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on 14 December 2011
First of all, prompt delivery from amazon. Took only two days although it said up to 5 working days with free super saver delivery. =D Happy days.

Before buying the monitor, I was looking for some reviews but could not find a decent one in English so I thought this review might be useful for someone who is also interested in buying this monitor. Display and stand comes separate like most of the monitors do but it is so easy to set up unlike some of the Samsung's and other counterparts. It came with 1 x VGA and 1 x DVI cables. It only took 5 mins from upacking till it was up and running. Windows 7 automatically detected the monitor and set the resolution to 1080p. No dead pixels and screen looks very good. There are a few buttons underneath and if you press one of them, a pop up menu will come up and there are indications of which button does which. You can mess around with the setting and set it as you prefer but for me I did not change anything as it looked and felt good as it is for me in terms of colour, brightness, etc.

The monitor is of good built quality although the stand could be a bit more solid so that the screen doesn't wobble too much when trying to type something or a review like this. It could be because of my desk being placed on a carpet floor but it does have VESA 100 x 100 mm screw holes which means that you can easily fit it onto a wall mount or a desk mount. It has VGA, DVI, HDMI connectors, and 3.5 mm audio socket for any audio signal that might be coming through the HDMI link.

Not a bad price at all for an IPS monitor. There are better IPS monitors out there but they are in a different price category so all in all I am very happy with the purchase and it is defintely a good monitor to be considered if you are looking for one under £110. =D
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on 17 April 2012
This monitor is superb. It is a great product at a very affordable price.

The range and quality of the picture is second to non, from snow white to deep rich blacks. It is so good i had to query the price. Fantastic product no question.
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on 7 January 2012
Please don't let the poor quality stand put you off. Quality of the screen is the best I've seen. At the price of £119 it's worth paying extra for a wall mount. Connectivity very good too with hdmi, VGA and dvi. I've connected my mac and pc and switch between them using the input button. Don't waste more money on a supposedly better screen elsewhere. I doubt you will tell the difference. 22" widescreen more than adequate for most people. Rated four star purely cause of poor mount ( otherwise easily a five star product)but LG do
Provide all three connectivity cables and delivery arrived super fast.
In summary you will not find a better monitor unless you spend substantially more money( remember this is an IPS screen which is the best for viewing angle)
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on 6 February 2012
Firstly I have never written a review but I feel compelled to at this bargain!

To keep it simple I bought this for gaming and the fact it was an IPS panel. The quality of the colours and 5ms response time is perfect for gaming. I come from a 19" VX922 Viewsonic with a resolution of 1280x1024 so this was a major step up as my old monitor is around 6 years old. I have not noticed any ghosting or blurriness from the 3ms difference in response times (my Vx922 was 2ms)

My only tiny 'gripe' is the stand feels a little cheap/weak and cannot be adjusted (I don't think) but with an IPS it doesn't matter where you view the screen from, it always looks perfect.

But at £99 this is an absolute steal, when you are looking at spending way over £150 for an equivalent IPS panel.

I also haven't noticed any of the backlight bleeding whilst gaming, which has been mentioned. Maybe I'm wrong, but even still any problems people mention must be very minute as I consider myself quite a serious gamer and it seems fine to me!
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on 2 January 2012
I needed a new monitor for my Hackintosh workstation, and this one fit the bill quite nicely as an IPS display.

I have to say the colours do look great, from mostly any viewing angle too, same as my Macbook Pro.

My only problem with it is that there are two spots where there's quite severe backlight bleeding - on the top left corner there's two spots (on the top edge and left edge) where, when the screen is dark, you can see two patches of white light. It's very noticeable, but I'm not sure if Amazon will accept it for a replacement, and unless they offer to pick it up for me, I can't be bothered to also pay to have it shipped off.

The stand was also strange, its default position has the monitor tilted back, and I couldn't work out how to tilt it forward, I was gingerly pushing it and hearing something creak, it was only until I got a bit fed up and actually pushed it with some gusto that it reluctantly tilted forwards properly.

Other than that, it's great. I haven't tried any serious gaming on it so can't comment on response times, but the monitor LOOKS fantastic, performs well enough, and the OSD is the best I've ever seen too. No more fumbling around for the right buttons, thank God!

Another thing, the power button stays illuminated for over a minute, even when the mains plug is turned off.. It's weird.

Oh yeah, and the screen is quite wobbly on the stand. Watch out for that. It would look gorgeous wall mounted though.
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on 14 February 2012
Delivery: I used Amazon Prime in order to get next day delivery and I couldn't have been happier. The item was delivered the next day at 8:30am. Packaging was good and robust without damage - so seems like the package was looked after properly by the delivery company.

Design: The monitor is a fairly standard black design with an acceptable finish. It's not a work of art but it's not ugly either - functional is the best way to describe it. I don't have any problems with the monitor being shaky when typing as some people are suggesting - I think the desk may be their problem or they didn't screw the base on tight enough.

