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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2012
I bought this mouse and keyboard combo for my media PC. With other mouse and keyboards I have had issues with signal strength but with this set I have not had a single problem. The mouse has BlueTrack technology and works on almost every surface you have to offer. Must importantly this combo features AES which means the keyboard and mouse are linked to the dongle. Therefore, neither interfers with my other Microsoft wireless mouse which I have for my laptop in the same room.

Overall, a very good product for the price. There is nothing wrong with this product. The only reason to spend more money is for something smaller or more stylish.
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on 8 September 2012
I was a bit wary spending so little on a wireless keyboard and mouse, but my fears were completely misplaced in this Microsoft pair. The keyboard seems very solid, possibly a bit noisy for some, but compared to what I work with a dream, and the mouse is weighted perfectly.

The function keys at the top of the keyboard seem a bit pointless to me, I have set them up to use them, but have yet to do so when I've wanted something that they are linked to, and there is very little flexibility in what the majority of them do, however as I hardly use them, this doesn't detract from the keyboard. Thankfully I am yet to need new batteries, although I have only had it a couple of weeks - but my last wireless set needed batteries once a week or so, so it's already a massive improvement as far as I'm concerned!

I was incredibly impressed with the delivery time of this item, which we worked out to be under 36 hours. Not bad for Free Super Saver delivery!

All in all, a good budget buy, that doesn't feel budget when it arrives!
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After my Wireless 800 keyboard dongle finally gave up (only the dongle) I decided to upgrade to a combo with a more sensitive mouse. Hence the 2000.

I went for the standard brown cardboard box packaging (no pretty pictures) that was a lot cheaper than the business (fancy box) version. There's no difference in the actual product.

Out of the box, this comes with 4 Duracell batteries (2 AA for the mouse and 2 AAA for the keyboard). Easy to fit, and easy to pair with Windows 7. No issues there.

The dongle is a bit big compared to the 800 dongle, being about twice the size which is annoying but nothing too disastrous. It's about 3cm long so might get in the way a little. Range is excellent and multiple keyboards near each other won't matter due to AES encryption. Hooray!

Mouse is brilliant. 4 way scrolling is a nice touch (left-right as well as up-down) and the Blue technology really is superb - it works everywhere with the exception of (probably) a liquid surface. Haven't tried using it on water..... The size is great, even for my shovel-like hands. Scroll wheel doesn't "click" as you move it, which I like.

My keyboard seemed a bit rattly but on further investigation I realised the batteries were rattling, so a little bit of paper around them sorted that out - nice and quiet now. Keyboard thrown is good and the feel is standard. Nothing too luxury though - you do get what you pay for in this case.

Lots of extra buttons to use and program (5) and good for media (volume, play, pause etc) so you can have this on your lap if you're playing Amazon Prime movies and can't be bothered to move to pause it.

Still no light for caps lock (boo) but you can't win them all.

Can't go wrong - get one!
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on 20 November 2013
The mouse is the real star here, it works smoothly on literally every surface I've tried it on, sofa, carpet, glass table etc etc Makes it the perfect remote control for a PC connected to a living room TV. There is nothing wrong with the keyboard either.
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on 3 March 2014
I needed a replacement keyboard (the mouse was OK but worked through the same sender) and this took my fancy. It works fine however the delete key seems to be in the wrong place and the keys are just a bit too "springy". All in all however its functional and allows me to type away from my lap-top.

Up-date - February 2015. The USB dongle gave up the ghost this week and is no longer recognised by the Window's OS (7 Ultimate). There appears to be no way of simply replacing this so its junk the lot and look for something new. Not exactly lasted the course so have downgraded it to 2 stars.
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on 3 May 2016
I bought this to plug and play, which it does. Smooth and great for work.
However, I am yet to work out how to make smart keys, which was one of the reasons I bought it.
Good points-
Ergonomic mouse really is comfy if like me, it is being used all day.
Keyboard is big enough without being too big, for good key positioning. Also comfy built in rest.
One dongle

Things to consider;
The batteries I received lasted less than 1 month in the keyboard. I have replaced the batteries twice since owning (less than 3 months). I believe an off switch on the board would be much better. I didn't realise it didn't have one. The mouse however has been fine.
The keys on the board are shiny and Matt mixed. Which looks great, however show's up fingerprints/ smudges terribly.
Not straight forward to set up hotkeys.
I did try to return and swap, due to the battery issue. But because of the timing of the batteries dying, I was out of time for returns. I could go to the manufacturer but it is not made easy: call them is the option.

