great! One is `Gotta Be You' which I find to be a drippy snooze-fest, and the other is `Taken' which sounds like it's been lifted from The Script's album - and I would rather eat baby kittens than listen to The Script out of choice.


Quite a lot of the album is a bit like `What Makes You Beautiful', which is a very good thing, because that song really is quite amaze - `One Thing', `Tell Me A Lie' and the album's title track `Up All Night' all fall into this box - epic, simple, guitar fuelled, power-pop anthems with excellent vocals and wicked harmonies, all of which are exceedingly well produced, and in places are reminiscent of The Wanted - only twenty-times better!

There are, of course, a couple of ballads - what would a boyband be without ballads - and aside from the previous one mentioned, the ballads are brilliant. `I Wish' is a mid-tempo and extraordinary ballad, but it's nothing compared to THE BALLAD OF THE YEAR that is `Some Mistakes' which SHOULD have been single-number-two (why am I not managing these boys, eh?!), and is - wait for it - A. MAZ. ING! The chorus is a full-on lighters-in-the-air affair, the vocals are wonderful and the production is brilliant. Well done, everyone.

THEN there are the stand out tracks!

`I Want' is, without a doubt, an absolute stand-out track on this album; it's got a different vibe to its fellow tracks, it is reminiscent of McFly (circa "Room On The Third Floor") and is absolutely wonderful. It's all plinky-plonky piano, quirky melodies, raw vocals and sing-a-long lyrics. Brilliant stuff.

`Stole My Heart' has SEVEN smiley-faces next to it on my review sheet, because it is that good. I'm not going to lie, it does sound quite-a-bit like `Dynamite' by Taio Cruz- but I'm going to choose to ignore this. It is synth-fuelled electro-power-pop at its finest; the boys sound amazing on this track- I totally see myself dancing to this in a club with my hands in the air and the strobe lights on overload. It is very amazing. And the great thing about this track, is even though it's all power-anthem, the vocals are underplayed, which is what makes this such an enjoyable track.

And the other standout track is `Everything About You'. THIS HAS NINE SMILEY FACES! More power-pop. More synths. More guitars. More great harmonies. It is unashamedly wonderful. It sounds like a boy-version of a Saturdays song.

Thus concludes my review!

This album is exceptional. Triumphant. Enjoyable. Brilliant. It's is chock-a-block with brilliance; songs to sing-and-dance along to and fall in love with. It's uplifting, it's exciting, it's euphoric - it's amazing. One Direction deserve every success if this is calibre of work they're going to put out there; a really quite magnificent and brilliant album - I highly recommend it!
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on 27 December 2011
It's easy to be cynical about another bunch of X Factor non-winners chucking an album out in time for Christmas, but in One Direction's case you would be wrong. Up All Night is one of the best shimmering all-out pop albums in many a year. The first single, What Makes You Beautiful is a fantastic Summer single. In fact, it's so good it's still in the charts now at the end of December. Starting out with a Summer Nights intro, the song is punchy and as hooky as hell. It's a tough act to follow.

Indeed, the second single, Gotta Be You, is perhaps one of the oddest choices as a follow-up. It's not terrible, but is a bit of a drone, though it has done pretty well in the charts. There are at least 6 or 7 songs here that, to my ears, would make stronger singles.

I got the 'Yearbook' edition of UAN which feature 2 bonus tracks, the upbeat Stand Up and the Ed Sheenan co-write, Moments, both of which are worthy inclusions. At 15 tracks, Up All Night should really outstay it's welcome, but the songs are so sunny and catchy you can't help but smile and sing along!

As I write, the album has spent it's chart life in the Top 10. It's no wonder.If you want a classic pure pop album that will brighten your lady, look no further than Up All Night. It's a belter.
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on 27 November 2011
My 14 year old daughter loves this and has made me best Mum in the world as it arrived the day it was released. Thanks Amazon great to be best Mum in the world before Christmas !!!!!!
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on 30 December 2011
The 1D boys have not disappointed, I am a mature fan and absolutely love the album. Definitely the best pop album of the year.
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