The tilt is fine, a bit stiff but that's fine. You don't get a great amount of tilt range on it -5/+10 deg. It is quite a chunky display considering it's LED, but only as chunky as my usual LCDs.

Display: IPS is fantastic, the screen is viewable in all its colour from any position where you can actually see the screen. The display is also bright with excellent colour reproduction - I'm not a photographer or similar but for gaming and TV this seems very good to me. Clearly it won't be as good as some of your higher end monitors. HD works a treat though.

Inputs: HDMI, DVI-D, VGA. Does what it says on the tin... I can confirm it works with PS3 at full 1080p

Outputs: 3.5mm jack, sound is decoded from the HDMI input and is provided in stereo on this output. How useful this is depends on your set-up, for me I use it as a headphone connection for gaming, while the PC remains plugged directly into the sound system.

The one let down of this display is the lack of thought when designing the input connectors. There quite fiddly to get to and it lacks a cable tidy so all the cables are quite visible from the front and do detract from the display.

However this is a fantastic budget monitor and perfect if you're looking for good functionality.
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on 27 April 2012
I ordered this as my first external monitor ever as I used to work on my laptops since I use computers. At some point the 11" screen of my Mac started ruining my vision and I started looking for an external monitor. First I did not consider LG at all and was rather looking at Samsung monitors of the same class but double the price. The LG IPS225V came under my radar because of the huge number of positive reviews and happy about this guidance I quickly decided to give it a go as I am quite clueless in monitor business (as I never had an external one before).

Shortly: It is brilliant. Literally and figuratively.

I ordered it yesterday with Amazon Prime (plus two other items - a stand for my macbook and an HDMI-cable) and everything had arrived by noon today.

The installation was more than easy, I did not have to install or calibrate anything, I screwed the stand onto the monitor, plugged it in and voilà - I think all in all the set up was not even 10 minutes.

I chose the HDMI connection as I read it gives the best picture quality, so I had to purchase an extra HDMI-cable (GBP 5,-) as this was not included, however both cables for the two other connections (DVI-D and D-SUB) are included, but might also require an adapter for your laptop/computer that you have to buy extra.
The colors are brilliant as far as I can judge (as I said, I have no experience with external monitors, but I certainly know what looks good and what not). Very crisp, very clear, not overdone. Also you can adjust the colors according to your needs with the buttons on the monitor.

I already used it in Photoshop and for that kind of work (with multiple layers etc) it does a fantastic job and reacts immediately. I don't play games except for Minecraft, so I cannot really tell about the monitors performance in graphic-heavy shooters, but Minecraft run absolutely smooth.

I was a little scared when ordering it as I normally don't buy stuff I don't know much about especially when it costs more than GBP 100,- but this monitor I would definitely buy again. Great quality that needs little set-up and offers you a lot of customization by tilting its height, adjusting color levels, contrast, sharpness, black level etc etc. It offers Dual-Mode and many more features that I most likely won't ever need but that could be vital for you. What I did was to download the Owner's manual PDF from the LG-website before buying and reading through it, making sure this is what I want. [...]
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on 23 December 2011
I was after a budget monitor for photography/design and this seemed to fit the bill being an ips panel (good viewing angles).
I payed £109.99 and I now see the price has dropped to £99.99 - for this price you can't go wrong.
I will calibrate the monitor soon but colours seem pretty accurate out of the box.
It has hdmi, Vga and dvi connections and a simple easy to use menu system.
The only bad thing is the stand which is wobbly but I can live with that as the picture quality is good (you can wall mount it).
Overall a good buy and I would recommend this product.
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on 10 January 2012
I spent a long time looking for a monitor to use for photo editing and doing some CAD work and this is perfect for it. The colour reproduction is stunning and the IPS technology makes all viewing it from anywhere great. It is so easy to use and very simple to set up and get started on. I read in a few reviews that people said that the stand was wobbly but i think that is more related to your desk set up as mine is fine! the HDMI port is great and connects to my mac book pro with ease. The backlight does seem to bleed a bit on the left hand side and top but its not really a concern for what i'm using it for. the best on the market for this price by a mile i would definitely recommend it!
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on 19 June 2012
I bought this to use it as part of a home office setup.
The screen quality is excellent and far better than my laptop screen.
The supplied software means that my Windows XP laptop can use both screens.
The software even makes it possible to have two task bars.

With regards to the wobbly base; it's really not noticeable unless your desk moves around or you have hands of Thor when hitting keys on the keyboard. The base unit plastic is adequate for the job.

The monitor does not adjust in height which I knew when I bought it, but the ability to angle it is good and viewing angle of the IPS screen is really good, so I don't miss the height adjustment.

With the monitor mounted on the supplied base, the top of the screen is at 40cm from the desk surface, and the bottom at 9cm.

I've yet to use the "dual-web" mode which seems to permit you to tile two windows side by side (subject to installing the software).

I've given 5 stars as this does exactly what I ordered it for and is good quality for the price.
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