I still have the set and do prefer it over the work standard issue sets! But there could be some amendments to make it even better.
Would I buy again? I am not 100% for the set. The mouse however; most definitely!
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on 24 January 2014
Unlike so many other wireless keyboards and mice, this model only Works with Windows or MAC OS. The receiver is not a nice compact unit like Logitech so not so cool for Laptops where you'd want to leave the receiver plugged in. The Keyboards seems to have a profile which makes the front row rather proud compared with most and I keep mistyping. I'm sure I'll get used to it but since I bought this for my Raspberry PI which it won't work with its likely to find itself in the bin.
The keyboard feels cheep. Not too noisy, but doesn't feel like it would take much hammer before breaking and now I'm getting quite annoyed as I keep mistyping.
The mouse is a big disappointment. It takes two AA batteries making it pretty heavy. Doesn't bode well for long battery life if it needs two unlike Logitech which uses one and lasts over a year. The other annoyance is the wheel button which is smooth rolling and requires a heavy press, not much use if you play first person shooters as I do and use the wheel for weapon selection, you may just find the game flips to using a rocket launcher when your trying to shoot a bad guy at point blank with a shot gun. Much preferred Microsoft's Intellimouse which has been my preferred mouse forever. Seems every new product which boasts greater features always turns out to be a backward step. I don't think Microsoft ever perform Human factors analysis to anything they do, otherwise we wouldn't end up with Windows 8. Anyway, for the price OK so long as you plan to use it with Windows or MAC and can tolerate a large dongle in your USB port and a long self driver installation, and you want a mouse which will work on your clothing.
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on 6 April 2016
I always turned to Microsoft for my mouse's over the years. I took a decision to take the keyboard wireless as well so brought this set based around reviews on here.
Well what the reviewers have and I have must be different.
I asked questions etc 1st.
The keyboard is very basic and a total step down from my last 3 Ive had.
The mouse is awful despite being told over and over again about batteries lasting months if not a full year, I put Duracell professional in 32 days I get and second set 26 days. The mouse does not turn off its stay permanently active, the keyboard is still on first set though.
The mouse is 10 " max from transmitter yet the mouse can be very temperamental in its operation.
This is I have to say a disaster and I will be changing it very soon as its getting on my nerve.
So buyer beware.
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on 6 May 2016
I was unable to find the 800 model for sale still so I went with this 2000 model, to me the keyboard has too many unrequired buttons along the top but otherwise it's a solid keyboard, nice button press feeling, slightly soft.

The mouse has been great so far and reponds to all kinds of movement quick and small without jumping a beat, my only problem is that the mouse wheel has a very heavy click to it which makes it annoying to use, I also find that the mouse wheel could benefit from being a little further back for people with smaller hands.
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on 25 March 2015
I've wanted a decent wireless keyboard and mouse for months. The last time I bought one, which was several years ago, the Logitech unit I ended up with was one of the worst keyboards I've ever used and I was anxious not to end up in the same situation. I narrowed it down to this, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 (which seems to have more features but is the same price...weird) and an Anker wireless keyboard/mouse bundle.

It arrived bent out of shape, so one corner of the keyboard was higher than the other...a bit like when a table has a wonky leg. A little brute force to bend the entire plastic casing a little and it was almost as good as new, so I could type without the entire keyboard tilting back and forth. Not a great start, but all's well that ends well. Both keyboard and mouse come with branded batteries which is good, with the mouse using 2 x AAs and the keyboard using 2 x AAAs; the 2 AAs in the mouse makes it nicely weighted.

The mouse is decent, fairly comfortable and the plastic casing doesn't feel too cheap. The scroll wheel is smooth (i.e. you can't feel tiny ridges as you turn the wheel, like you can with some other mice...personally, I prefer this) but 'stiff' enough to be completely controllable. The wheel can also be clicked down, left and right (all of which appear to be configurable).

The keyboard is also pretty decent. It has a wrist rest which works but is made of hard, cheap feeling plastic (as is the entire keyboard). The keys are non-mechanical so are soft and reasonably quiet (apart from the space bar, which makes much more noise than every other key). You can configure all the function keys but you have to then use the Fn key to activate the custom function. It would be nice to be able to set this on or off and I think you can do this with the 3000 version of this set. There are also several soft-keys which you can assign functions without having to use another key combination; these are useful but very stiff to press...much, much more so than the other keys. It could simply be because it's new but only time will tell.

Now the not so good...

The mouse feels too small. I've always used one of the old Microsoft Intellimouse units until now and I suppose the new wireless mouse will take a bit of getting used to; it's shorter than my old corded Intellimouse which (at the moment, at least) feels awkward.

There's no getting away from the fact the the keyboard feels cheap. There's an abundance of single use and customisable keys which to me are just gimmicks. Do I really need a key whose sole purpose is to open the Windows calculator? Probably not. One of the worst things about this keyboard is the keys' decals are very reflective. This means that if you have overhead lighting (such as halogen downlighters), it's very difficult to see some of the decals, dependent on where the light falls, because they reflect the light back into your eyes. During the day or with ambient light, it's fine but something to bear in mind.

When all's said and done, I'm still tempted to return it and try something else
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