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Customer reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
Syndicate (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£7.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 3 March 2012
I have really tried to like this game, but in the end the game proves too frustrating to play. Firstly the graphics are pretty dated, lacking much detail and looking pretty flat. Then there is the lack of ability to save when you want to; this is the most serious flaw as it means you often find yourself in situations were it would have been nice to reload a previous save, but you cannot. For instance, you meet plenty of bosses that are difficult to kill at the best of times, but impossible when you have the wrong weapon and very little ammo. The weapons feel loose and vague, which given that this is meant to be a high-tec weapon game is a laugh! In the end i found I was getting bored by being forced to continually replay parts over and over right from the start of a level. There is no involvement in the story (who cares which corporation wins?), who cares about people that blast innocent bystanders apart just for the fun of it? The wanton violence left me feeling I really wanted to shoot the developers!
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on 22 April 2017
Arrived on time and product as expected.
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on 4 September 2014
Good game Good game
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on 6 March 2012
First issue I had was that on install, setting up an EA Origin account and validation of the install key, it just wouldn't work. Four days of trying to find a solution and stumbled across one for Battle Field 3 which uses a similar licensing system which consisted of finding and deleting a license file.

I finally managed to start playing late Saturday night, by the following evening I'd completed the single player on normal difficulty. This wasn't a single session but three of a couple hours but you could easily complete it in a single sitting.

Gameplay wise it tends to rely on sporadic firefights with assailants appearing en masse. Ok for the first few times but a bit repetitive by the 20th. It also uses the Halo / Gears of war school of weaponry - you can only carry two guns, grenades and an occasional special, possibly as a result of the console versions.

Now this isn't the first game which I've experienced which such a short playing time but with those I've gone back played again and again sadly I won't be with this. I'll try it in multiplayer and see if there's any improvement but I'm not getting my hopes up.

I didn't experience the lockups or crashes that many have reported on any of the formats, it stuttered in a few places but carried on after a few seconds.

If you must buy it, wait for it to drop massively in price and the patches to be released. Personally I'd recommend getting Deus Ex: Human Revolution as an alternative.
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on 7 April 2012
I should point out that this is not anything like the original game, there is no squad based, top down team managment, you can't research weapons in the single player game and you won't be conquering teritories to fund research. So forget the other games happened, but sit back and buckle up for an in-depth well rendered but short game. The levels are, in some cases over far too quickly, but full of eye candy. Five to ten minutes will easily be the playthrough for most levels, with a 'hold' type mission seeing you fending off multiple enemies in a single room never spanning more than thirty minutes. It's got it's highlights, but at times you'll be left wondering where the rest of the level is... possibly on the cutting room floor. You'll find even for experienced gamers, two days will be maximum game time. It'll be intense at times, but not incredibly replayable.
This deserves extra gameplay made, to interact with the original and introduce all the areas you wanted to explore.
Wait until it hits the bargain bins then snap it up for an enjoyable weekend.
Requires Origin.
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on 1 May 2014
unable to write review as game as not bean deliverd on said day or date will not stay in all day again you will have to take a chance if im in or not I do not see the sense of staying in for such low cost iteam
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on 14 July 2014
EA garbage. Requires Origin to be installed before playing. I think throwing my pc out the window would be better for it that installing Origin.
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on 2 July 2013
Truly excellent game, I was very surprised. Lots of famous Hollywood actors including Brian Cox and the head baddie from "The Crow" .Game very similar to Deus Ex but much more violent. Has hacking, bullet time and detective mode like Batman. Visuals are outstanding. Story and gameplay are top notch. The best weapons are the Coil (not to be confused with contraception) for pure damage and the flamethrower (for when everyone in the room just has to die screaming). The ending could have been better but earlier in the game I chose to let the woman scientist live which changed the story and despite me saving her life about 4 times after that she used me and lied to me (but that's women for you). Please don't let your children play this game unless you want them to be the head of the mafia or a professional assassin as it will desensitize them to violence. This is probably one of the most uber-violent games of all time. Killing innocents is encouraged and people die slowly, messily and in great pain. The boss fights can take as long as 30 minutes, the gaus gun is essential as it can shoot round corners allowing you to hide whilst you heal up. The game is very short at 6 hours but I do play a lot of shooters. After you kill a boss(enemy agent) you see a cut-scene where you rip the computer chip out of his brain, and implant it in your own allowing you a new ability, from a screen similar to world of warcrafts talents (how boring). In the original Syndicate game you got to replace body parts in your character screen with metal ones and you looked more and more like the terminator ,metal legs for greater speed, bionic eyes that zoom, titanium chest for armour .To me this was a wasted opportunity. Despite all these problems and the too realistic deaths I would say this is the the 3rd best game I have ever played. Only Battlefield 3 and NWN2 mask of the betrayer beat it.(yes I am an older gamer- but I still pwn your ass in BF3 and I don't use cheats!)
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on 11 August 2012
There seems to be a lot of negative reviews on Amazon about this game.

