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on 23 August 2013
This pen was delivered quickly and was worth the price. I have already tried a few cheaper ones and they do not last long, so it is worth paying a bit more for one. I cannot comment on the pen as I only use the Stylus. I have only been using an iPad for a couple of months, and do not understand how to "write" on an iPad yet. I would recommend this stylus to anyone. I already have a Snugg iPad case and love it.
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on 8 October 2014
This stylus pen is nice looking and works well but wouldn't re-order. Also quite expensive for what it is compared with some others. I find that having to remove the cap is a nuisance and if using the camera on an iPhone, the plug in the earphone jack has to be removed to stop it getting in the way of the lens. Also the rubber stylus is not as effective as the newer microfiber ones. It is OK to use with an iPad though and fits neatly within the iPad cover. Am adding a note to this review to say that Ben from the company very helpfully contacted me following what I had written and will add 1 more star for communication! However I still feel the same way about the stylus pen for MY usage. Ben did point out that the iPhone 4 has the earphone jack at the top of the phone whereas later models have put it at the bottom which could make it less likely to get in the way. Still waiting to find a combined stylus with microfiber tip, retractable pen AND an earphone jack with a longer cord (so that it doesn't have to be taken out of the earphone socket to use it) and all without a removable cap! Invention waiting to be made!
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on 21 January 2014
Having recently taken the step into a hand held tablet this Christmas, the inevitable thing to accompany it, are the accessories to keep it safe & more malleable to use. And these Snugg 2 in 1 stylus pens were just the ticket.

We purchased two of these, red & silver, for primarily using it with an ipad Air, and they have made an already simple device even easier to use. The soft, rubber like ball end is perfect for typing or selecting items on screen. While as a pen it is handy, perhaps not the best writing implement, but is a nice feature none the less. Visually they look excellent, very professional, and the build quality is good overall.

In conclusion, we are very happy with our purchase to date & will monitor any degradation in the product over time & usage. Highly recommended.
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on 18 September 2013
I love this pen, I have brought 3 of these pens now, two in red and one in silver. One of the red pens was a replacement for one that my daughter managed somehow to flick into the sea. I think they are excellent as a ipad pen, and really handy as a writing pen as well. I had a little issue with one of the red pens I brought, but the Snugg customer service were right on it straight away, and sent out a replacement. Excellent service and excellent product. I do love all snug products. Will be back for another case and pen when my other daughter gets an ipad, highly recommend, look no further.
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on 3 March 2015
The Snugg stylus pen is a revolutionary piece of equipment that no one should be without. If you have numbness in your fingers etc. like Raynaud's phenomenon the stylus it will enable you to write with ease on tablets, smartphones and other types of equipment.I find that I use this at a faster pace than using fingers. I have bought them for friends who marvel at how much easier it is to use their technology. Thanks also for the speed that it had arrived.
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on 17 April 2016
I got this for my wife's iPad and I am so impressed with it. Not only can you write with it and replace the ink when it runs out, but you can also use it as a stylus on the iPad. It also has a toggle on it that you can attach to the iPad to it doesn't get lost.
I like how easy it is to use, and that it hasn't lost its usefulness through time. A really great buy
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on 30 October 2013
The rubber tip worked nicely until the little metal ring that holds it in place kept coming off after about 10 minutes use. The biro doesn't work and leaked all over my ipad case. Went in the bin after about 2 days. seriously over priced junk. Avoid this product.

Since posting this review the company have sent me a replacement pen and a new case. Excellent customer services. Very helpful, far exceeding my expectations.
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on 29 September 2012
The item is as described and more,silicone tip very good a very smooth writer.As for the stylus side of the pen it makes life a lot easier.
Thank you
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on 4 March 2015
Have purchased iPad cases from Snugg and very happy with quality. However the tip of their stylus pen split after very little use. Not a major problem, buy replacement, fit, back in business. Snugg site sends you a site link to purchase but only wants you to buy a replacement stylus. Great money earner sell pen with poor quality tip which costs buttons don't provide replacement sell new pen for ten quid!! I'm in the wrong business!!!

Further to my review Snugg have been in touch and the problem with my stylus has been resolved to my satisfaction. On that basis and their very good customer relations people I have re-rated Snugg to 5 Stars
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on 23 April 2014
Pen is great, comfortable to hold and use. The pen cap over the writing pen spins too easily, which can be annoying. The bit which connects the string to the ring is useless. The string pulled out of it within 2days. I just retied the string around the ring (adequate).

Perfect fit with the Snugg iPad mini cover. The peg certainly helps you NOT lose the pen out if the cover.
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