I thought Syndicate was a fun, slick, well produced FPS in a rather crowded market.
It featured some top notch voice acting from Hollywood stars like Brain Cox & Rosario Dawson.
Innovative Weapons such as self seeking Gauss Gun, interesting skill system and upgrades certainly won me over.
Graphics while not cutting edge,is not as outdated as some of the reviews make it out to be and it adds to the dark tone of the game.

The checkpoint save system that some users are complaining about, it's a normal part of gaming these days.
It can get frustrating to repeat sections at times, but surely that's part of the gaming experience itself?

I played at the Hard difficulty and I thought it was challenging but not impossible to overcome.
You will need to utilise fully the variety of skills the game offers in order to progress.

As some one who's played a ton of FPS/games in general, I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun it was.

I've also played the original Syndicate game that Bullfrog produced many years ago.
The original game is certainly in my personal Hall of Fame for games, but I was under no illusion or expectations of any similarity between the 2 games.

1 Major and 1 minor negative thing about the game was :
I thought the game could've branched off into 2 paths which could've added some depth and replayabilty.
And there's a huge oversight in the custom key mapping where you couldn't remap the grenade action to another key.
(Rather annoying)

Perhaps for the people on the fence about this title, certainly worth considering when price hits £9.99 or lower.
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on 12 February 2015
PC version Review--It's just..."ok" ( end of short review ).

( Longer review )
The boss fights , as you would expect, get incrementally hard, to the point of frustration. One fight has you fighting another agent, you have no guns. He is jumping between platforms above you and shooting rockets at you, which you have to hack remotely , a skill you have, and send them back at him. I got bored after the 7th attempt ( this was on normal setting by the way ). So I god moded the game " press CTRL + ALT + ` " then type " cmd(godmode)" The ` symbol is the button just above tab key. Even with that on, it was still rather a slow fight.

Between the boss fights it is quite an interesting game if you like the sci-fi shooter genre. Certainly worth £5-£10 of you money , regardless of format.

A tendency to over use the bloom lighting effect sometimes takes the detail out of the screen.
Much of the games architecture is nicely done, and the level design quite good too.

It is lacking that something special that two of Starbreeze's titles( the games maker ) had, and those great games were the first darkness game and the Chronicles of Riddick game. Both amazing. I suspect the original devs to those titles have left and we have different people making the game.
It Shows.

Easy solution to making this game fun?
Godmode through the pointless bosses, and play the huge levels in between the bosses that are actually good.

This is not the Syndicate type of game you may have played in the 90's. This is a straight forward very violent shooter. I think the Syndicate setting lends itself far more to the role playing game genre than it does the shooter genre.

I suspect this is another executive decision made at board room level. I can imagine the conversation now:-

Suit 1 "Lets remake Syndicate"
Suit 2 "Ok, lets make it a role player with lots of depth and story, with 20-30 hours of gameplay"
Suit 1 " Nah, roleplayers don't sell in the west....gamers aren't clever enough....lets make it a generic shooter , the kids will love it "

[ 6 months after game release. ]

Suit 1 " Well Syndicate was a bust, reviewed poorly and sold poorly, what's the next franchise we can destroy ?"
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